Fandom: 7th Heaven
Title: True Love
Author/Artist: Falconwolf3
Pairing/Characters: Ruthie Camden
Rating PG
Disclaimer/claimer: I do not own Ruthie Camden of 7th Heaven. Nor do I own, Martin, Peter, Max, or Jack. I do however own Ryan.
Notes/Summary: A girl can only fall in love once, right.

Theme # 3 Moving /Peter

How can this be happening? How can Peter being moving away? Peter is my boyfriend; he can't just pack up and leave! Peter is my very first boyfriend, though we've never officially went on a real date, always with one of our parents.

He's acting like a real jerk about it too. He's acting like it's no big deal that he's leaving. It's as if he doesn't care that my heart is breaking. It's like he doesn't care that he may never see me again. Am I that easy to get over?

Theme # 14 Blind/ Jack

I really don't know what I was thinking when I feel for Jack. I think I just wanted a boyfriend so bad that I chose to be blind about him. He was way too old and way too experienced for me to date. I hate to admit it, but my dad was right about him.

Theme # 25 Destruction/ Ryan

Ryan was the worst mistake of my life. I went out with him because he seemed like a nice guy, but I was wrong. He had his mind on destruction and that's all he did while we were dating. It got bad at one point that my mom and dad grounded me to stop me from seeing him. At the time I saw it as nothing but a black eye, but after being away from him, I saw it as abuse.

Theme # 22 Time Machine/ Martin

Why can't I rewind time with Martin. I wish there was some kind of time machine that would let me tell him that I loved him before Sandy came along. I love him even more now than I did back then.

Theme #27 Similarity/ Mac

How wrong would it be to date Mac? I used to have a crush in him. The only reason I'm holding back on saying yes to dating him is his similarity to Martin. I don't want to date him only because he's Martin's friend and the nearest thing I have to him. I truly did have a crush on him at one time, what to say that wasn't real?

Ruthie closes her diary and thinks. Peter moved away, but is now back in my life. He's even my boyfriend again. However, I'm not really in love with him anymore. I've grown up and matured, he hasn't.

Jack was just a huge mistake, as was Ryan.

Martin is out of my life and I have to accept that. Tell that to my heart.

Mac is a good guy; I have nothing to lose by going out on one date with him, right?

Ruthie was interrupted by the sound of the telephone, "Hello?"

"Ruthie, hey it's Martin."

"Martin, hey," she said trying to stay calm. She hadn't heard from him in months. She wondered why he was calling.


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