Tempe's head popped up from her desk, as she looked around the room she sat in, her vision became clear and in the distance a sound could be heard. She closed her eyes again and allowed her senses to focus in the distance, she heard it again and opened her eyes, letting out a breath she had been unknowingly holding.

Quickly she jumped up from her desk and exited the room. As she walked into a hallway she realized she was in her house and took small steps towards a room where she heard the sound from. As she reached the door she slowly opened it and took a peek in.

Laying on a small bed in the corner a little girl tossed and turned, silently mumbling in her sleep. Quickly Tempe rushed to her side and sat on the edge of the bed, placing her hand on her back and rubbed it gently, giving her soothing words to sleep to.

"Mommy! I want my mommy!" she cried out tossing back and forth.

"SHHH! Please wake up." Tempe begged moving to pick her up and hold her close.

"Mommy?" the child questioned opening her eyes and looking up at Tempe. "Auntie Tempe?"

"What's wrong Melissa?" Tempe asked pulling the child out at arms length to look at her.

"Where's my mommy?" she asked looking around the room curiously wiping away the tears that rested on her cheeks.

"She's with your dad in Hawaii." She answered letting her go and watched the child walk to the bedroom door.

"Is she coming back?" she asked looking back to Tempe who sat on the bed.

It had been like this for the past three days, Angela and Hodgins had finally gone on their honeymoon, leaving Melissa with Booth and her for the week. She had woken up a few times in the arms of Booth or Tempe crying for her mom or dad.

"She'll be back next week." Tempe said getting up and walking over to her.

"Is Uncle Booth here?"

"No yet, but he will be in an hour or so." She said carrying her into the kitchen for her after nap apple juice, something she had grown accustomed to over her years.

"Is Parker coming over?"

"Yes, he should be here in about fifteen minutes."

Tempe left Melissa in the living room to watch TV as she went back to her home office to get some more work done. Booth and her had been happily married for three years and Parker would come over every other weekend to be with his dad and new mom. There were times where Tempe was glad she had Parker in her life and loved the idea of being a mom, but never wanted children over her own, something Booth respected.

Over the past four and a half years, Parker and Melissa had become more then just friends, they were more like brother and sister. Melissa looked up to him and Parker tried to be the best big brother he could be.

Tempe had opened up her laptop and started to type when a loud shriek filled the house; she jumped up from her desk and headed towards her door, but stopped when Melissa screamed one name.

"PARKER!" the child yelled running over to the boy walking through the door and jumped into his arms.

"Hello Melissa." The eight years old said trying to hold up the energetic four year old in his small grip.

"Melissa get down." Tempe said walking out of the room smiling.

"Hi mom." Parker said happily putting Melissa down and walking over to embrace Tempe in a hug.

"hi, how was school?" she asked returning the hug then walking towards the kitchen to get him his after school snack that Booth kept for him some form of a chew bear like candy, they called it gummy bears.

"It was fun." He said taking them from her and trying to avoid the loud screaming of Melissa at his side.

"That's good. Look could you do me a little favor?" she asked watching as Melissa jumped on the couch.

"Sure, mom, what is it?"

"Could you keep Melissa bust until your dad gets home? She seems bored and I have work to do."

"Sure, no problem."

"Thank you."

"Come on, Melissa, let's go to my room." He said running down the hall, the young girl on his trail.

The small apartment she had once lived in was nothing compared to this house. It was bought a few months after Booth and Tempe had gotten married and was rather large, one room downstairs and four upstairs.

The home office, Melissa's room, Parker's room, and the master bedroom, Tempe's and Booth's were upstairs while an empty room used as the den or the play room was downstairs. The sound of feet running up the stairs could be heard as the two headed up. Shaking her head, Tempe returned back to work on her book.

A few hours later around six Booth arrived home and embraced Parker and Melissa before finding Tempe asleep at her desk. He quietly snuck up on her and woke her up by kissing her neck.

"I'm awake." She said jumping up.

"I can see that." He said laughing and kissed her lightly on the forehead. "Good morning sunshine, the earth says 'hello'."

"I don't know what that means." She said looking to him confused.

"Never mind. How long have you been asleep?"

"An hour maybe less."

"Rough day?" he asked pulling her out of her chair to sit in it himself then place her in his lap.

"The worst. I took Melissa to the lab; she hated it, ran around and wouldn't leave Zach alone, kept asking questions, it was hard to keep her in the office, so we came home and she jumped around for a while then fell asleep. I took a small nap only to wake up to her crying for Angela and then Parker came home for the weekend. Last I saw they were playing in his room."

"Well, now their in the living room watching the little mermaid." He said pulling her close.

"Well that's good."

In the distance the phone ringing could be heard followed by Parker yelling out the caller.

"I better go get it." She said pulling away to walk downstairs to answer the phone, Booth right behind her.

"No mommy, I'm being good." Melissa said into the phone happily. "Tell daddy I heard him and I love him too." There was a pause on Melissa's end before she laughed and spoke up. "Auntie Tempe is here, ok I love you too, mommy, bye."

"Hello?" Tempe asked after the phone was handed to her.

"Hey sweetie!" the cheerful voice of her friends said on the other end.

"Hey Ange."

"Had she been good?"

"She's been an angel, she was crying for you again after her nap, but that's only because she misses you. Parker's here so I don't think she'll be home sick much more."

"That's good; I just hope she isn't giving you a hard time. She's reached that age where the talking back is just beginning and she thinks she can get away with it because she's young and cute." Angela explained and in the distance Jack could be heard screaming 'just like you, Ange!'

"No she's been great."

"Well that's good. I'm just calling to make sure everything is fine."

"Everything's great."

"Ok well I hope you have fun sweetie, I better go Jack is…well I'm not sure what he's trying to do." There was a soft giggle before they said there good byes and hung up.

Tempe looked over towards the couch where Parker and Melissa sat watching a cartoon about a singing crab. Behind her Booth wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her back to his chest.

"Every think this would be your life?" he questioned kissing her neck.

"Never, but I'm glad it is." She whispered kissing him gently and they walked over to the two kids to watch the movie with them.

Life wasn't what she expected it to be, but it was a lot better then she could have ever imagined.


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