The was a challenge that was never fulfilled, reworked, that I intend to finish. All I wish for is luck and a peaceful summer.

Title: Domestic
Author: Ileana A. (babygray)
Main Pairing: Duo/Heero
Disclaimer: Gundam Wing is not mine. This is pure jest.
Notes: This is a 26-part story, made up of noisefics/drabbles/whatever. It's not chonological, but don't worry too much about that. Reworked, but rough and un-beta'ed

--Asking About Home--

"Hey Duo, have you ever thought of returning?"

Duo paused, the soup ladle just inches from his lips, before pouring what little broth there was on the utensil back into the pot. "Returning where?" He stirred the stew slowly. He tapped the spoon on the edge and set it on a plate beside the stove.


Duo smiled slightly and made his way to the kitchen table. With one hand carefully avoiding touching the paperwork with his food-tainted fingers and the other pulling out a chair, he said, "You mean, for good?" A slight shrug was his answer. "Why are you asking?"

"Just a thought."

Duo placed his elbows on the table and rested his head on his hands. The burgundy apron from 'Roy Rogers' he was wearing was choking him somewhat. The warm autumn sun was burning his left cheek. The fragrant, flavor-heavy steam of the pot make the air pleasantly heavier. The clock on the wall ticked away in the silence.

"Well," Duo said after a while, staring at the number and words on the papers in front of him, "I've never thought of going back. At least not yet."

"Why not?"

Duo looked up from the scattered papers and past his bangs. The was a soft powdering of sadness in his voice. "I don't think there's anything there for me, now." He thought for a moment on the sheer honesty of his words before getting up from his chair. He grabbed two bowls and two plates from the dishrack, placing them on the kitchen counter, right next to the stove.

"Would you like to go back, though?"

"Of course," Duo said with no hesitation as he set the bowls and the plates on the table. "Home is home, right?"

"... yeah." There was a soft sigh of relief in the words.

Duo nodded, tasting the broth of his stew. He grinned. "So... do you want your rice in it or separate?" He poured a couple of ladlefuls into one of the bowls and set it on the now-cleared table, receiving a light smile of gratitude for his efforts. He grabbed the other bowl and did the same for himself.

Heero placed his paperwork as far away from the thick stew as he could. "You know how I like it..."