Luke was brought into the location that Vader was on the planet Endor. He had just turned himself in hoping to save his father, Darth Vader. Once the troops left them Darth Vader turned to Luke.

"The Emperor's been expecting you!"

Luke nodded, "I know father."

Vader continued, "So you have finally accepted the truth."

Luke looked at him with some pity for what he had become, "I have accepted the truth that you were once Anakin Skywalker and a great man.."

Vader interrupted him, "That name no longer has any meaning for me!"

Luke continued, "It is the name of your true self you have only forgotten, Luke paused for a moment fighting the urge to cry then and there and continued, that is why you didn't kill me before, and that is why you won't take me to your Emperor now."

Darth Vader ignored this and ignited Luke's light saber that he had been holding which emitted a green glow.

"I see you have constructed a new light saber, Vader said and then turned it off, indeed you are powerful!"

Luke turned around and looked at Vader in the eye part of his mask, in some way wishing he could see him directly, "Come away with me!"

Vader was hit with memories of Padme

Padme had just asked me to come away with her.

"Don't you see we don't have to run away anymore? I am more powerful than the Emperor, I can overthrow him and you and I can rule the galaxy, make things the way we want them."

Padme backed away from him, "Obi-wan was right, and you have changed."

Anakin fought back a little anger, "I don't want to hear anymore about Obi-wan. The Jedi turned against me, don't you turn against me too."

Padme pleaded with him, "Stop you are a good person."

Just then Obi-wan came out of her star ship.

Anakin noticed this and could no longer hold back his anger, "Liar! You're with him. You brought him here to kill me!" Anakin began to use the force to choke Padme.

Obi-wan yelled, "Let her go Anakin."

Vader finally fought back his memories, and turned to Luke, "Obi-wan once thought as you do, and he turned to look directly at Luke, You don't know the power of the dark side, I must obey my master!"

Luke looked directly at him, "I won't turn, and you will be forced to kill me."

Vader said, "If that is your destiny."

Luke pleaded with him, "Search your feelings father, you can't go through with this, let go of your hate."

Vader felt more memories surfacing, but fought them back he told his thoughts "You are dead Anakin. I am now in control."

Anakin's thoughts came in, "What has the dark side done for you, did it save Padme?"

Vader could not counter think this.

Anakin continued, "I never should have embraced this side of me and I am done serving it. I will not kill my own son."

Anakin broke through and felt his hate just instantly leave him.

"Luke, Anakin began, I am so sorry for everything that I have put you through."

Luke was not sure if this was a trap or not, but he decided to probe him, and he found no hate in him.

He decided to take a chance, "Father did you just let go?"

Anakin nodded, "Yes. I don't feel hate anymore, but I know I must right what I have wronged."

Luke walked over and hugged him. Anakin returned the embrace.

Anakin let of Luke; "We must stop the Emperor now. For now I am going to play that I am still his servant, he also knows of the alliance showing up. When they do that will be when we attack him. For now you should still be a prisoner and put on a good show."

Luke nodded glad that he did not have to kill his father, but wanted more questions answered, but for now those would have to wait.