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Chapter 1: The Year is 2025

The Year is 2025; in the past, people would frequently see in movies that the future would be more then different…but not this one. Only some equipment, techniques, weapons, transport, professions remain the same, and some have changed. Presidents no longer exist; only judges and scientists for society had voted that one person making most of the important decisions will not do for the decisions are only coming from one man. So now it is the Scientists who create ideas for society and the judges to decide whether or not to have them in the general public. They have decided no airborne vehicles for in truth scientists have discovered that even if we were able to create such contraption, we would not be able to control it. No human androids were to be made, if so it was more then possible they would be in command of the human race if made to intelligent, if made to dull then of course what use would they be? Judges ruled that to facilitate offspring from the dilemmas they will encounter when getting an occupation, parents will choose the career for them when at a young age, and as they are educated over the years most of their schooling will be based on that specific employment. Many of these changes and events have helped society, made it a better place. But some improvements were just not meant to be improved. In the year 2014, cloning was one of the most successful to be improved. Scientists have discovered a way to create clones within ten to twenty minutes, and for nearly seven years it has been a success. But life cannot stay away from tribulations, after the victorious seven years judges discovered a shocking dilemma and banished cloning from the now combined countries; America and Europe. Cloning was never heard of again since then. Maybe the future is more then different… does that make it a good thing or bad thing? It's a question everyone still wants answered.

I marched into the twenty one story building of DDC and headed for the elevator. On my way I hear chattering of a new detective transferring to a higher level, level five they say he's in and level six is where he's going. When you are a detective there are nine levels, level one being the lowest of course where you only help out detectives on a higher level, nine is the highest where you can handle anything, and my favorite part… you can work alone. I am on level nine, all by myself and I mean that literally. No one else was able to make it to level eight or nine and I like it that way. No one's a level before me and no one's a level below me.

When I was born thirty six years ago my father has been training me to be strong, not smart just strong. He was five star general, and one sick bastard. Always training me, never giving me a minute to rest and if I drop he'd pick me up and beat me till I started training again. That was the life he chose for me as a child. To take after him, to become five star general, to always want war. But after one day while at the age of sixteen, the age were I could take on at least ten men all be myself my father challenged me to a duel. We would fight till one of us drops; sadly I was the one to drop. My mother had enough, she threatened my father saying she will turn him in, take me and disappear if he continued training me. That day was the day my father went crazy… and murdered my mother. I was taken away to live with Chief Gratin, while my father went to prison. He was there for three years when I received news that he escaped. I wasn't worried; I wanted him to come for me so I could kill him, but as I lived my years with Chief Gratin I was taught that vengeance was never the way. But not only was I taught that, the Chief granted me one request and my request was to become a detective, the best detective there was.

So here I am, the best there is. And yes… I'm still waiting for the old man to find me. I may have learned that vengeance is not the way which is true. But nothing will keep me from thinking that that old man deserves to die.


I stopped and snapped my head to the thirty three year old male voice. It was Jeremy; he was a good friend of mine. He though like many others was on the seventh level and he planned on staying on that one. He came rushing to me, his dirty blond hair neatly cut yet wild, his clean gray suit with that striped black tie.

"How you doing Jeremy?" I asked weary.

"Jesus you sound terrible,"

"I sound or look terrible?"


"Great, I feel a lot better"

"Listen the boys and I are heading to the Boondocks bar tonight you wanna join?" he asked trying to hide his excitement. The Boondocks bar was not only a pub to get drinks but also to get pleasure.

"No I gotta do something tonight," I responded.

"Oh come on man you've been working all week the only day off you get is when?"


"And how many days is that?"


"I proven my point" Jeremy won't give up. This sort of thing pisses me off so much.

"Look I have something important to do alright?" I said firm. Jeremy straightened.

"Alright, next time?" he asked. I heaved a sigh running my fingers through my slick black hair.

"Yea sure why not?"

And with that I pushed the button and entered the elevator where it took me to the very top of the DDC building.

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