Chapter 1: Lesson on Old English Ballads

Paris, 1873

Bourbon Academy

A holiday, oh holy day the first day of the year

Little Mathey Groves to church to goes

Some holy words to hear, hear some holy words to hear

She spied some women dressed in black

As they came into view Lord Daniel's wife was gaily clad

The flower of the few, Few, the flowers of the few

He stepped up to Little Mathey Groves

Her eyes cast on the ground, Oh please, oh please

Stay with me as you pass through this town

Town, as you pass through this town

Oh what is this said Little Mathey Groves

As he sat up in bed I fear your husbands

Gone quite mad and I will soon be dead

Dead, I will soon be dead

But Little Mathey Groves he laid back down

And soon fell off to sleep when he awoke

Lord Daniel was standing at his bed feet

Feet, standing at his bed feet

Saying, how do you like my shiny white pillows?

Saying, how do you like my sheets?

Saying, how do you like my pretty little wife?

That's lie'n in your arms asleep

Sleep, lie'n in your arms asleep

The first move that Little Mathey made

Sure hurt Lord Daniel sore

The next move that Lord Daniel made

Little Mathey hit the floor

Floor, Little Mathey hit the floor

The Phonograph player made a click meaning the recording was over. Mlle. Amunet Fernand walked over to the complicated looking machine and turned it off then faced the students in front of her. She brushed a piece of jet black hair behind her ear and faced the class with her mystic hazel eyes.

"Now class who here can tell me the name of this ballade?" she asked looking into all the young adults eyes carefully.

There was silence for a short while then finally a young girl in the front row timidly raised her hand; Mlle. Fernand did not hesitate and called the girl immediately.

"Yes Camille," she said gesturing the student to speak. Camille looked at her then took a deep breath.

"I am not sure but…"

"You're not sure? Remember class when you raise your hand it is because you know the answer one hundred percent, you do not raise your hand simply because you think," she surveyed the class then focused back on Camille who looked just a bit more confident then before. "Now if you please continue dear."

"The answer to your question is Mathey Groves Mlle. Fernand," Camille answered unmistakably. Amunet smiled at Camille, she wants nothing more then for her students to have confidence and success in life.

"Right you are Camille, can anyone tell me when and where this ballad like all other ballades we've been studying started and came from?" she looked around the room and saw a young boy all the way in the back corner raise his hand, she gave a smile then pointed to him.


"It started all the way in the mountains in Clover Mlle. Fernand," Louie said a not so sure look upon his face. Amunet smiled but then took a step forward.

"Do you know when they were created?" Louie shook his head in defeat, Amunet grinned. "Well good, I don't expect you to know, in fact I don't expect any of you to know simply because of this – no one knows" at this the students began to giggle.

Amunet glanced at the grandfather clock behind her then turned back to the class.

"Alright everyone, give yourself a pat on the back because you have just passed this weeks lesson." The students shouted with joy until Amunet shushed them.

"Next lesson is I shall say quite surprising, now I want everyone to get a good night's sleep, celebrate if you can for doing a wonderful job this week and I shall see everyone tomorrow," and with that the students stood and ran out of the class room.

Today was somewhat different then all the others, but then again she always thought that. She went to her desk and began placing her papers in a rather large brown leather bag.

"Hearing great things about you – still" came in an English light yet deep voice. She turned and faced her friend. Amunet smiled and gave a laugh.

"Dear Joseph, you aren't jealous are you?" she asked with a smirk. Joseph slowly walked toward her and placed his soft big hand on her shoulder and leaned in.

"My dear Amunet, being one of the best teachers here you should know the answer to that question already…" they stared at each other for an instant before he replied. "Of course I'm jealous"

They both laughed and soon she continued to clean her desk, Joseph began to help.

Joseph and Amunet have been friends forever, since they were children. As the years passed by there were times when she did feel herself drawn to him, but also as the years passed she had realized that her and Joseph can never be. He had once asked if she did have some sort of strong feeling for him, she replied simply by saying "I feel for you like you was my own brother". Nothing happened afterwards; we acted as if the question was never asked…it was better that way. But soon Joseph will find someone, it was true, people found it awkward and amusing all at once when they found out he was helping a lonely smart teacher travel the world looking for some mysterious item and was not courting her. But Joseph didn't mind, thank god…without him she wouldn't know what to do.

"Is everything set?" Amunet asked. Joseph looked up at her.

"Uh – yes I believe so, tickets, time, outfits, all settled," he said checking the list in his head.

"Good, then let me just clean up, I have a lot to do tomorrow for the new lesson," Amunet said as she set different books into her large brown bag.

Joseph looked at her, knowing all to well what the lesson was he just had to ask.

"May I ask what this new lesson of yours is?"

Amunet grinned then glanced at him as she placed more books into the bag.

"May I ask why you always ask a question to which you already know the answer to?"

They both erupt into laughter.

"Honestly though I don't see why you must be this serious about revealing Bastet, I mean traveling the world just to discover information about her is enough," said Joseph a hint of concern in his voice clearly trying to hide it. Yet Amunet knew it well, he always tried to mask it with humor…it never worked.

"Joseph, the world isn't even enough. What makes you think three hundred books about one goddess is enough to satisfy me?" she said with her dazzling smile making her glow.

Joseph shifted a bit, he may be her friend but this was getting out of hand. She was obsessed with Bastet. So obsessed it almost got us killed just to hunt down one piece of information. But he cared about her too much and dared not stop her from her goal.

"Don't look so worried Joseph, be happy we're at least taking a day off to visit in all too familiar opera you've been dieing to see," at this Joseph's mood was now joyful. Amunet wasn't too excited to see an opera at the now knew and…a little improved Opera Populair, she loved music she truly did, but she felt just taking one day off from her studying was skipping almost a whole month of studying. But it was indeed her closest friend's birthday tomorrow, and not celebrating it like all the other times was just completely erroneous.

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