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Sudden Affection

A Xemnas/Marluxia yaoi story

Chapter One: Passions

He was so perfect…

Xemnas rested nonchalantly back in his chair and observed the other shadily cloaked members of Organization XIII from behind troubled eyes. Demyx … Axel… Xigbar… how each one of them managed to remain calm in a room full of such tension was a disconcerting mystery to him.

A rather heated argument was going on between Saїx and Xaldin, earning an annoyed glance or disgruntled cough from a few of the more reserved members. Of course, the men fought like savage beasts all the time during meetings, and just passing each other would spark a dispute between them. Xemnas would then be squeezed into the fight by either the cerulean haired Saїx's insufferable whining, or the onyx eyed samurai's constant object throwing. Then he would be forced to choose sides, in which he would have to act as some sort of cheap psychiatrist to them both, listening to each male's pitiful excuses for arguments. But, as expected, there were rumors. These mediocre whispers were no doubt started by Axel, shocking fabrications that he favored Saїx and was planning to turn Xaldin into a dusk. Frankly, Xemnas was spitefully sick of it.

With no one to help, Xemnas had constant stress on his already weary mind; how he remained sane was a mystery to everyone. But what the other members didn't know was what went on behind closed doors. Xemnas had spent hours upon hours tossing and turning in a sweat drenched bed, his dreams plagued by obscene thoughts about a certain other Nobody. Countless hours wasted worshipping that name...The Graceful Assassin, Marluxia.

The boy was truly a wonder. In dangerous situations he always appeared impassively relaxed, yet he panicked over the most simple and pacifist things, like broken shards of glass, or a stray animal in the vicinity. He was humbly due, quiet, and gentle, as Xemnas observed, but once the heat of battle struck everyone would suffer his incurring wrath. Xemnas could felt himself tactfully smile when Marluxia would enter the room, delicately striding along as though he were gliding on a breath of air itself. His commonly messy pink hair would pierce from under the folds his hood as if fighting for a fleeting hope of freedom. At times, it would spill down his shoulders like a majestic waterfall, cascading gently over his well shaped shoulder blades. This angel's appearance would always earn a glance or two from Xemnas and the others. Yes… he, Marluxia, was ideal in every single way.

Marluxia's head rose to face the squabbling duo, and under the thin layer of darkness that covered his face, Xemnas could see his supple pink lips moving to release a tormented sentence.

"If I may interrupt…"

Placing a hand on both Xaldin and Saїx's shoulders, Marluxia began playing Xemnas' oftenly portrayed part; Xemnas would have to thank him later. "Now, I want you two to stop yelling." Marluxia calmly continued, turning his serene expression from Saїx's face to Xaldin's, "I want to know how this argument, much like all the other countless ones, got started. And please, spare me the blames on the opposition..."

"This dickface over here was ridiculing my fighting aptitude" Saїx snarled, snapping before Marluxia had time to finish his sentence.

Xemnas heavily sighed and leaned back in his chair, his hands resting neatly in his lap.

'This ought to be quite amusing…' he mused silently. Letting his mind wander, Xemnas closed his eyes, his thoughts delving into a rather forbidden part of his psyche.

Wrapping his arms around Marluxia's tiny frame, Xemnas trailed soft kisses up the shivering boy's jaw line…

'Why do I want you so badly?' Xemnas thought, his eyes fluttering slightly open to watch Marluxia counsel the berserker and the samurai.

"Shut the fuck up elf boy!" Xemnas winced at Xaldin's yell. Honestly, how could anyone raise their voice so loud! Frowning, Xemnas let his amber orbs fall shut once more, his hood easily veiling his obvious boredom. Why should he, the superior, enjoy so much drama? The other members seemed amused at the whole ordeal. Even Luxord, who normally tried to end the senseless bouts of rage.

"Cut back on the language, both of you," Marluxia warned, much to the annoyance of the Luna Diviner and the Whirlwind Lancer.

Xemnas' mouth stretched into a demented grin, both in laughter at the two squabbling idiots, and the thoughts that were currently running through his head. Marluxia…Marluxia…Marluxia.

The pants Xemnas wore under his cloak became a tad bit tighter, to the displeasure of the dazed male. Not again… Xemnas pleaded quietly to himself, willing his body to calm itself. Not now…!

"What do you think, Xemnas?" His voice echoed in Xemnas' head, quietly repeating his name, over and over again… It was driving Xemnas to the brink of insanity. The voice rose in pitch, pounding at the inside of Xemnas' head, begging to be released.

Xemnas' body curved forward slightly, his piercing amber eyes looking up from underneath the veil of darkness at the Graceful Assassin. "Yes, Marluxia…it sounds wonderful…" Xemnas' voice boomed through the room, although it was much weaker than usual. It sounded alien to him, as if it were coming from some hidden pit from deep within someone else.

Suddenly, Xemnas' eyes drooped in a weary fatigue. Marluxia's simple, innocent saying of his name resounded even louder within his head. It sounded as though the boy was crying for him. As much as he struggled to keep control of the little sounds of obscene whimpers that began to pick at his subconscious, Xemnas was losing…badly.

"Xemnas, don't stop…" An image of a bare-chested Marluxia writhing beneath him flashed through his head. Letting out little cries for him to go faster, harder… That voice began lacing through his thoughts like a drug, tainting each and every thought. Xemnas began to nod off, unaware of exactly what was going on in his mind. As he felt something cold press against his face, Xemnas gave a small yawn.


"Xemnas, please!" Marluxia's long fingers dug into the tanned skin of the opposite male's muscular back.

"What is it that you want?" Xemnas growled into his lover's neck, nipping and sucking at the delicate skin. He let his fingers run along Marluxia's chest and to his abs, feeling the muscles shudder beneath his feathery light touch.

"Xemn…" Marluxia groaned, his hips arching upward so that his erect manhood brushed against Xemnas' own abdomen. Xemnas' hand stopped short of Marluxia's hips, his fingers rubbing around the area teasingly, "Tell me what you want, Marluxia." He demanded, letting his hand brush against the boy's length.

Marluxia sucked in a shaky breath and bit his lip, whimpering and squirming for Xemnas. "I..need..." He began and trailed off, crying out as Xemnas' tongue ran up his member.

"What do you need?" Xemnas teased as his mouth let a bit of saliva drip down onto the boy's cock. "Please don't make me say it..." Marluxia pleaded, his bottom lip quivering as he tried desperately to hold in a few cries of joy. Xemnas blew cold air onto the spit that rested on Marluxia's length, eliciting a few breathy moans from the shivering male.

"You can say it…" Xemnas smirked. Marluxia's hands shakily rose to his face as a soft red blush formed on his face. "I…I need you…" He mumbled into his palms.

With an inhumane swiftness, Xemnas flipped the boy onto his hands and knees, surveying his prey's pale quivering body and elegantly messy hair with hungry eyes. His hips against Marluxia's, he wrapped an arm around the boy's middle, the other hand positioning himself at Marluxia's entrance.

With that, Xemnas forced his member forward and into his lover…

A piece of perfect silver hair rested on top of the superior's nose as he snoozed lightly, his body rising and falling in short even breaths. The other organization members watched him, intrigued that he had remained there for almost ten minutes without saying a word. Only a few of the more anal-retentive ones had seen that Xemnas was, indeed, resting.

Marluxia's deep blue eyes watched Xemnas carefully as he cleared his throat, catching the attention of the others.

Being a light sleeper, Xemnas' head shot up, much to his embarrassment at being caught in such a manner. As he sat up completely, a low hiss came from between pursed lips; he was throbbing and needed release. That was painfully evident to the half-conscious leader.

Scanning the group, he took note that each member seemed to be averting their attention to everything but him. Axel was chatting with Larxene, Saїx and Xaldin seemed to be getting along somewhat peacefully, and even the Cloaked Schemer seemed to be social with Xigbar.

Xemnas stood up abruptly, his right eye giving a pained twitch at the 'problem' he was suffering from. "This meeting is over," he boomed, turning his head to look at everyone, who seemed to be paying attention.

"You all may leave."

As usual, the organization of nobodies filed out in a peaceful, quiet manner, to Xemnas' hard-earned relief. They left in quick succession, from number twelve to number one, another relieving factor at the ends of meetings.

Something was off, though. The Savage Nymph had left, then the older Gambler of Fate, Luxord. From number twelve to number ten… Why hadn't Marluxia left?

As Xigbar summoned a black swirling portal of darkness behind him to leave, Xemnas caught Marluxia looking under the table, his messy pink hair peeking up from under the piece of furniture. Just as Xemnas parted his lips to speak, dark wispy coils of darkness swirled from under the table, soon disappearing.

With an annoyed grunt, Xemnas strode slowly out the door, deciding to take a tour of his already memorized domain. Anything to get his mind off of Marluxia, the boy that caused his thoughts to reek of poisoned ideas.

The superior quickly ran though the halls, not paying attention to his surroundings but, instead, replaying his fantasy in his head repeatedly. Xemnas felt as though he'd knocked into a brick wall, falling back onto the floor. Shaking his head at his pathetic fall, he opened his eyes to see an outstretched hand in his face. Following the arm that was connected to the hand, his eyes widened in a mixture of fear and shock; shocking blue eyes adorned a gorgeous smiling face.

Xemnas swatted away Marluxia's outstretched arm, giving a mumbled 'I'm fine' as an excuse. With a worried frown, Marluxia sighed softly and walked past Xemnas, moving smoothly and benevolently towards a dark corridor. Taking a glance back, Marluxia flashed a small grin and disappeared around the corner.

Damn tease…

That was it, Xemnas decided…

He had to make Marluxia his.

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