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Summary: Kobayashi knew he was stronger than him. One-shot.


He was watching him out of the window, smiling.

Kobayashi huffed inwardly.

He gets to stay inside, while he had to run bare-footed.

Kobayashi felt like crying, but he couldn't cry- strong people didn't cry.

He wished he could stay weak, too, so he didn't have to do all of these things to stay strong.


'You're strong.'

Kobayashi didn't know how to reply to the compliment.

He looked at the boy- he didn't know that he wanted to be strong- it must've pained him not to be able to go outside often.

Kobayashi felt like lowering his head in shame, for thinking the boy wanted to only watch him mockinglyfrom the distant.

He opened his mouth.

'I'm going to be a samurai,' he said proudly.


He swinged the wooden sword awkwardly- it looked like the sword swayed with the wind instead of with his hands.

Kobayashi swinged as hard as he can.

Kazuki looked at him with awe- and remarked at the loud "whoosh" noise Kobayashi made.

Kobayashi encouraged him that he could master it, too, like his grandfather, and was met with an enthusiastic "Really?".

Kazuki had a strong will.

Kobayashi paused, before replying.

'I wouldn't lie.'


He was watching him out of the window, smiling.

This time, Kobayashi looked up, and waved- promising to run with him when the weather was better.

Kobayashi continued running in the rain.

Kazuki continued watching.


'If I was as strong as you, Kobayashi, can I overcome my sickness?'

Without pausing, Kobayashi said yes, because he believed Kazuki already did, in a way.


'He tried... but he... he couldn't be as strong as you.'

Kobayashi thought Kazuki was stronger than him, but in the end, the sickness was still stronger than Kazuki.

His throat went dry. No,I'm strong at all, he wanted to yell out, but his mouth wasn't cooperating.

'He said... he wanted to be a samurai with you...'

Without hearing the rest properly, Kobayashi felt his eyes water up.

It was okay to cry this time, because he finally realised he wasn't strong- Kazuki was.


Kobayashi continued running.

He wasn't there, smiling through the window, but Kobayashi hoped he was still watching.

He already did multiple laps through his neighbourhood, but it wasn't enough.

He wanted to be stronger than Kazuki.