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Hour One – Nine a.m.

"No. No! I can…hey, I can do it myself!"

He blew strands of hair out of his eyes, frustrated. "I can do it."

"I can…do it…myself," she growled tersely, grabbing back her luggage. "So hands off."

"I'm just trying to---"

"Stop touching my stuff!"

"Miss, would you---"

"Sora, let go!"

He glared at her murderously, and then held up his hands, giving up. "Fine. You win." Stepping back, he folded his arms over his chest. "Put it in the damn bus yourself."

She huffed and whirled around, and he smirked to himself as the old guy in the driver's attire stepped away, nervous expression on his face.

"Stubborn old---"

"Don't…finish that sentence," she snapped, busily shoving her suitcase into the luggage compartment.

Shaking his head, he grinned and ran a hand through his coarse hair, enjoying the fact that she was struggling. It was going to be a long, long ride out.

"I blame Riku," she huffed when she'd finished and spun around, hair slipping from her bun and flying into her face. The old driver smiled nervously and then beckoned him forward, and Sora grinned smugly at her and lifted his own baggage and placed it next to hers.

"Yeah, well so do I," he said when he stepped back, ruffling her hair. She slapped his hand away, eyes narrowed, and crossed her arms.

"This is some kind of sick joke and you know it."

"Yes, Princess, I do. Now can we calm down long enough to find a seat?"

"Don't call me---!"

"I said calm," he replied smartly, smirking and passing her, nodding to the old man who was already helping a normal pair that had been behind them.

"I am calm," she snarled.

"Of course you are."

"Shut up and get on the bus."

"Your wish is my command."

"Stop joking---"

"Are we ever gonna get on the bus, Kairi? Really?"

He relished in the look of pure hatred she shot him. He flustered her, and he felt a certain pride at that. Kairi, the always sweet, never riled up Kairi, flew off her handle whenever he came into the picture.

He had to admit, he had some skill.

"Princess, your chariot awaits."

"I'll hurt you," she snapped, stomping toward the open doors.

He tilted his head, smiling, and then followed behind her. When she ascended the steps he followed, close enough to keep her irritated, and then when she hesitated, looking for a seat, he gave her a gentle nudge and sent her stumbling into the open aisle. She cast him a withering look as she glared at him over her shoulder, and he chuckled softly as she marched forward, shoulders tense from so much inner frustration.

At last they found an empty seat near the back of the bus. She sat down, only refused to move over, and looked at him in false confusion when he crossed his arms and stared down at her.

"You gonna move?"

"Why should I? There's plenty of seats."

"Oh. Real mature. Now scoot."

She snorted and turned her head to the window. Closing his eyes to keep hold of his temper, he waited, and waited, until he couldn't wait any longer.

"Fine," he breathed, and then uncrossed his arms and forcibly shoved her aside. She shrieked, gaining quite the large amount of attention, but he ignored it all and flopped down in his seat in satisfaction. "You just love doing things the hard way."

"I…am gonna kill you."

"You can try."

"Oh, I'll have plenty of chances. This is an eight-fricken-hour bus ride!"

"Keep your voice down," he scolded mockingly. "And jeez, Kairi. Watch the language."

She slapped him across the shoulder and then groaned in irritation, physically turning her body away from him and staring out the window. His lip twitched and then he laughed, leaning back and staring at the ceiling.

"I hate you."

"Hate you, too."

"You disgust me."

"Oh, you're loathsome."

"Don't talk to me."

"Wasn't planning on it."


He smirked and looked to his left, across the seat to a startled looking woman. She quickly averted her attention, and he bowed his head, still completely amused.

"Fine," he murmured.

She let out a breath, and he darted his eyes over to her. Her forehead was resting against the window, hair spilling on either side of her face.

"They better be in love with each other, because I am sacrificing so much for them."

He smirked and looked back down, into his lap. "I think they're content with their decision."

"Better be more than content," she grumbled.

"You're strangely bitter."

"I'm with you. There's a good enough reason as any."

"Ooh…nice one."

"I'm not talking to you, remember?"

"Of course not."

Distantly, he heard the compartment door close, and glanced up. Leaning over, he ignored Kairi's complaints to see the old driver pat the side of the bus and walk toward the doors. Sighing with relief, he flashed Kairi a smile and sat back, leaning against the seat and watching as the man's head rose up and then he was in full view, seating himself in his rightful chair. There was a hiss and then the doors began to shut, and the man reached for the intercom.

Sora just closed his eyes and drowned out his voice.

There was a lurch soon enough, and then another hiss, and then the bus was in motion, pulling out and allowing them to embark on their journey. Sighing with relief, Sora stretched his arms in front of him, grinning contentedly, and then let his hands fall back into his lap.

"No need to be so happy."

"We're moving. We're getting somewhere. And with each passing hour, that means the less and less time I have to spend with you."

"How touching," she snapped, leaning forward and placing her backpack she'd carried aboard on the floor. Shuffling through the contents, she pulled out a book, and then straightened, staring at him. "So I don't have to be aware of your presence for eight whole hours."

"Oh, yeah, because I was real curious about a book," he said, rolling his eyes. Then, reaching into his pocket, he pulled out his headphones and placed them into his ears. "So I don't have to listen to you for eight hours," he mocked.

She rolled her eyes and then crossed her legs, leaning back just as he turned on the music. She flipped open the book, turned a couple of pages, and he tapped his foot on the floor, and that was how it stayed.

For a while.

Drumming his fingers on his knee, he looked around as the song after song played, attention drawn to different people.

The old woman in the seat next to them was already asleep, obviously not a nine a.m. kind of person. Her head was bowed, and from the way her mouth was hanging open he'd argue that she was snoring. Her cane was resting across her lap, and her body moved back and forth with the rhythm of the bus.

Turning his attention to two seats ahead of her, he blinked as he caught sight of a couple not much younger than he and Kairi. Even so early they were already making out with each other, and Sora wrinkled his nose, more than slightly disturbed.

Most other people just sat stoically, staring ahead or out the window or reading books.

He looked over at Kairi to find that yes, she was still absorbed in her text. And he, unfortunately for her, was bored.

Pressing the button, he shut off the power to his music.


"Oh, for the love of God," she groaned, looking up at him.

He smirked. "I just said so…"

"What is it that you want, huh?"

He pulled his headphones from his ears, shoving them back into his pocket. "Some friendly conversation, that's all."

"Friendly? Conversation? Is either possible with us?"

"I dunno."

"And I don't care. Now shut up and go back to ignoring me."

"You're so pleasant."

"I," she growled, "will shove those earphones down your throat."

"You'd be willing to fish them out of my pocket?"

"It would be a necessary evil," she said coolly, and sat back, eyes back on her page.


"And what's that supposed to mean?" she snapped, slamming the cover of her book shut and glaring at him.

"Oh nothing," he said, smirking and looking forward, hands interlocked behind his head.

"You know what? I don't care." She opened her book and flipped back to her page.

"Must be frustrating, having to do that again and again and again…"

"I swear, I wouldn't mind being locked up if it means I'll have killed you."

"Good. Nice to see that positive attitude. You're dealing with your problem."

She smacked him with the book, getting a laugh out of him. Huffing, she turned back, staring down at the cover.

And then she sighed. "I should've gone for the plane."

End of chapter.

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