Chapter 1: Prologue

Paris, 1871

I reached the end of the dark tunnel and pushed the wooden door open; I looked around the pitch black forest making sure no one was around. I suddenly laughed, of course there wasn't anyone around, it was somewhere in the middle of the woods where sometime ago while I was building my lair I was also working on a small cottage for me to live in if I ever decided to leave the rotten cage, I never thought I would use it but here I am making my way too it.

I listened to the small leaves and sticks crack beneath my feet when suddenly I heard a second pair of footsteps from behind. I stopped and so did the others. Fools! Someone from the mob must have followed me; it's just too bad they will never see the light of day again. I slowed my pace giving them time to catch up, I heard him; he was close, close enough for me at least. In a flash I turned and wrapped my hands around the fool's neck, I couldn't see him but I didn't care. A rather small neck this man has, soft, too soft. My eyes widen, it was no man but a woman! She shouldn't have followed me, it was her loss, her fault to follow the monster not mine. I squeezed harder, I was sure she would be dead in a minute. I then felt her hands all over me trying to push me away; I had to give a smirk, poor girl.

"Erik…" she let out. My hands quickly released her and she fell to the floor coughing wildly, how did she know my name? No one knew my name except,

"Christine…" I whispered. The girl glanced up and for once I finally looked at her, she had long brown curls that were wild around her shoulders, big beautiful brown eyes, and pale milky skin. She is Christine.

Pain filled my veins as I fell to my knees and crawled to her. Tears poured out as I begged her to forgive me.

"I'm sorry Christine; please…please forgive me…" I couldn't breath, I just tried to strangle my one true love, I tried to take her life away. I then felt two small hands upon my shoulders, they trailed to my face, one caressed my scarred cheek then they both lifted my face. My eyes met hers.

"Forgive me Erik," I did not understand her words. Forgive her? Why should I forgive her when she has done nothing wrong! Why? Why must I forgive her?

"What are you talking about Christine?" I asked through sobs. She brushed my tears away, and then leaned her forehead against mine. Oh how good it felt to feel her lips so close to mine.

She was trying to say something, but she looked scared to do so. I brushed the pieces of hair that danced on her face from the cold wind. I suddenly remembered. She left me; she left me to go with…

"Where is Raoul?" I asked with grief. Tears starting pouring down her cheeks and she looked away. I took her face in my hands and forced her to look at me. "Where is he Christine?" I asked more firm. She finally locked gazes with me.

"I don't lov…" her voice cracked and she closed her eyes. My eyes widen, is she saying she doesn't love him? Is she saying she really chose me but was too scared to say it?

"You don't what?" I asked wanting to hear the rest, needing to hear the rest.

She suddenly looked at me, her eyes were straight. Tears have stopped making their way down her well shaped face, her lips opened to speak.

"I don't love him" she said simply without a doubt in her words. Could it be true? Oh please god let it be true! Let my one true love say what I have wanted to hear for so long.

"Who do you love Christine?" I asked gently stroking her pale wet cheeks. She then gave a small smile and placed a hand on my revolting face and pulled me to her.

"You Erik, I love you," in one swift moment she pulled my lips to hers. I wrapped my arms around her small body, I deepened the kiss not wanting to miss anything, I wanted to savor each sensation, I wanted Christine. All she did between our kisses was mumble how sorry she was for being foolish and so blind, but never can I be livid with her. We pulled away and the first thing Christine did was smile at me and whispered,

"I love you," then she placed kisses all over my face and ended on my lips. Again I felt the sweet taste of Christine, again I felt her within my arms, again I was with her…and that was all that mattered.


Erik and Christine ran away together and headed for London, where together they slowly developed a life of great happiness. They got married a year later in 1872 and became Erik and Christine Destler, Christine continued her lessons and soon was one of the greatest Opera singers in all of London at the Adelphi Opera House, Erik became manager and main composer of Adelphi, and soon later, after years with his wife became one of the most richest people in all of London.

But in truth all happy stories must come to an end. The people in London stopped hearing from the great Destler couple. Erik Destler's music still soared throughtout the Adelphi Opera House, but Christine was no where is sight to sing for London soceity. Both lovers were no where is sight. It was as if they disapeared yet then again they knew they still were around. Where did they go? And where was Christine?

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