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Chapter 13: Infamous Killer

Robin stares at the crime scene. She has seen so many crimes, so many rooms where murder has taken place. But for some reason it irked her to be in Chief Gratin's office. She studies the puddle of blood, it made her sick surprisingly. This was a man who has helped her through many situations. Now he is dead. Robin takes a breath as she thinks, every man who has helped her and she has considered close dies. First Fennel, now Jack… her dad will soon be dead as well. But until then, she has to keep strong and solve this case.

Erik has gone to the morgue with the body. Erik most likely feels the most pain out of all of the people here at the DDC. Jack Gratin was the only man in this world to be like a father to him, now he is gone. Taken from him.

"Jeremy, I need you to get the surveillance footage from Jack's office alright? Bring them straight to me." Robin demands. Jeremy nods as he rushes out.


Robin and Jeremy stand in front of the flat screen. They watch the surveillance of Jack being murdered. They watch Erik and Jack communicate, about what, they did not know. They were not allowed to listen to conversations unless necessary, which in this case may soon be necessary.

A few more men come in; these were men who were all close to Jack. They as well wish to see who the infamous killer is. But where is Erik? He of all people should be here; he did not have to stay at the morgue long, what is taking him so long?

The moment of truth came, Erik left Jack's room. Time to see the killer. Just in time Erik opens the door to the room. His eyes are quickly fixed on the screen.

"Turn the audio on, the door's opening!" Jeremy says quickly. Robin quickly does so.

"What do you need?" Jack says.

The lazar is quickly brought out; it is a small gun, not a rifle type used on the scientists. The killer stands with his face hidden in shadows. Robin could feel the tension in Erik beginning to grow.

"Erik? NO!" Jack shouts.

Robin's heart stops, almost every man in the room gasps. Erik freezes as his name was said on the screen. Everyone moves in to see what happens next. Robin's eyes grow wide as Jack's killer steps into the light.

Erik Destler stands with the ultra slim lazar pointing to Jack. He pulls the trigger and Jack falls to the ground. Robin flinches almost instantly. Erik grins on screen as he walks over to Jack's desk and takes a letter.

Jeremy quickly rewinds the film and plays it. Again we hear Jack shout Erik's name and we hear him beg Erik not to kill him. Jeremy then pauses as Erik walks into the light.

There, his face is there for all to see – so is his mask. That white mask glows.

"What the hell is going on here?" Erik demands from the back of the group.

Robin snaps her head at Erik. She is at loss for words. What could she say? Robin soon watches as men begin to crowd Erik.

"Erik you need to come with us," one of the men says.

"I'm not going anywhere!" Erik shouts.

"Erik, calm down!" Shouts another man as he reaches for Erik with the handcuffs in hand. Erik quickly moves away, three men quickly tackle him. Robin stands her heart pounding as she watches Erik struggle to be free.

"Get off of me!" He shouts with such anger, his voice causes Robin to step back.

The men handcuff Erik and pick him up from the ground. He still struggles until he looks at Robin. The way he looked at her, his pleading eyes begging her to just help him. For a moment there – Robin almost did. She nearly reached for her gun to try and help him. But she knows the law; she knows what she has to do.

Erik is dragged off out of the room. The only people left in the room are Robin and Jeremy.

"This isn't happening," Robin whispers before remaining completely silent for the rest of the day.


It's been more than ten hours as I lay still in a cell where it was quiet. The men know not to disturb me as I lay silent on the bed.

Someone is trying to frame me. I would never kill Jack! Jack… the one man I called family is now gone, gone just like her. No! Christine will come back to me; it's just a matter of time before she wakes. But Jack, he will never wake.

I had heard that Robin had taken the surveillance footage to study them. I however went straight to Jack's office. The blood was still there, the smell made me feel sick.

I walked over to his desk and I began digging through drawers, I began looking for that letter.

I looked in all drawers, even file cabinets. The letter was gone. The killer must have taken it.

I banged my fist against the wooden desk and I growled in frustration. In all my years as a detective… things had to start going wrong now.

As soon as I made my way to the surveillance room I saw Robin and Jeremy in the front. Robin looks at me. A small hint of crying was seen but I dismissed the idea. I then looked back at the screen. There on the screen it shows Jack reading the letter. As soon as the man walks in Jack hides it, next thing I knew I saw myself on the screen with the weapon, and just like that I saw myself kill Jack. I saw him walk over to the desk with a grin and take the letter.

I try containing the adrenalin within me. This is wrong! It's all wrong!


Robin silently sits at her desk, her folded hands at her chin. She hasn't spoken anything to anyone except when necessary since she saw the footage.

Erik, how was it possible? It isn't possible! Or is it? Can Erik really kill the man who was there for him through his whole life almost? A thought suddenly comes to mind.

Erik knew Jacob Delray, how he did not say. Is it possible that Erik might have a clone?

Robin glances to her right and watches as Jeremy gathers his things, getting ready to head home. Robin then stands feeling absolutely dreadful for what she is about to do.

"Jeremy!" she calls. Jeremy stops and walks to her.

"Yeah," he asks, his voice non cheerful. It was unlike Jeremy to be like this.

"Listen, can you do a favor for me?" Robin asks. Jeremy sighs as he stares at her tired eyes. He then nods.

"Sure, why not? I got no one to go home to." He says plainly.

"Listen, you know those finger prints Erik and I collected from Delray's place?" Robin asks taking a step forward. Jeremy nods once more. "Well, I know they didn't match any criminals on our list – so now I need you to try and see if they match any detectives on our force." She says carefully.

Jeremy frowns at her. He puts his suitcase down on the floor and places his fists on his hips.

"Listen Ms. Costello, you're Erik's partner. Trying to prove that he did what he did is wrong!"

"Hey! I never said I was trying to prove he did it." Robin states through gritted teeth. Jeremy stares at her puzzled before nodding and walking off.

Now, in the mean time. Robin needs to pay a visit to her partner.


I sit still, staring at the bars in front of me. I do not see past the bars where men sit at their desks doing paper work. But suddenly a shape forms from behind the bars. A slender shape, a woman's body. I focus on her features and I see Christine. My hearts starts to pound, but as she gets closer, Christine's features dim and soon dissolve into Robin's features. I frown deeply, but my heart still continues to pound.

"Hey Erik," Robin greets gently.

"Hey Robin," I say back just above a whisper.

Robin glances at the guard behind her, he stares at her sternly.

"Ten minutes," he says. Robin nods.

"It's a little unfair you know," I tell her as the guard opens the lock to let her in. Robin frowns.

"What is?" she asks as she sits down in front of me.

"Civilians can only visit till a certain hour. You are visiting me way past that our." I tell her slowly. Robin grins.

"Yeah well, I am no ordinary civilian. I'm your partner." She says to me. Her features then turns serious, she sighs deeply.

"Why are you here Robin?" I ask her finally.

"I'm going to get straight to the point, Erik. I need you to tell me the truth." Her words are different. She is not speaking as a detective or a partner. She is speaking as a friend. Is that what Robin Costello has become over this short period of time?

"I'm not going anywhere it seems." I say to her. Robin sighs as her head falls to her hands. She rubs her tired eyes before sitting straight.

"How do you know Dr. Jacob Delray?" She asks finally. I slightly flinch. I was expecting the question but then again I wasn't. What does it have to with anything? Then again Robin is a smart woman; my answer may have to do with everything.

Taking a breath I slowly recall all those years ago, just before the accident. Here I go, I am about to tell her one of the many things I hate thinking about.

"Back in 2014, about five years after I married Christine we started talking. We had heard that the Cloning Corporation was up and running and needed patients." I say my words carefully so I do not have to repeat myself. Robin listens carefully. "Christine always said she was frightened of me going to work one day and not coming back. So we agreed that I should get cloned. So that my clone would go to work and I would stay home with her. When I was over there my doctor was Jacob Delray."

Robin stares at me with shock but she refuses to say anything, not until I am done with the story.

"He took my DNA, only to get back to me a day later to say that it was no good. Some people out there just do not have the right sources needed to be cloned. I obviously was one of them."

"So there was no possible way that you could be cloned? What about now?" Robin asks quickly.

"What are you getting at Robin?" I ask her with a frown. Robin leans in toward me, I do the same.

"You are telling me that there is no possible way that you have a clone walking out there this very instant?" She asks just above a whisper. All I do is shake my head.

"No, it is not possible, Robin." I tell her.

"Robin!" Jeremy calls. I turn my head to see my friend running toward the cell. Robin quickly stands and heads over to him.

"It matches with Erik," Jeremy says. Robin nods to him slowly before turning back to me.

"What's going on?" I ask her. Robin stares at me, almost as if she were about to apologize but she doesn't say anything. All she does is stand there.

"They're going to be transferring you to the state prison tomorrow. I'll be sure to be the one to drive you." She says her words careful.

I watch as Robin leaves the cell, it was only then that I felt alone all over again.