Title: Sasu-kitty!
Author: desolate butterfly
Genre: crack, humour
Pairings: KakaSasu
Rating: G
Summary: Sasuke finds out that Kakashi turned him into a cat, and plots horrible revenge.


When Kakashi opened his front door to see scraps of toilet paper, the remains of a shredded jacket he wore on alternate Tuesdays, and some foam padding ripped from his couch in the front hallway, he was more amused than annoyed.

Apparently, Sasuke had found out about his hand in the boy's sudden transformation into a cute little kitten and was taking out his resentment on his furniture.

Kakashi tiptoed around the damage into the living room where he was just in time to see Sasuke pounce on another roll of toilet paper that he'd batted down from its place on the bathroom shelf, and chase the unravelling white trail across the carpet.

Kakashi cleared his throat and Sasuke froze, looking at him with wide eyes. They stared at each other for a few seconds, Sasuke's ears twitching, and then Kakashi crossed his arms over his chest and gave the kitten a stern look.

"I see you found a way to amuse yourself while I was gone," he drawled, nudging a shredded piece of couch with his boot.

Sasuke only licked his paws nochalantly and begun to wash his face as if he'd done nothing wrong. In fact, after a few more combings over his ears, Sasuke calmly walked over to the couch and began shredding it again.

See? his satisfied purr seemed to suggest, I'm not even a bit ashamed of myself.

Kakashi sighed and then leaned down to scoop Sasuke into his arms. Sasuke yowled at him and swiped a bit with his claws, but Kakashi only avoided the swipes and placed Sasuke in his carrier, closing the door before he could escape.

Ignoring the pitifull mews, Kakashi began the task of cleaning up his apartment. After everything was put away, and his couch was put back together with duct tape, Kakashi went to lie down on his bed and catch up on his reading.

However, he kept on hearing Sasuke's cries from his carrier and the almost frantic pawing at the bars, and it was ruining his appreciation of Icha Icha. So Kakashi let Sasuke out of his carrier and the kitten zoomed off to go sulk in a corner somewhere. Hopefully he would leave the curtains alone this time, Kakashi though, heading back to the bedroom and opening his book again.

A little while later, Sasuke poked his nose into Kakashi's room. The grey-haired nin didn't look up, although he stopped flicking pages. When Sasuke jumped up on the farthest corner of Kakashi's bed, he put down the book and watched him test the softness of the mattress with his paws for a while.

Then Kakashi put out a hand and let Sasuke sniff it warily. An apologetic lick landed on Kakashi's finger and Kakashi immediately turned his hand over and began to scratch behind Sasuke's ears. Sasuke gave a satisfied mwrr and started purring, and Kakashi knew he was being manipulated beyond all comprehension.

But when the furry bundle curled up on his chest and went to sleep, he kind of thought it was worth it.