30. kiss

It's pretty much every day that Billy wakes up wishing the worlds hadn't exploded. This does not surprise him at all. Before civilization as everyone had known it went kaboom, Billy'd had a good job, a promising future, and a completely private apartment.

Well, he would have had a completely private apartment within three months of becoming the secretary of Education's personal aide. He'd already told both of his roommates that he was looking and that they'd needed to find someone else to move in.

Most days, he wakes up wishing the worlds hadn't been bombed because it's a tragedy for human existence, they're running for their lives, everyone's going to die, etc. It's becoming the first thing he thinks of when he wakes up. He's also pretty sure everyone else thinks that way too.

But some days... some days he wakes up and wishes to the Gods that everything hadn't gone to the three hells because he really, really wants some godsdamn privacy.

"Mmmm. I am really, really glad you took me up on this." Dee's voice in his ear is warm and amused. He can't help but smile at it before leaning in and kissing her deeply, keeping his eyes shut against the sight of the rest of the room. It's a rather well-used utility closet down the corridor from the medbay. Dee'd dragged him in fifteen minutes after her shift had ended and roughly six minutes after President Roslin had given him an amused smirk and assured him that no, she didn't need him in this specific meeting with the Commander.

"Me too." Finally he leans back and opens his eyes. Dee's cheeks are flushed and she is grinning at him. "You are so amazing."

She laughs, stands up on her toes and pulls him down for another long, warm kiss. Her tongue is warm and sweet under his own, happily aggressive in taking exactly what it wants from him.

"And you," she whispers against his clavicle, "are too easily amazed."

He shudders and holds her a little bit tighter. He thinks he's getting better about just doing, rather than asking for permission. Billy leans down and just breathes her in. He thinks he loves her.

"No." His voice is strong in the darkened room. "You're just wonderful."


And so, there's that. Thanks to everyone who's read all of these. Billy is My Boy and I thought he needed some more fic. Thanks for reading!