A/N: This took FOREVER to name... First, I went around looking around for acronyms for Dance, Dance Revolution but nothing worked... So, then I was catsitting (believe it or not) and then I started thinking to myself "Yanno self (XDDD), life needs cheat codes..." And then I created this title. I'm proud... so, what are you doing reading this for? STOP WASTING TIME!

Life's Cheat Code

-Level 01 Begin-

In all of the Arcades built along the streets of Twilight Town, only one ruled over all in it's size and capacity. The Sovereign Arcade. Over six-hundred machines lined the seven-hundred and fifty square-foot floor space and included it's own food shack, 4 bathrooms and 10 prize racks. Sovereign Arcade had every game known to humans...or at least every game that was graciously shipped here from Traverse Town.

One game ruled over the entire arcade. It held so much power just in it's entirety, that every gamer has at least tried it once. Knowing how to dance earned you your place in life. And knowing how to master Dance, Dance Revolution made you a God...


"Come on, Roxas, I'll go easy on you, I swear!"

"No, that's what you always say!" The blond boy turned his head from the brunet and pouted, sitting in one of the many stools used to play games that needed a seat.

"You're such a little chicken shit, I swear."

"Besides Sora, I don't want you molesting me again just to make me fall or something."

"Hey, you only fell because you lost balance." Sora said, selecting a song and selecting a difficulty, about ready to select two-player mode.

"And who bought you the icee afterwards?"

"...You did."

"Exactly. So stop whining. This one's easy, please?"


"Fine." Sora turned back to face the screen and selected Doubles. Roxas groaned, tired of hearing the thundering bass, and decided to buy an icee, the sudden urge taking over him.

"I'll be back, okay? Don't break anything." Sora didn't acknowledge he had left and kept his stare at the screen.

Roxas walked passed the seemingly endless trail of loud machines, and up to the food shack, taking out 250 munny as he walked up to the counter and asked for a large bubblegum icee. He waited near the stand until they would yell out when it was ready. He stood silently with his arms crossed over his chest until he was finally given his drink. He stuck the straw in his mouth, and looked around at the people, noticing a clutter around one of the Dance, Dance Revolution machines, and one person in particular.

He was easily 6'2 in height, with a thin frame and flaming red hair. He stood watching the screen and cheering on the one who was playing. The crowd surrounding the machine screamed out as the one dancing was ready to enter his name into one the machine. Roxas finally blinked, and took a closer look at the one typing. Silver hair, and a little shorter than the red-haired boy. He looked a tad familiar...

Roxas suddenly noticed the red-haired boy coming closer to the food shack and he sucked in a harsh breath, in taking a ton of icee, leaving him with a brain freeze. He quickly walked away and pinched the bridge of his nose, looking back once and into jade eyes with small triangular tattoos just underneath. He quickly turned back, took a sigh and shoved the straw back into his mouth in search of Sora.

The brunet was still on In The Groove by the time Roxas took his stool back. Sora sighed in relief as the screen faded out and back in to the screen where scores are recorded. He entered S-O-R-A and selected enter and got off the dance pad and onto one of the stool next to Roxas. "So...you win again, I see?"

The brunet lightly glistened with a layer of sweat, "I'm just that good." he snatched Roxas' icee and gulped some down.

"Hey Sora...?" The blond asked, keeping his eyes downcast.


"How...did you find out that you were gay...?"

"Um...well I don't think girls are attractive...?" Sora took another gulp of the icee.

"I mean how did you first figure it out?"

"I found one of the guys in my English class attractive and I asked him out...and we dated for, um...about three months... Then we broke up and I asked another guy out... and that was the one I fucked. Yup..." He sighed again, knowing he must've psyched out the younger boy next to him.

He glanced down at him, Roxas' eyes still downcast in thought.

"Why do you ask?"

"I think...you're rubbing off on me or something..."

"Uh-oh..." Sora laughed mockingly, handing him his icee back.

"Who was it."

"I dunno...I couldn't talk to him, I freaked out and almost choked on this-" He held up the cup, "-and had a brain feeze and...left."

"Hmm...Well, would you know who it was if you saw him again?"

"Uh-huh..." Roxas bit down lightly on the straw.

"Okay, well come on." Sora grabbed his hand and dragged him off the stool. Roxas gave no struggle as the older boy dragged him toward the snack shack.

"Is this where you saw him?"

"Uh-huh." Roxas said, keeping the straw in his mouth.

"So...you see him anywhere?" The younger boy looked around, sighing in disappointment.

"No... Sora, can we go home now, please?"

"Aww, but Roxas-"


Sora sighed. "Okay...we can go home now."

He lead the younger boy out the door and into the blinding sun of the evening. "Ugh, why does it have to be hot?"

"Cause it's summer, genius." Roxas laughed, already beginning his way down the road with Sora shortly following.

"So, Roxas, what did that guy look like?" Sora asked the blond, still gulping down his icee.

"Well...he had really bright red hair...green eyes, and little tattoos underneath them, so I don't think I'll miss him if I see him again..."


"Over 6 foot." Sora laughed,

"Yeah, that's pretty tall alright; compared to you, anyway."

"Hey!" Roxas lightly socked the older boy in the arm.

"And dude, you are just as weak as you are short."

"Sora knock it off!"

"Oh, testy." Sora ruffled the younger boy's hair, "I'm just kiddin'. You're a little too sensitive, too."

"Your mother."

Sora laughed again, rapping an arm around his shoulders, "What about her?"

"She's...actually really cool." Roxas laughed out loud. The two reached the corner in which their house separated and looked at each other.

"I'll come by tomorrow, okay? Hopefully that guy will be there again; if you like him, then there's gotta be something hot about him." Sora laughed and turned down his corner. "Bye, douchebag."

"See ya later, fucktard." Roxas answered, laughing to himself as he turned down the sidewalk toward his house.

+Insert Coin To Continue?+

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Oh yes and the Munny issue...Okay, I put a TON of thought into this, so I concluded since in Twilight Town in the game Roxas, Hayner, Pence, and Olette's conversation leads to Pretzels and the cost around 300 munny. Now, on average the fricken huge pretzels they're talking about is about $3.00 here, so just take out the decimal in $3.00 to make...haza! 300 munny! So, I treat munny like pennies, I guess. One munny is one penny.

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