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Reno's Addiction

Chapter 1-Cat And Mouse.

The two Turks were at Rude's place, siting on the couch and watching a boring romance movie on Rude's small television. Reno and Rude had graciously been given the afternoon and night off because of a successful mission, and Reno had wasted no time in insisting he came over. His excuse, said with an almost audible grin over the phone, was that he was bored out of his mind, and-more to the point-out of alcohol. The crimson haired man had promptly invited himself over to Rude's and stood in the doorway with a cocky smile and a roguish wink; Rude had done nothing but sigh and stand aside as the shorter man strutted languidly into his home.

"Are you really out of drinks at your place Reno, or are you just hoping to find something stronger over here?"

Rude closed the door and watched as the younger man laughed and dropped his car keys and phone on the closest surface. When he accidentally let slip the keys from his hand, he cursed and bent to pink them up, standing to see Rude shake his head. Reno merely grinned.

"I already drank what I got at home…so now I'm here."

"Geez, so you're not here to see me. I'm hurt, Reno. I thought you cared." Rude rolled his eyes behind his glasses and Reno stuck his tongue out, running a hand impulsively through his wild scarlet tresses.

"Don't sound so excited, Rude. Mind you, I've never seen you this happy to see me before." Reno smirked, the equally derisive drawl in reply to Rude's mocking approach to humour.

"Oh, believe me, I am. You're almost giving me shivers." A sarcastic snort followed as Rude watched Reno bare his white teeth in a grin; he knew that the slightly drunk redhead was enjoying their playful banter game. Reno's eyes narrowed as he thought about where the conversation was going.



"Well, that's just not good enough...I guess I can change that almost into a definitely…if you wanna…"

Reno's startling crystalline blue eyes glittered in mirth and he practically purred out the last sentence. He flicked his eyes up at his partner seductively and watched as the double meaning registered in Rude's brain, his eyes widening behind his glasses.

Rude chose to ignore the comment and walked into the living room, whacking the back of his friend's head sharply, though light-heartedly, as he passed. Reno wasted no time in taking advantage of the situation, and without thinking, slapped Rude's muscled ass in return. Rude paled and turned around to see Reno sniggering quietly.

"What was that for?"

"Hey man, you hit me I hit you." Reno raised an eyebrow and an infuriating smirk danced on his pale lips. "You should know that by now…so…"

"So the drinks are where they usually are. You know where that is. Help yourself."

With that, Rude turned his back on his partner and sat down on the couch, switching on the television with a remote and pretending to be interested in an old romance movie. He coughed and repositioned his glasses, hoping that the barely lit room was concealing the delicate blush staining his tanned face.

"Oh I get it," Reno said playfully, strutting past the couch and opening the cabinet. "You just wanna play with me, is that right?" He turned and saw that Rude was deliberately ignoring him, face turned attentively to the screen and showing no signs that he had heard the remark. "Hey!"


"Weren't you listening to me?"


"Oh, forget it." Reno glowered and pulled out an armful of bottles, the liquids swirling and capturing light from the television. He dumped them ungracefully on the table and popped one open on the edge of his shoe, sculling half of the bottle before letting out a huge sigh and peering half interested at the TV screen. "What's on?"

"Some romance movie. Don't worry, it seems to be coming close to an ending; someone's just admitted undying love, and usually that's at the end of a movie this cheesy."

Reno nodded in agreement and took another swig from his bottle. Rude looked up at him when the Turk showed no signs of sitting down.

"Sit down, would you? You're making me nervous, standing there like that."

"Yeah, yeah…"

Plonking himself into the seat beside Rude, Reno wasted no time in making himself at home; he kicked his feet up onto the small coffee table and nestled himself into a comfortable spot in the old couch. Clenched in his large hand was a bottle of vodka, already almost completely empty.

Falling silent as he began to watch the movie, Rude took the opportunity to look over at his friend, thankful that his glasses hid the fact that his dark eyes were roving attentively over at the lithe form sitting beside him.

Shimmering in the light of the TV was Reno's easily distinguishable hair; untameable and constantly scruffy, long strands would always be hanging over the goggles worn on his forehead and dangle in his face. At the nape of his neck, his hair tapered into a long thin ponytail that reached down to the lower of his back. In the dim light of Rude's living room, it looked like Reno's hair was pure fire, the fountain of red shimmering down his thin back as he sat forward in his seat.

Below his eyes were twin tattoos, red slashes that accentuated the thinness of his face and followed the ridge of his eye socket and cheekbone. Why anyone would tattoo their face so close to their eyes Rude could never understand, but yet again they became yet another trademark to his partner.

Rude's eyes skimmed from the tattoos to the rest of Reno's visible skin. It was pale in complexion, but in the glaring lights from the television that shone through the darkness, it appeared as though Reno were made of pure porcelain, his fair skin glowing a pure white. It made his eyes and hair even more striking.

His attractively almond shaped eyes were glued to the screen, the lights dancing in the remarkable and enthralling azure, clear and reflective like diamonds yet assuredly as blue as the glimmer of priceless sapphires. In contrast to his flaming red, unkempt hair and the twin slashes on his high cheekbones, the hue of Reno's eyes stood out almost unnaturally, and Rude knew that Reno's mood was reflected in those shimmering orbs.

When the Turk was upset, the blue would darken to a pale shade of navy; similar happened when he was incensed, but his eyes would dance with an internal flame of rage. When he was happy or laughing, his eyes would glimmer to a blue pale enough to be clear; Rude could always tell what mood his partner was in. But what attracted Rude the most was the glint that Reno's eyes took on when he was feeling red-blooded and lustful. Then, they kept their natural blue but darkened suggestively, heavily lidded as Reno flashed his trademark seductive grin.

It was that last mood that had been represented in his partner's eyes during the banter at the door, and Rude felt his concentration become completely distracted by the man sitting besides him.

'Damn it…I'm losing my mind!' Rude gave himself a quick mental shake, but his attention immediately returned to the man lounging beside him and slowly chugging a second bottle of alcohol.

His dark eyes trailed over the crumpled attire, taking in the close and restricting way it kept to his partner's thin form. Reno was the laid back, satirical and cool member of the Turks; always not wanting to work, but doing so often rather well despite his relaxed attitude. Then he would go out and get drunk at his favourite bar in celebration, generally finding someone to sleep with in the process or getting involved in a brawl. As the fiery red head had claimed, there were three things in life that Reno enjoyed above everything else.

"Fights, chicks and drinks. Those are at the top of my list of 'things to have or do', mate…and not necessarily in that order either…" Reno had informed Rude one night after heavy drinking, a lopsided and mischievous grin plastered on his face. His eyes were laughing as Rude grunted and removed the drunken man's arm from around his shoulders, where it had mysteriously snaked its way to slyly.

Reno had the inclination to get extremely horny when he was drunk, though he generally was quite flirtatious without any alcoholic influence. It was a well known fact to Rude that if you got Reno drunk enough and caught him in a good enough mood, he would be up to sleeping with absolutely anyone, anywhere. The man was truly without shame, but Rude never seemed to mind. The guy was just like that. What Rude found fascinating was that the man didn't even seem to mind when it came to gender; as long as it felt good, Reno didn't really care; man or woman, Reno could make it feel good.

This, of course, was the reason why Rude was watching the red head so attentively. He reasoned with himself that the young Turk was into anything remotely exploratory, and that kind of flexibility was something Rude found that he quietly admired.

Of course, his dreams took different takes on this 'quiet admiration'.

The bald and tanned man prided himself on being fairly controlled; no matter the situation, not much could get him to lose his cool and break out in a sweat. But Reno had, on many occasions, done just that. Not literally, but that was what bothered the Turk. The other man sitting beside him had begun to plague Rude's dreams, waking the Turk up in the middle of the night with a painfully hard erection and a flushed and hot sweat sheeting his powerfully built body. Yet now, Rude couldn't take his eyes off of his partner and he realised that the 'admiration' was affecting his waking moments as well.

"Yo, Rude. Ya with me?"

A hand waved in front of Rude's face, snapping him out of his thoughts. Reno grinned, and Rude felt his temperature rise to his face in a blush. When the blank look didn't leave Rude's face, Reno clicked a finger impatiently and his grin widened.

"You seemed to have kinda zoned out there for a second."

"Huh? Oh, oh yeah…jus bored with the movie…"

"Bored? I know what'll fix that. Here, have a drink."

He leant over to the table and grabbed two bottles, dropping one into his lap and pressing the other into Rude's hands. He didn't even bother to sweep his ponytail over to his back; it had slipped over his shoulder like a fountain of fire as he had leant forward. He saw Rude watching him and winked. He grabbed hold of his own bottle, chinking the cap off on the edge of the small table. Rude sighed as a chip fell off and hit the carpet silently. Reno, preoccupied with his drink, didn't notice when Rude's eyebrows furrowed.

"Don't dent the table, Reno."

The red head shrugged, sending his long ponytail over his shoulder again. Rude felt the impulse to reach out and run his hands over the fiery strands and he clenched his fists in self control.

"Yeah, yeah…I know…" The scoundrel grinned again, though his eyes were narrowed and his eyebrow was raised. 'What's up with him? His fists are balled like he's gonna thump me…its just a fuckin' table…' Reno shrugged. "Don't nag, I didn't dent yer precious table…"

Rude pointed roughly at the spot where the chip fell and the redhead looked down.

"Oh, ok, so I did dent yer precious table." He slapped a hand to Rude's shoulder and fixed him with a (mock) apologetic stare. "Sorry mate."

Rude grunted and opened his bottle with his bare hands, taking a swig a moment later and pretending not to notice that Reno hadn't moved his hand away. Actually, the fingertips were pressing into his shoulder muscle slyly, and Rude had the vague impression that Reno must be drunk and in a good mood. He sighed.

Rude glanced out of the corner of his eye and saw the feisty Turk was watching him like a devious cat would be watching an unaware mouse. Rude growled. He knew full well that the cat wasn't hungry for food as per such-it just wanted to play with the mouse and was waiting for the perfect opportunity to pounce.

What got to Rude was the fact that he was that mouse, and Reno looked like he was going to pounce on him at any second.

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