Chapter 12: Proof and Something Else

It was late at night when the men were setting up to camp. I said to Calvin that the whole idea of camping was foolish, yet all he did was place men in charge for guarding, as if that would do anything.

As I set my tent up I was deep in thought, Amunet was a lot stronger then I thought, and not just in soul but physically. She revealed such strength only because of pure anger.

Things became quiet when the men were finished. I lit a lantern and searched through my belongings for the Brandy, as it came in sight I sighed in relief. This should relieve some stress hopefully, if not it will most definitely keep my mind off certain things.

"Oh good, there's enough for both of us," came the English voice. I turned and faced Amunet. Her hair was tied back leaving a long wavy black tail. She now wore a black skirt along with a white blouse. Slightly dirty but it did not change the beauty that glowed.

"This is a bit stronger then brandy, are you sure you want some?" I asked taking a step forward, the bottle still in my hand. Amunet took her own step forward and took the bottle from my hands with perfect grace. She unscrews the cap and takes three sips without making a single squinting face. She then grins.

"What do you think?" she asks. I grin myself.

"After what happened? I'd be absolutely positive."

Together we sat down on two chairs and began to drink and suddenly I began to worry. Amunet was on her fifth shot while I was on my sixth and I began to see how flushed she looked. The alcohol was getting to her fast and her behavior was rather interesting. She would sway from side to side constantly as if she were dancing.

"What are you staring at?" She asked with a hint of irritation. I shook my head and leaned back in my chair.

"Nothing dear Amunet," I said with a sigh closing my eyes. It was then she sat forward slipping off her chair.

With quick motions I quickly caught her and sat her down on my bed. She laughed and gently pushed me away.

"I'm alright," she says. I chuckled seeing her like this but in a way I felt pity. She then scooted herself closer to me. I tensed almost instantly at the heat coming from her. She then places a hand over her mouth then shakes her head.

"There is – something I have been rather curious about Mister La'Mort," she pauses until I respond.

"And what is it you have been rather curious about Mlle. Fernand?" I asked her staring into her mystical eyes.

"Why did you agree to help me?" She asks clearing her throat and sitting straight and lady like.

I watched her actions clearly and made no emotion; my mind was settled on her question. Why did I agree to help her?

"Why did I agree?" I asked. She nodded slightly then opened her mouth.

"Yes," she said. I sighed.

"You want my honest opinion?" I asked her leaning against my knees a cup of brandy held in both my hands.

She places her mouth close to my ear and whispers.

"As honest as you can be," she says with a grin. I shake my head and sigh. As you wish.

"The moment I saw you, I became curious. A young lady such as yourself, cursing simply because you could not find a piece of attire. Not only that, you speak with an accent, yet you say Mister more then you say Monsieur." I pause when Amunet frowns.

"I have my reasons sir why I say that -"

I give her no time to finish as I sit straight.

"You are a teacher, yet also rich. You teach when you should constantly be at celebrations or buying fancy objects."

"I don't go to parties or buy fancy objects because I -"

"Also," I said interrupting her. "You are a rich, young and beautiful woman who could have anyone she wants yet you spend most of your time trying to find an ancient artifact that probably does not exist."

"Excuse me Mister La'Mort -"

Amunet became offended, yet offended or not I did not let her finish. I sat closer to her and her eyes settled on mine.

"You are an enigma, Mademoiselle. A difficult question I still have yet to answer."

"Get to the point and answer my question," she says placing a hand on her head.

"My answer is this; I chose to help you simply because I have never met anyone as determined as you. To finally know another who has one goal in mind and plans to achieve it is something I am still having trouble believing."

I took a breath, was it all true what I said? Yes. Was it the whole truth? No.

I stared at Amunet and with a slight frown she gently begins to smile.

"Truly?" she asks with another sensational smile. I swallow down the growing lump stuck in my throat and grinned as a thought came up.

"Yes, truly" I said nodding. It was then I just so happened to mention, "Also another reason was because I knew you couldn't take care of yourself."

Amunet's expression turned from awe, to anger. The expression was priceless.

"Excuse me?" she demands standing with her hands on her waist. Why is it I take joy in angering her? The feeling of watching her stand up for herself with such passion always intrigued me. Maybe that was the reason. Yet it always ends dreadfully.

"Who said I could not take care of myself?"

"No one said anything; it is what your actions say." I stated remaining calm. Amunet however became more livid.

"And what does my actions say Mister La'Mort?"

I suddenly stand and took a step toward Amunet, she did not move back. Instead she squared her shoulders in defense mode.

"Your actions tell me Mlle. Amunet that you are clumsy, and only a clumsy person such as yourself needs this much protection." I said referring to Calvin and his crew.

"Just because I am occasionally clumsy does not mean I can not take care of myself!"

"Do not bother to defend yourself this time,"

"You are only angry because I can defend myself!"

"What?" I asked with disbelief. "I can defend myself!"

"Oh I am sure you're excellent in defending yourself, yet you are absolutely dim-witted when it comes to defending what you believe in! You give up in what you want most!"

Things were becoming personal as I took another step forward.

"What are you saying?" I demanded. All she did was laugh.

"All you do is crave after something then after three or four tries of fighting to get it you give up! You are weak!"

"Well then if I am weak what do you think that makes you? Strong?" I asked with a laugh. "I think not!"

"Well I am glad that you can at least think!" She states glaring at me.

"Bloody woman you just don't know when to quit!"

"Neither do you!" She spat. "Besides you started this whole argument."

My fists were tight, my jaw was clenched to the point I thought it might break. I then found myself saying.

"If you were a man you wouldn't be saying such things to me!"

Amunet did not lose a beat as she stated her next words clear.

"Well if you were a man I would be laughing till I was red in the face at your pathetic warning!"

I wanted to strangle her till she was nothing but a pale figure. But all I did was growl and snatched the brandy from the bed and begin to drain it.

"Oh that's all you men do! Drain your anger in a bottle of brandy instead of handling it like a man!" Amunet says sitting back down her arms crossed on her chest and looking away in disgust.

My eyes snapped opened at her words and I spat out my last few mouthfuls. She glances in my direction then takes the bottle from me then finishes the remaining drink.

I felt my head began to sway and I realized how idiotic I was to drain the bottle like that. Now I was to be intoxicated maybe just as much as she or more.

"Then tell me Mlle. Amunet," I said wiping my mouth with my sleeve. "How is it you wish to settle this conversation?"

At this Amunet stood on wobbly legs and stared at me.

"I want you to admit that I can take care of myself,"

"Not even for twenty thousand francs," I said immediately. Amunet stomped her foot on the sand.

"My goodness all you have to say is one thing and one thing only!"

"You are just like any other woman; you couldn't even handle a sword!" I said gently leaning against my bed and rubbing the sweat off my forehead.

"Well in case you haven't noticed it is not usual for a woman to know the way of the sword!" She says gaining her posture with difficulty.

"Well a woman such as you should know how to use one," I state. It was suddenly silent and I knew what was going to happen next.

Amunet turns to me with the corners of her lips turned up.

"Why don't you teach me?"

The argument was now gone, although the angry fire was still deep within us we no longer shouted at each other.

"You wouldn't be able to learn it at this moment, not when you are intoxicated like you are."

"Oh come on! Live a little Erik!" She says with a laugh as she takes a steady step toward me.

I sighed as I signaled her to wait outside. She giggled then left my tent. I shook my head as I took out a sword and a stick.

"One moment we're bloody arguing the next she wants to learn how to use a sword. Damn that woman." I murmured before taking in a breath and carefully made my way outside.

"I only have one sword so you are just going to have to use a -"

My words were short as Amunet held a sword at my throat. Rage built within me, she is acting like a child! She's drunk and could kill me right now. Amunet suddenly smiled.

"Now, what is my first lesson?"

I then smacked her sword away from me and she just did nothing but give a grin.

"Where did you get that?" I ask her. She shrugged gently before taking a wobbly step backward.

"I keep it just in case someone decides to teach me," she responds with a small laugh. She takes a breath then suddenly snapped her head at me. She then rushes to the fire place in front of my tent.

"Oh! I've just so happened to find a bottle of whiskey!" She says with glee as she quickly unscrews it then takes a sip then places the cap on and throws it to me. She positions herself in the most ridiculous way I have ever seen and I laugh causing Amunet to bellow out.

"What is so funny?"

I shake my head as I take a sip of the whiskey then place it next to the fire place. I squint my eyes taking in the burning sensation and made my way to her.

She lowers her sword and frowns as I move behind her. I take her hand that held the sword and made her grip it tight. I position her with my other hand and she laughs. I ignore her.

"You need to keep in control of the sword and situation, other wise your opponent will dominate you,"

"Really? I'll be sure to do that," she says referring to a completely different sword and situation. I secretly groaned as I easily pictured her in front of me.

"Erik," she calls. I shake my head of the sinful thoughts and move away.

"Are you ready?" I ask her getting in position. She lightly laughs and holds her sword up.

"Ready when you are darling," she says. The name caught me off guard that I did not see Amunet lunge forward toward me only to fall and land in my arms. Both our weapons down I couldn't help but chuckle at her actions.

Amunet laughs hysterically yet she doesn't move away. Instead she holds on to me. She continues to laugh with such a radiant smile when those mystical eyes meet mine. We are now locked; there is no stopping what ever may come our way.

Amunet falls silent as she studies my eyes; her eyes then travel downward to my lips. Heat quickly spreads through me. We are locked; nothing can stop what is coming.

Amunet leans up toward me and slowly and finally, I know what those beautiful lips feel like against mine.

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