Author's Note: This is a collection of stories about Negi and his harem... They may or may not be linked with each other...

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EvaNegi: The Master's Dilemma

by: Jennon-Donnon

"Boy! You're doing it wrong."

Evangeline was feeling uncomfortable. She had just read of a way to break the curse. It bothers her. But now is not the time to think of that. She had ti focus on training this boy... The boy she had come to like, and love. Yes, she knows it now. Evangeline A.K. McDowell loves Negi Springfield.

"Let's take a break for now." Eva sat down, exhausted and frustrated. Her mind wandered back to what she had discovered...

"To break the curse of Infernus Scholasticus..." She had read this before, when she learned of Negi's coming to Mahora. "One must obtain a bodily fluid from the inflictor of the curse or his/her closest kin. This may be in the form of blood..." She had read this part too. What she forgot to read last time was the next line... "or the seed."

Surely now she could not bring herself to drain Negi's blood... Hence, there is no alternative for her.


"Y-yes, master?"

"I... want to tell you something."

Negi turned to look at Eva. Eva blushed.

"I... never really loved Nagi... I just liked him because he was so strong..." With these words, Eva's blush turned even darker. "It's... It's you I really love..." Eva averted her gaze. Why am I thinking like this? she was thinking. I'm not supposed to love... A monster like me should not be loved...

"Master..." Negi was shocked at this sudden confession. Why me? he thought...

"Please excuse me." With these, Eva ran to her room and locked the door. Stupid Eva... she scolded herself. He can't possibly love you, can he?

Sorry for intruding master... But why?

Eh! Oh, I forgot about your telepathy... Do you know that saying boy? That love needs no reasons?

She sensed Negi's hesitation.

Master... I mean, Eva-san... I love you too...

Eh! Why... How could you...

Like you said... Love needs no reasons.

At this, Eva opened the door to face him.

When their eyes met, the two were blushing.

Mixed feelings of embarassment, frustration... Love. Eva had not felt that in the last few centuries of her life. Though she was really hundreds of years old, she was still a "10-year old" girl in her heart. She needed love... She was so desperate for it...

Negi felt comfortable with Eva. Though she was supposedly very old, he knew that deep inside, she was a lonely child, deprived of love.

Their hearts beating faster... And they embraced. Hidden tears flowed... Tears of two lonely people, who needed love.

Oh Eva...

Negi... I know how to remove the curse... Without killing you.


By loving you.

Eva's lips touched Negi's. Her tongue, forcing its way inside, searching his mouth deeply.

He kissed back. His hands moving to her dress, undoing it...

They moved to the bed, Eva underneath, their lips still locked in a deep kiss. Eva's dress was undone... She was undoing his pants now...

He was hard. She felt him entering him, and she moaned with pleasure. Somehow, they fit together perfectly...

Yes, they were together. Two lonely people now had each other. They were in love.


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