Anakin had been sitting at that computer for hours reading about all of the late Emperor's schemes. The thing that alarmed him the most so far was however since he was a boy, the Emperor wanted to lure him to the dark side. One such entry even said it all:

"Today I met an rather unusual child… He was even able to pilot a ship with out any experience in this field, minus pod racing. He not only flew a ship, but single handedly stopped the droid star ships. The only problem is this: the Jedi have decided to break part of their own code and train him. But maybe for now this is for the best as I would not be able to give him the basic training that he would nee. So for now I will bide my time and wait till an opportune time.:

Another note mentioned Obi-wan:

"I think I have found an apprentice to replace Lord Tyrannous. I will allow my apprentice to lure him over, if he is successful Obi-wan will eventually kill Tyrannous and become my new apprentice."

Anakin was relieved that this plan didn't work. Though and kept pouring himself into the database of his old master.

It was now early morning on Endor, the celebration had lasted until early in the morning. He was not sure what to do next at this point. Part of him wanted to go back with Leia and help the Alliance start the "New Republic," as they were calling it. Part of him wanted to help his dad in whatever he was plotting to do to help ensure peace. He was really at a loss of what to do.

Leia was in the transport ready to go to the capital. She was rather confused as to what to do next. She wanted to believe Luke, but at the same time, she also wanted to see Vader, or Anakin, or whatever his name was hung for his crimes across the galaxy. This was a man who destroyed Alderan, her home planet, destroying the only parents she had known. Vader was also a man who tortured her twice in her life, brutally: once on the Death Star and again on Bespin. She began to get more and more angry and furious with the situation.

Little did Leia know that in the shadows a Sith Lord had been honing in on her rage and knew her force level was strong? She also knew of her strong force readings and decided now would be a good time to hone in on her, and recruit her as her new apprentice. However, she would have to find a good time, but she began to use the force to play around with her subconscious mind to create nightmares, every time she slept.

Luke had decided he was going to for now, fly to Naboo. His father had mentioned before that Padme, his mom was from that planet, and he decided to do the following things: See her grave, and to meet his grandparents. After he did these two things he would then help his father. He entered his X-Wing and started it up and flew into space, unaware of the Sith Lord in the shadows near Leia.