Snape/Silverrage and Lucius/ Remus


I have written the default chapter to the Snape/Silverrage and Lucius/ Remus story. The continuation of this story will depend on the feedback I get in the next couple of days. Tell me what you think. I'm writing the story under "Howls Apart" for now but if there's enough interest then I shall post it as a separate story under the title of "Howling Desires."

The story's theme will be control and dominant/submissive relationships between both pairings. If you do not care for this kind of story please do not read and whine because I'M NOT INTERESTED!!!!!

Default Chapter. Loathsome Mates.

Six months after Howls Apart...

Snape Manor...

Severus stirred the potion with practiced precision while Silverrage looked on impassively. His mate's fondness for potions bordered on the fanatical and he would stop it soon. Six months into their union Severus was still not carrying and he had found out why that morning. Moving closer he peered into the cauldron with undisguised hatred.

Snape took a step back and ran into his mate's hard body, "Excuse me." Merlin, the beast was back and naked! "Don't breathe the fumes I'll make you dizzy." He warned trying to look at ease. He had been so engrossed in the potion that he hadn't even felt the werewolf come in.

"You seem to have no problem with them." Silverrage growled wrinkling his nose at the acrid smell.

"I've grown immune to them." Severus answered trying to remain calm under the scrutiny. If the werewolf knew what he was brewing it'd be his head.

"Have you?" Immune indeed! Silverrage's amber eyes followed his mate closely. The Potions Master was limping slightly. He had been forced to discipline the wolfling two days ago, incredible to think that after seven months Severus had been foolish enough to refuse his attentions.

"Yes. The potion will need to simmer for a couple of hours before it can be bottled."

Silverrage nodded. His mate would not be distracted by the murderous liquid for the next couple of hours. Let the games begin!

Severus felt the arms imprison him and controlled the urge to move away. He had tried everything to keep the werewolf at bay but nothing had worked. Silverrage was enamored with the idea of a litter and Severus would have to tolerate the beast's ministrations until he became pregnant. The thought of him giving birth was enough to make his stomach turn. He was a man for Merlin's sake not some bitch in heat!

Silverrage could smell his mate's rebellion on him. Living in the manor was clearly making Severus forget his true self. It was time to refresh his memory.

"My knee is bothering me." Severus winced as he felt his mate grind into him from behind.

"How unfortunate! Why don't I kiss it and make it better?" Silverrage whispered biting Severus' earlobe as he slipped one hand in the Wizard's pants and began stroking his lover's member.

Snape gritted his teeth trying to control the sensations; he would be getting no reprieve tonight.


on the other side of the country...Malfoy Manor...

Remus stood under a cloaking charm observing Lucius and Lady Prescilla Dulail. The raven haired widow had been over three times this month. She had always come with a friend but such ploy did not fool the werewolf. Moony growled wanting nothing more than to rip her in two but Remus pulled the werewolf back. Lucius had not encouraged the witch so he was relatively safe but the werewolf had been getting a bit more difficult with every transformation. It was clear that Moony was completely smitten with the Pureblood. Good thing it was a whole two weeks before the next full moon or Lady Dulail would be in serious danger.


"My Lord you must admit that the Ministry seems to be doing a good job!" the Witch exclaimed touching Lucius's arm briefly.

"I can only admit that my son is Graduating first in his class." The Pureblood grimaced smirking at Lady Dulail. The woman was a lovely creature but unfortunately for him or her Lucius's wolfling-desire for his Sire was stronger than the Witch's allure.

"You've changed Lord Lucius." Lady Dulail observed coyly. Changed indeed! The Wizard was more fascinating now than before his divorce.

"On the contrary! I'm the same Wizard I was months ago. I know what I want and when I want it." Lucius murmured sipping his wine.

"HERE! HERE! There's nothing I admire more than someone who knows what he wants." Lady Dalail laughed raising her glass in a mock toast and grabbing Lucius hand in hers.

"Here here!" Her male cousin echoed enthusiastically.

"Of course knowing what I want is just as important as knowing what I don't." Lucius smiled withdrawing his hand from the witch's surprised grasp.


several hours later back at Snape Manor...

Severus ran to the cauldron but it was too late. The potion had simmered too long, it was ruined! Running his hands through his hair he growled furiously. A whole month's supply of contraceptive potion ruined! Now he'd have to start a new batch before he ran out!

Tying his hair back Severus opened the top drawer of an ancient bureau only to find it empty. Thinking he might have changed the precious vials he opened the rest of the drawers only to find them just as empty. Where was it? He had to take the contraceptive before Silverrage woke! He only had minutes before it became ineffective! This could've all have been avoided if he could cast a contraceptive spell on himself. But spells were different from potions. Spells had to be performed right before penetration while potions could be taken either an hour before or an hour after intercourse. He valued his life too much to risk trying to cast a spell while the horny werewolf was all over him so he had had to resort to potions. Shutting the last drawer Severus tried not to panic. Such action became impossible when he smelled the werewolf and his anger close behind him. Turning slowly he saw a naked Silverrage holding a small black bag, the bag with the contraceptive potions!

"Looking for these Precious?" the werewolf growled before he pounced the Potions Master.


at the same time...Malfoy Manor...

Lucius climbed the stairs looking immaculate and composed but feeling far from it. What a beautiful woman! He had wanted her! Wanted to touch her! Wanted to make love to her! Wanted her to touch him to hold him! He wanted to make love-!

Picking up on Lucius's thoughts through their bond Remus stepped from behind the pillars looking rather angry. "You should be more careful with what you want Lucius? Moony doesn't like it!"

"I HAVE NEEDS! IT'S NOT AS IF YOU CARED!" Lucius shouted walking past the slightly shorter man. Months had gone by and Lucius had done, had performed every given task to perfection. His Sire! Any Sire would've been pleased and would've rewarded him. But not his! His Sire's coldness bordered on cruel. Werewolves are naturally social and Remus' indifference was tearing him apart! He had tried everything to please him but very little had changed. Why was he still here?

"NEEDS?" Remus asked smirking. He had tried to be kinder to the Pureblood but it was an impossible feat. Lucius had killed his mate and he wanted the Wizard to suffer just as he was suffering, getting tastes of companionship and tenderness once every thirty odd days from Moony was the sweetest torture.

Having reached his limit Lucius turned and challenged his Sire. "I'm not made of stone! You fuck!"

Lucius felt the hands go around his throat and hoped that Remus would not stop until he lay dead.


This is the first chapter of the spin off, Howling Desires. Due to extreme mature content the story will be posted on another site.

I know it's hard to believe but it will have a happy ending!!!!!!