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Reno's Addiction

Chapter 2-The Many Skills Of A Turk.

Rude was facing the TV screen, but his eyes were not really watching the movie. His attention had been entirely diverted by the sensual actions of his partner's fingers on the muscles in his top shoulder. It felt so good, because Rude was still sore and tense from earlier missions. Nimble fingers were rotating down and over his shoulder slowly, discreetly, and Rude felt his eyelids slide closed. He knew Reno was seducing him, and doing it rather well, but he didn't really care. He felt his pulse quicken, and his skin began to warm to the cautious touch. Letting go of his self control, Rude almost let out a sigh of pleasure, but caught himself in time. He blushed, and gulped.

Reno smirked, noticing the relaxation of his partner's facial muscles and the nervous swallow. Just barely, from around the dark glasses, the Turk could see Rude's dark eyes shut in pleasure. Reno narrowed his eyes deviously and increased the pressure on Rude's shoulder, noting that the other man didn't protest.

"Feels nice, don't it?" Reno's voice was deep, low and seductive, and Rude felt blood run to his crotch.


"Don't it?"


"Don't it?"


Reno smiled and raised an eyebrow, and a devious smirk rose to his pale lips. He took a swig of his alcohol, finishing it off, and then chunked it on the table. He licked his lips sensually and watched as Rude's attention was snapped immediately to his mouth in fascination. Reno leaned inwards a fraction, and Rude looked away in embarrassment. "Am I giving you shivers yet?"

Rude couldn't hold back the gasp any longer as suddenly the other man's hand snaked its way onto his upper thigh, painfully close to his hardening arousal. In shock, the tanned man turned and looked at the other Turk sitting beside him. Reno was watching him with those damn eyes, and they were studying Rude's face with such intense lust that Rude felt all the blood in his body drain down to the one area closest to Reno's hand.

'Fuck…no wonder he can get what ever he wants from people…how can you possibly not be seduced by this?' Rude felt his mouth go dry, and suddenly his suit was clinging too tight to his heated body. 'I see why he has most women more than eager to fuck him…and most men too…Fuck it, I am so screwed…'

When Rude didn't reply, Reno leant over and ran his tongue over the shell of Rude's ear, sending shivers down the man's spine. He grinned, and purred breathily into Rude's neck. "Well?"

"Well what?"

"Did I just feel you shiver?" Rude could almost hear the grin in the redhead's voice, and mentally cursed himself for letting Reno catch him off guard like this.


Encouraged, Reno tightened his grip on Rude's thigh. "Good…now, tell me something, partner."


"Does this feel nicer than before?"

And with that, in demonstration of what he meant, Reno shifted his grip on Rude's thigh to his crotch, and ran his fingers roughly over the obvious erection barely hidden by Rude's pants. At the same time, his hand on Rude's back slid downwards to just above his belt and pressed his hips forwards, forcing Rude's arousal further into the redhead's caressing grip.

Rude groaned loudly, barely noticing when a wide and satisfied grin spread over Reno's devious face. Rude gripped the seat with his large hands and growled when the hand massaging his burning erection pressed harder against him. Without thinking, he shifted one of his own hands and put it over the one molesting his crotch; his fingers tightening to a decent grip, he moved the paler hand in the direction he wanted, and let out another harmonious moan when their hands brushed past the right area.

Reno smirked and slithered an arm around Rude's waist, pulling the man over to him in the seat. The other Turk made no move to stop him or resist; in fact, he shifted with the tug and turned in the process. Facing Reno, who was also sitting side on in the couch, Rude unzipped his jacket and discarded it on the floor, though his eyes never left the other's face. Mimicking, Reno soon also dropped his jacket on the floor, but he grinned and then also began to unbutton his shirt, exposing his porcelain skin. Thin and lissom, Reno's chest was littered with small scars and slight bruises, yet he was strongly built and powerfully muscled. Rude reached over and ran a hand down the pale front, feeling soft skin stretched over a taught and toned abdomen, and noting the sexual heat that was burning in the glowing skin.

Reno finally let out a deep gasp when Rude's adventurous fingers ran over the belt and returned Reno's previous favour; Rude's large palm was soon rubbing the heated erection of the other man and tightening sensually around the shaft through the rough fabric of the pants.

Suddenly, Reno sat up and took his hands off of Rude's body, instead placing them behind him as leverage. He pushed himself forwards, and Rude saw the sapphire eyes close as Reno leaned in for a kiss. Closing the gap between them, Rude forcefully pressed their lips together, and began to savour the striking flavour of cigarettes and alcohol unique to the redhead. Moving his lips in mirror to Reno's, he felt the mouth against his open and felt Reno's tongue run seductively over his lips, teeth nipping at his bottom lip expectantly. He grunted and consented passage, letting the redhead thrust his tongue into his partner's warm mouth, and Reno immediately began massaging what was there with drunken enthusiasm.

Gripping a hand behind Reno's head, Rude entangled his fingers in the fiery strands and moved his other large hand to the redhead's hip. With a grunt, Rude pulled Reno up and over his knees, settling him onto his lap and forcing the redhead to straddle his waist without breaking the kiss. Reno moaned loudly, feeling his partner's large dick pressing against his; instinctively, he pushed downwards and ground himself against the body below him, clutching at Rude's shoulders desperately when the tanned man thrust upwards in response. Reno's nimble fingers deftly slid down over Rude's chest, undoing the buttons of the white shirt that his partner was somehow still wearing. Sliding it off the broad shoulders, Reno broke the kiss and pulled back to stare hungrily at the most desirable body he had ever seen.

Broad and tanned, the Turk sitting below Reno had silky smooth skin, shadowed in the low light of the room to accent his exceptional musculature. All his training as a Turk had indeed made Rude the biggest and the strongest of them all, but it was not just training that gifted him with a powerful build. He was overall rather large, with thick shoulders that could only have occurred with his strong bone structure. His ribcage was wide and bulky, promoting the outstandingly flat and strapping chest that Reno was currently running his hands over.

Reno flicked his eyes up at Rude to see him leaning back, letting Reno get a good, long look at what he knew was turning the redhead on. He rocked his hips slowly back and forth as the other man caressed his chest and neck, running palms over terse muscle. Reno's intoxicated mind began a montage of 'oh my god I wanna fuck him so hard right now', as he began to realise just what Rude could do to him. Rude was so much bigger, and in more ways than one. For his size, Reno was impressive; but then again, so was Rude. The seductive Turk felt his dick throb at the thought of having Rude's hard on inside of him, and he moaned at the idea. He pressed his head into the dip of Rude's neck, rubbing his cheek into the muscles and tendons and panting slightly.

He noticed Rude had a thick and strong neck, which led up to a well developed jaw line and the slight trail of a beard. Littering his ears were several piercings, an odd seven or so in one ear and only two in the other. Reno found it amusing that Rude allowed himself to be so unbalanced and asymmetrical, while otherwise being compulsive and obsessive in every other aspect of his life.

Standing only a head taller than his partner, Rude could easily be an entire person bigger than Reno was, but his size didn't affect his tenderness. His long bronze arms were encircled around Reno's thin waist, one pressed up his back and twirling the long ponytail trailing down his partners back in between two long fingers. His face was turned towards Reno, but the redhead couldn't see what the other man was thinking; his dark glasses were obscuring his eyes. Reno leaned back, flashed his lopsided grin and reached over, clumsily aiming for Rude's glasses. He missed, in his drunken state, and instead opted to trail his hand over the strong jaw line of Rude's face, the tanned Turk leaning into the caress.

Reno wiped his grin from his face and instead replaced it with a sexier, sultrier smirk. He swept a hand up the other's face and pulled off the dark sunglasses, finally giving him plain view of Rude's rather exceptional eyes. They were light coffee in colour, the shade of autumn, and they were focussed on Reno with such intense and blazing lust that the other man felt his pulse immediately accelerate. Rude blinked once or twice and then mimicked his partner's trademark seductive grin, raising an eyebrow and staring with enticingly heavy lidded eyes into Reno's blue orbs. An infuriating smirk danced across his lips and Reno knew that the bastard was mocking him.

All tenderness and awkwardness forgotten, the two crushed their mouths together in a brutally passionate kiss, tongues battling for dominance and both moaning in ecstasy as their actions pushed them closer to the blissful edge. Breaking the kiss, Rude placed his hands on Reno's tight ass and squeezed tightly, at the same time pulling him down so that he could grind his manhood against Reno's. Reno swore and gripped the back of Rude's neck, dipping his head backwards as Rude moved a hand from his ass to his throbbing arousal, squeezing and rubbing it mercilessly. He called out Rude's name loudly, not even caring that he was making so much noise, and bucked his hips upwards.

Rude pushed against the redhead and kissed his pale neck roughly, licking and biting the soft flesh to leave the traces of a red bruise. His actions earned a strangled mewl from his partner, who wasted no time in skimming his hands down to undo Rude's belt and fly. Pushing the confining fabric of Rude's pants away, Reno slipped his hand into the dark boxers and rubbed roughly against Rude's erection, smirking when he saw Rude's sharp brown eyes widen in surprise. Gasping, the older man cried out Reno's name and arched his back, thrusting his hips upwards in pleasure.

Reno smirked and repeated his actions, causing Rude to cry out Reno's name again in his thick and masculine voice. He chuckled, drunk enough to find the situation funny. "Oh, I really, really I like that…"

"You…like…what?" Rude panted, licking his lips and noticing Reno's fingers wrap around his arousal a little tighter.

"The way you said my name…" Reno growled deeply, his voice heavy with sexual wanton. "Do it again…"

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