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A/N: Oddly enough, I was just taking a shower one day, pondering random things, and suddenly I was thinking about HP book six, etc, and the next thing I know a revelation hit me. It's probably not new or anything, but it was new to me. I liked it, and so here's my tribute to my odd little thought.

Title: The Other

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Webbed feet, clawed, scaley hands…breaths coming in rasps and wheezes, grey-green eyes squinted in concentration…

About five feet tall, it was covered in a motley mixture of scales and fur, patchy brown stuff that looked rotted and dank. Trudging with a heavy hunch to its back, it pushed onward.

It had no name and no explanation. It just…was…

Currently, it 'just was' in a boggy forest in southern France, sloshing its way through the damp and moving as fast as it could away from its pursuer. But it wasn't going to escape. It had been hunted steadily for a week now, keeping it from eating or sleeping, and now it was near its end.

Reaching a clearing, it stopped, slavering through savage teeth, and turned to meet its adversary. This was it.

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Harry stepped into the clearing, wand lit and raised, and stared at the creature he had tracked for so long. A chance comment from Hermione, a sudden epiphany on his part, and now he was here, facing this thing, and realizing that Trelawney really was an idiot.

"HSSSSSH!" the creature snarled at him, and he readied himself to attack.

The creature lunged. "Avada Kedavra!" Harry shouted.

A green flash, and the thing fell dead at his feet. Carefully rolling it onto its back, he studied it closely before pulling a book the size of a postage stamp from his pocket.

When it had expanded to full size, he opened it, turning it to a well-marked page midway through the volume, in the 'O's.

A full-page drawing of this creature stared back at him, opposite of a page long description of this beast.

'Other, The'

The title given to the creature said to periodically inhabit the Albanian forests, 'The Other' is purportedly a complicated mixture of dark magic, evil, and hate in a physical form. First reported in the 'Booke of Wilde Creatures of Albania,' 'The Other' is hypothesized to only exist in certain situations, such as when an outlet for an overabundance of dark magic is needed. According to Grinnault Villers, 'The Other' can only be destroyed by one of the creators or one of those involved in its creation.

Other names: Shadow, The Thing, Other'

Harry smiled, closing the book.

He slipped a folded piece of paper from his pocket, spread it out flat, and produced a pen from his other pocket.

Carefully, so as not to smudge any of the writing already on the parchment, he drew a long line through a single phrase on the paper.

'The Other survives'

Smiling now, he pocketed pen, parchment, and book before beginning his journey back out of the forest.

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A/N: Ha ha. I had way too much fun trying to figure out a funny story for this. I felt kinda bad making Harry do dark magic, but I figure it's a pretty easy death after all. Reducto would have been much nastier, and its not like this thing was alive, really.

Anyway, better get back to the serious stuff.