Summary: A new threat from old ages has come upon the X-men; the monster seems to have every kind of power and is extremely dangerous. When Xavier notices the slight mix up the first time he only sends Rogue and Remy to handle what seem to be a small problem, but when Rogue gets bitten her whole life takes a turn for the worse. Will the Avengers help Rogue and the X-men? Or will hatred consume their hearts of events passed and make them fail in their conquest? The creature has a purpose too though and they must stop it before it reaches its goal or many more poor souls will die with the new terror.



The Professor's voice inside her head was one that she was used to and not afraid of. She was so used to hearing it by now she didn't even look up as she responded. Yes Professor, Ah'm here.

I was wondering if I could see you in my office for a moment please?

Ok, I'll be there in a minute. Wondering what he could have happened Rogue stood up from her bed and casually walked down the hall to the Professors office. It couldn't have been anything very important or else he would have summoned the entire team. Rogue pulled open the tall oak door and was surprised to see Remy's back turned to the Professor's desk; he gave her a cocky smile.

"Remy! When did ya get back?" Remy smiled warmly at the elation in his lover's voice at his return.

"Good t' see y' too cherie." Rogue ran up to him and he embraced her warmly in his arms.

"Ah was worried somethin' had happened to ya."

Remy held her by her shoulders and looked her in the eyes. "No t'ing can touch dis sexy thief, he too smooth fo' dem all." Rogue chuckled and laid her head down to rest on Remy's shoulder as he held her gently.

"Ah missed ya Remy."

"Remy missed y' too p'tite, he glad t' be back wit' y'."

Professor Xavier's heart warmed as he watched the two lovers embrace and exchange private conversation. He wished the whole world could be like this, just peaceful and loving to one another. That was a part of his goal.

Rogue tilted her head and seemed to notice Xavier for the first time. She gently lifted her head off Remy's shoulder.

"What was it that you needed Professor?"

Charles Xavier straightened in his hover chair and laid his hands gently down on his lap. "I have a mission for you and Remy."

"What's amatta with the world now?"

"Nothing dire, I assure you. I've just detected a small disturbance in Central New York City; I was hoping you could fly Remy and yourself down there to see if it's anything that needs our help. My detection was unnatural and I couldn't get a read on it, but it didn't feel like a big threat. The other X-Men are all being sent to help a young man named Derrick Eldan in Ohio and I have no one else for this."

"It's alrigh' Professor." Rogue drawled out thickly in a deep southern accent. "Meh and Remy cahn go see what's wrong for ya."

"Y', we check de place out."

Charles nodded appreciatively. "Thank you Rogue, Remy, I appreciate it very much."


Twenty minutes later after flying with Rogue faster than a plane they reached New York City and Rogue touchdowned behind the back of an old warehouse building that had long ago been abandoned. Rogue wore a thick leather jacket over a plain shirt with gloves that ran all the way up to the sleeves and jeans, Remy was wearing his traditional trench coat over a white T-shirt with scuffed up jeans. The Professor had said it was a better idea if Rogue hadn't worn her green and yellow outfit as it would draw attention and they were simply checking up on the disturbance.

Rogue and Remy walked quickly to the front of the building and left the street of the old abandoned homes. They came out onto a busy area that was crowded with milling people going about doing their daily chores and not caring about bumping into one another. Rogue shifted uncomfortably in the crowd and automatically Remy brought her closer to him with his arm around her shoulders. Rogue smiled appreciating his kindness at her discomfort and they continued their way down the busy street.


Two hours later Rogue and Remy had found nothing dangerous and were having a good time together in the city. Rogue was really enjoying this private time with Remy. They had wound their way around the entire place about three times now when Remy stopped in his tracks.

"Somet'ing's watchin' us."

Rogue's joyous smile dropped from her face. "Huh?"

Remy motioned her to be quiet and walked up to a weird gothic style store and peered through the windows while concealing himself in the shadows, as soon as his footsteps got too close the window to the gothic store smashed apart and a monster of likes Rogue hadn't ever seen before jumped through to crash into Remy with its clawed fuzzy feet.

Rogue gasped in shocked amazement, the creature-she couldn't think to call it anything else-was the most hideous thing she had ever seen, and that was saying a lot. Its face was half in the form of a mountain cat, with the same kind of nose leading into the mouth, but its eyes were entirely black and one of them had a scar across one eye. They were untamed and full of bloodlust. Its fangs pointed out from its mouth and two jagged teeth pointed at least a foot down out of its mouth, sickly green saliva dripped from the fangs giving the impression of poison. Its entire face was covered in rough spikey hairs that looked more like porcupine needles. Following down its back was a row of reptilian scales that followed all the way down to its tail which reached out a good seven feet away from its body. Its muscled legs must have been a couple feet across at least, covered in a rocklike plate armor that seemed attached rather than adjusted on, its feet were both pawed and had identical claws from each paw. It had masculine arms that were a match to the hulks, only covered with weird symbols that looked cultish. Its shoulders had impressive looking spikes protruding half a foot out of each. One of its arms ended in a clawed paw, it was about a foot across. The other formed into what looked like a demented hand with slits in the knuckles in which identical blades emerged.

That's a little too much like Wolvie for mah likes. Rogue thought as Gambit stood up and looked at the beast in a morbid awe.

When it stood on its two hind legs it measured over nine feet tall and at least six across. They got a look at its massive chest that was covered in the samesymbols as the arms and seemingly steeled over before it lunged at Remy.

Remy barely had any time to avoid the attack and only at the last second dived out of the way, however the shoulder spikes still scraped his arm and he let out a yelp of surprise at the jolt of pain it sent through his entire system. He quickly righted himself and started throwing charged cards at the mammoth beast. They seemed to have no effect whatsoever, in fact the beast didn't even appear to notice the barricade of explosions that were erupting at all parts of his body.

Rogue had now taken to the air and circled the beast once, when she was behind him she flew directed at his back at full speed. It was like running into five hundred pounds of adamantium wall. She rebounded back and almost fell out of the air, shocked at how much it had hurt her and apparently done close to nothing to the beast. Before she could even catch her breath the creature had turned and swiped her out of the air with his pawed fist.

Rogue flew back through six office buildings before she even started to slow down enough to stop herself. Her entire body ached, something she was not used to at all. The creature had to be incredibly strong; sometimes maybe if she was caught off guard she was flung through one building, but never six! It seemed this monster had more combined strength than four hulks and the invulnerability of ten of her. Rogue felt something warm on her stomach and looked down in surprise to see herself bleeding. Three identical claw lines marked that the claws on his hand had ripped through her skin a good inch deep. Rogue's eyes widened in amazed fright and she scrambled back to the area the monster had been. It wasn't hard to find him; he left quite a trail too. Every step left a huge creator surrounding the foot and he had to lift himself out with almost every step.

Then, to Rogue's shock and dismay he bent down on his knees and sprung up about two hundred feet into the air and landed on the other side of New York City. Rogue quickly located Gambit and picked him up to follow.

"Dis no little fiend."

"Yah could say that again, Ah thought the Professor said it was a small problem."

Remy seemed to notice she was bleeding for the first time. "Cherie! Y're hurt!"

Rogue stomach throbbed and pulsed as if she had just been sliced in half, but she didn't want Remy to worry about her when they fought the creature so she waved him off. "It's nothing."

Remy could see she was lying, but he didn't push it. Rogue spotted their foe again and dropped Remy a foot above the ground then took to the air again. She floated around to the front of the creatures face and made a decision to go for its eyes. Before she could even start to charge forward the tail whipped up over its head and aimed directly at her at the same time in the hand grew a molten fire ball. Rogue felt a strong jolt of lightning and the molten fire collide into her at exactly the same moment. It was enough to jolt off her nervous system into a small form of epileptics for a moment and then Rogue lay on the ground taking in great breaths of air. Her blood boiled and her stomach wound hurt ten times worse, when she looked down she was shocked to find the edges of her skin around the scratches were badly burned.

When did he get lightning and fire control? This thing is ten times stronger and more durable than anything Ah've ever seen before.

Rogue's thoughts were put to a stop as a huge padded and clawed foot rose above her to supposedly crush her stomach. Rogue barely made it out of the foot's way before it crashed down. Rogue scrambled to where Remy was and picked up a truck that was empty on the street. "Remy, charge it!"

Remy obediently charged the truck to its full capacity and Rogue threw the truck with all her might at the back of the creature's head. It collided with a sickening impact and the explosion was even harder. Rogue heard a growl which could have been either good or bad, it could mean they hurt it…or they just got it angry. Whichever the case the creature reared back with an earth-shaking roar and charged at them, Rogue picked up another car and had Remy quickly charge it, then she used her super power strength to hurtle the car at the beast's feet.

It caught the monster in mid-step and the explosion blew out his other foot from beneath it and it toppled to the ground with a resounding crash. Remy continued to throw charged rocks from the devastation and Rogue took the opportunity to fly up to him and pin his muscled arms down as she sat atop his chest.

The beast roared in fury at being held down, but Rogue held fast. She called out to Remy. "Remy! Find something to bl-" Rogue's words were cut off as the beast reared forward its hideous head and sunk one of its venomous fangs deeply into her shoulder. Rogue cried out in alarm and hurt as she back paddled away from the monster, covering her arm with her other hand.

When Rogue felt she was a safe enough distance away she removed her hand from the wound and gaped to see how deeply the fang had sliced. Her shoulder burned with renewed injury and she gasped at the pain it caused her. How did his teeth penetrate meh at all, let alone halfway into my shoulder? Come to think of it how did his claws penetrate meh either? That shouldn't be able to happen…Why does this hurt so much?

Rogue's questions remained unanswered and her shoulder throbbed in pain, she wiped some of the green venom off the edges of her wound and bit her bottom lip as her eyes started to water. Rogue angrily wiped the sides of her eyes and flew back into the air to try another time; what she saw stopped her clean in her tracks as she froze to the spot. Her heart skipped a beat as her breath caught in her throat. Floating in the air just ten feet above the ground, she gaped as guilt washed over her like a tidal wave. Hovering, not twenty feet away in the air, was Carol Danvers.