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Harry runs into someone unexpected!


Harry Potter and Co. Belong to Rowling!


Chapter one. Escape and Capture.


Harry's hair was matted with sweat, he'd been running for a little while and his side hurt. He dared not stop; if they caught up to him it he was dead, well not really dead but at least pretty beat up. He looked back he and was happy to see that he had lost them, for now. Sighing in relief he turned back and saw a high rusted fence looming over him a split second before he crashed into it. He lay dazed, his glasses on the ground next to him; placing them securely back on he rose unsteadily to his feet. He looked at the fence knowing that he couldn't go back and decided to climb it. He was glad when he got to the top but any hope of escaping was dashed away when he heard someone shout, "There's the little bastard!" Looking up he saw Dudley's bunch running towards him, startled that he had been discovered he lost his footing. He hung for a couple of seconds his arm caught on a wire and cried out as it pierced his skin. Landing with a tud he tried to ignore the pain, the fence was very old and rusty it would not hold them back. Securing his glasses a second time he turned from the group and ran as fast as he could. He could hear the his cousin's gang trying to get through the fence. Harry was a small boy who could not stand and fight so he had opted for running away, feeling the cut on his arm he wondered if it had been such a good idea. He wiped his brow with a thin arm and jumped over a small log and quickly slipped underneath it before he could be seen. He waited until the stampede of footsteps passed him by.

He closed his eyes hoping he could just disappear somewhere. Minutes later when the footsteps seemed far away Harry poked his head out and ran deeper into the forest. They would never dare follow him this far in. He ran until he came to a small clearing, near it he could see an opening maybe as tall and wide as Uncle Vernom. He knew there were no dangerous animals in this area, exhausted he walked towards it and made his way inside. A good five feet into the cave Harry tripped and remained on the ground too tired to get up. He opened his eyes and sighed, sitting up he examined his arm. It was a nasty looking cut at least six inches running down the inside of the forearm, it wasn't too deep but it hurt. He felt so exhausted and so hungry. Why had he run away? It would only be worse when they caught up with him…he sighed and lay down to rest.


A tall naked figure stopped warily and sniffed the air. Someone was inside! He smelt blood and his stomach rumbled hungrily. He hadn't eaten anything in three days! He approached the cave slowly. Was it a wounded animal? No, this was not an animal…a human perhaps? No, more than that! A Wizard! He entered the cave slowly and came upon a sleeping form. His mouth watered as he saw the child, a sweet innocent young boy. He was hungry for food but the boy would not be his dinner. Werewolves were social creatures and his pack was scattered, he was in need of companionship he had been running for seven months alone and he needed someone. Food he would get elsewhere.

Harry was dreaming of two gold eyes coming closer and closer. With a start he woke up only to be grabbed roughly and pinned to the ground.

"Hello Pup." The man growled pinning the boy. Harry gulped and remained completely still staring not at the eyes, but at the fangs no human should have.

"Don't say a word." The man said his face coming close to Harry's. Had he jumped from the frying pan into the fire? When he felt the man's hot breath on his neck he panicked and struggled to get free. The man simply squeezed his injured arm leaving Harry too weak to move.

"Please don't! Please it hurts! Please!" Harry begged sobbing openly. The man growled and bit him. Harry's screams were muffled by a large hand that covered his mouth to the point of near suffocation.

The werewolf was in his human form so the boy would not turn until he reached puberty; bites like these served another purpose, to link the victim to the attacker. He had been betrayed and in hiding for a while. He needed to gather his pack. The child was a Wizard and he would use him…little boys were not just good for dinner! He was too young to be completely turned but old enough to be initiated as part of the pack. His pack! He needed it and they needed him! Remus would pay for what he had done!

Harry felt the fangs bite through his skin and struggled to get free. For some reason this angered the wolf and he squeezed the boy's injured arm mercilessly. Harry was crying but his tears had no affect on the man…unable to take anymore he fainted.

After the bite the man licked Harry's wounds and held him as one would hold something infinitely precious and through their link saw everything. Harry dreamed his whole life for him…the first moments, kind arms holding him…his father playing with him, distant memories became present ones, hugs and kisses, and a pair of gold eyes watched everything with interest. Then it all changed and he dreamt of a flash of green light, a shooting pain, screams, a fire and a ride across the sky! Stunned the yellow eyes widened but continued watching… after that everything changed. Now there was hunger, shouts, loneliness, darkness and pain. There were no more kisses, no hugs, no more love…the gold eyes saw it all and smiled.

Hours later Harry woke up completely alone and if it weren't for the scars, one along his arm and another on his neck he would have thought he had had a nightmare. He got up unsteadily and sensing danger he moved to the entrance of the cave as fast as he could. He was almost out when a snake like grip pulled him back.

"Did you a have a good nap pup?" The werewolf asked. He wore a torn pair of cut off jeans. The only clothes he needed or wanted. He was too close to the muggle town to take any chances.

"Let me go!" Harry screamed trying to pull away. Wanting to establish his dominance over the new member of his pack he slapped the boy's face. Harry's face exploded in pain and he tasted blood. Whimpering he pleaded his release. "Please! Just let me go! Please!" Harry whispered sobbing. "I won't tell! Please let me go! Please!"

Fenrir Greyback smiled and dragged him back inside. Harry struggled to keep up but the man's strides were too long. Minutes later they came to another opening that led into a large cavern at least two stories high and three stories across. Without a word the man threw Harry in a corner and stood before him. "PLEASE I WON'T SAY ANYTHING! PLEASE LET ME GO!" The boy shouted completely frightened.

"I don't think so…Harry."


The story begins a week before Harry is supposed to get his letter from Hogwarts. Although this story will be slash and they will develop feelings for each other. There will be no s-e-x until Harry comes of age. Read and review!