I Am His Unhappy Thought

"Mummy?" asked the little girl.

"Yes, baby?" her mother replied while brushing the tangles out of her hair.

"Why are we going on the big boat again? Where is daddy?"

The woman stopped brushing her hair as if the words said before cut her. "Your father has gone away on a big adventure. Your father, James, he's fighting other pirates and every time he defeats one he takes something special and puts it in a small box to give it to you when he returns."

"Oh! Mummy, tell me about how daddy defeated Peter Pan! That mean ol' Peter Pan hurt my daddy, but daddy got em' right. My daddy got em'. Right ma ma?"

"Yes, baby. Your daddy got em' right in the chest."

"Tell me ma ma." The little girl said climbing in to the small bed that she shared with her mother.

The girl had long black hair, just like her mother, but her eyes. Her eyes were the one thing that belongs to her father, her blue piercing eyes.

"Well, one night your father, Captain Hook they called him, was asleep dreaming of having a beautiful daughter," the girl started to giggle knowing that that little girl in the story was her, "when Smee woke him. What is it you need he said as he put on the hook that Peter dreadful Pan gave him. He's back Cap'n. Pan, he's back. James got up and walked out on deck and told them all to brace themselves then Pan attacked. He attacked your father, but when he came flying, darting out of the air he flew straight into your fathers hook and died, but James still to this day has not found the lost boys hide out for they had fled before any more damage could be done."

The girl jumped up on the bed and pretended to have a swordfight with Pan and then fell into bet in a fit of giggles.

"It is time for bed now, Lyanna"

"Good night mummy. I love you." Her mother gave her a kiss on the forehead and whispered, "I love you, too. I love you, too."

I darted up in bed. A dream, just a dream. I was older now, fifteen actually. I would be the same age of Peter Dreadful Pan, but he's dead, after the big Neverland episode. Oh, yes, you don't know? When everyone was growing in Neverland? Even Pan was growing and he went to seek help from Wendy, but Wendy indeed had grown and married, but then suddenly time stopped and Pan saved Neverland. To make long story short, we grew then stopped. We can only grow older if we wish it. The end.

My father hasn't returned yet. My mother is now the Cap'n of the Jolly Rodger and I am known as the 'Princess Pirate'. That's what my father used to call me. My father. Cap'n James Hook. Father to me, Lyanna (waterfall) Monna (ocean) Rona (sea) Hook. Big name I know, but my father thought that my name should have something to do with water.

This is the story of waterfall, ocean, and sea.

This story is about me.