"You can sit here"

She smiled. She'd felt so lost on her first day at nursery but now she had a friend.

She went to sit down. Another little girl got there before her. She realised he had been speaking to her the entire time, neither of them had even noticed her. They started talking and laughing together, not even aware she was there.

She fought back the tears as she sat down beside a little blonde girl.

Then Mr Flutie started to call the roll.

"Amy Madison?"


"Jonathon Levinson?"


"Cordelia Chase"

"H-here" she stuttered. A ripple of giggling went through the class at her nervousness. She blushed.

"Harmony Kendall?"

"Yes" replied the blonde girl sitting beside her.


"THAT'S ME!" bellowed a hulking boy to her right, startling her a little.

"Willow Rosenberg?"

"Yes" the little girl beamed, sharing a smile with the boy beside her. She felt sheer hatred rising in her chest against her.

"Alexander Harris?"

"Oh yeah" he replied.


When no one was looking Cordelia lent over and snapped the yellow crayon on Willow's desk.