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Warning: Contains some scenes not suitable for kids... And maybe teens. But not this installment.

And a Word to the (un)Wise: I prefer the manga to the anime... Thus most events in my stories are manga-based.(duh)

Oh yeah, I have censored some words. They are indicated by the word "CENSORED". (Duh.)

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by: Jennon-Donnon


The normally calm and collected Iincho of Class 3-A (except around Asuna, and this particular roommate of hers) shivered upon hearing her own name with the -chin "honorific". It's not even an honorific at all! Ayaka screamed in her head.

"What is it, Chizuru-CHIN?" Ayaka replied, her voice thick with sarcasm.

"Ehehe... I didn't know you would use '-chin' on me!" Chizuru grinned. "Anyway, Asuna-chan was looking for you. She dropped by a few minutes ago."

"EH? What's with the '-chan' there all of a sudden?"

"Oh, that? Incho's orders."

Oh, right. I forgot about that, Ayaka thought. "Okay, I'm gonna look for her now, see you later Chizuru-chin." With these words, she winked at Chizuru before heading out. This time, there was no sarcasm at all... More like a sense of familiarity... And something else.

Hm... She seems quite happy after I told her that... Does this mean anything? I'll ask her later after some hot CENSORED, Chizuru thought.

Ayaka found Asuna near the World Tree Plaza. "Asuna-chan!" Ayaka called out.

"Eh? Iincho? Why the '-chan' all of a sudden?"

"It's 'Ayaka-chan', Asuna-chan. Incho's orders."

"Oh." Asuna paused, and thought of something. "Oh yeah, Ayaka-chan, want to go for CENSORED?"

"Eh? You mean CENSORED, right now?"

"Yeah." Asuna winked.

"Sure, why not?"

Suddenly, Asuna pinned Ayaka down.

"Asuna? W-what are you doing?"

"It's '-chan', Ayaka-chan." Asuna grinned before letting her hair down. "And don't struggle. You'll like it."

Ayaka smiled at her friends words. "Sure. Just give me my chance to be on top."

Asuna leaned close to Ayaka's face. "Later, my love." With these, she captured her friend's lips in a deep kiss. They were fighting each other, not as rivals anymore, but as friends. No, something deeper... They love each other.

"Hah... Hah... That was good..." Ayaka panted. "Oh, off with those clothes!"

"Hm... After you." Asuna grinned sheepishly. Ayaka pouted at these words. "Okay, okay... At the same time."

The girls hurriedly declothed each other. "Hahaha... You're still wearing bear panties, Asuna-chan?"

"Oh shut up. You're a paipan, too..."

Ayaka blushed hard. "Heh... Well..."

"Don't worry. I won't tell anyone... Well, except maybe Negi."

"Don't you dare."

"Oh, get a room, you two!"


"It's 'Chizuru-chin', remember?" Asuna scolded.

"Yeah, whatever. What are you doing to my Ayaka?" Chizuru pointed an accusing finger at Asuna.

"Er... Well... Incho's orders."

"I-I see... Wait, and why are you two naked, lying down on the grass together?"

"Okay, CUT!"

"What's wrong, Incho-sama?"

"You're not supposed to describe them remember?"

"Er... Gomen nasai, Incho-sama..."

"Okay, replay scene. ACTION!"


Bet y'all didn't expect that! Read translation notes below if you're confused... Yeah, I was just fooling around with this one, preparing for the KonoSetsu. I'm not sure how to portray Yuri though...

Oh yeah, I originally meant for those CENSORED parts to be ambiguous, or have double meanings... For example, Chizuru's line could have meant, "hot TEA" or "hot SEX"... Hehe. But when I used it for the title, I kinda messed up...

Review people! Please! I beg of you...

Japanese is fun, since there are lots of puns...

Translation notes:

Iincho - Class President, Class Representative

Incho - Director

Paipan - Shaved female pubic area

Gomen nasai - I'm sorry

Note on honorifics:

Honorifics are used after the names of people. Their intended meaning is the same as "Mr., or Ms./Mrs." In the English language.

Some common honorifics used:

'-san' - 'Mr.', 'Ms./Mrs.'

'-sama' - more polite way of saying 'Mr.', 'Ms./Mrs.'. Can be interpreted to have other meanings, however the ones mentioned are the most common.

'-kun' - Usually used for boys around the same age as speaker. However, it may be used to refer to younger people, e.g. students, juniors (students younger than self"). Also may indicate being close with the person indicated.

'-chan' - Usually used for girls around the same age as speaker. May be used on boys (in an insulting manner or otherwise). Indicates closeness with person indicated.

There are many others, like '-tan', '-ue', '-dono', etc. and profession-restricted ones, e.g. '-sensei', but the ones listed above are the most commonly used in Manga/Anime.

Oh yeah, closeness does not mean the physical distance between speaker and indicated person, but emotional distance. That kind of thing.

'-chin' - Not really an honorific, but a suffix for nicknames. The names are usually shortened by the speakers. The name is considered 'cute' in a way if used with '-chin' or a similar syllable. (I think.)