30 Kisses That May or May Not Have Been Given Or Received By Billy KeikeyaAuthor: A.j.
Rating: PG-13 and under.
Spoilers: Assume spoilers up through Lay Down Your Burdens.

Notes: Tangentially related to the community "30Kisses" over on Livejournal, but only in that it totally gave me the idea and prompts.


1. look over here

One moment Billy is watching the transport stewards preparing the gate for embarkation and mentally calculating just how he's going to introduce himself to the Secretary of Education, and the next moment, his arms and face are full of curvy good-smelling woman.

The fact that she tastes of cinnamon and sugar barely has the chance to register before she pulls back, grinning up at him and, inexplicably, pointing at her hat.

"Bobby's Rugelach! For all your rugelach needs!"

Her voice is smoky and makes him think of all the art house movies his ex-roommate forced him to sit through when trying to impress a girl with his geek cred. Or maybe a jazz singer. Not rugelach though. Definitely doesn't make him think of rugelach.

"Excuse me, what?" Brain finally catching up, he backs away from the small woman, finally allowing himself to sputter. "Why did you just kiss me? Who are you?"

Bouncing slightly in place - don't look down, Billy, don't look down - the woman points at her hat again. "I'm advertising for that shop over there. I wanted to make you look."

"So you randomly go around kissing people waiting for transports?" His voice went a little high there at the end. Possibly something he should work on.

The little redhead just grinned at him. "Beats frying potatoes."

Billy stared at her, somehow working more incredulity onto his face.

The woman laughed then. Long and deep, folding a little at the waste. Behind him, Billy vaguely heard the announcement that his transport was starting to board.

"Oh, honey," she said when she was finally upright again. "You are just the cutest thing ever. No, I don't kiss everyone. You just... You looked like you needed it."

"Uh.. okay? I have to go now." Gods save him from crazy women in advertising outfits.

"Just remember! Bobby's Rugelach for all your pastry needs!"

Billy looks back over his shoulder on his way through the gate. The woman is still grinning at him and waving.

Against all logic, he raises a hand and waves back.

Ten minutes later the whole thing is forgotten, lost in a fog of Galactica facts and nerves.