The charters are Lanora, Bryan, Dona, and Mike.


Name: Lanora means crier

Age: 16

eye color: Blue

Hair color: Blond with brown streaks.

Personify : Hot tempered , fun, anger, happy, nice.

Powers: Nature, Fire, Darkness.

Past: Abandoned by her family, left to die on the streets. Becomes a thief to survive, meets three kids and they become a gang.

Likes: Bryan, Love, darkness, animals, nature.

Dislikes: Sarah, pain, cops.

Reason for pain: Cheating on Mike.

Name: Bryan

Age: 16

Eye color: blue

Hair color: Blond

personality: Nice, friendly, funny.

Powers: invisalblty , seeing, hearing.

Past: Became friends with two teens and a street girl. Part of a gang for 6 years.

Likes: Lanora, ice-cream, Fred Fred burger, cartoons.

Dislikes: Chores, school Who dosent? certain books.

Reason for pain: Killing, lies, cheating on people.

Name: Sarah


eye color: green

Hair color: brown

personalty: funny, retarded, nice.

Powers: Elements, Creatures, other.

Past: Part of a gang for 6 years, ran away from home and ended up far far away from home.

Likes: Fred Fred burger, pokemon, chocolate, exct.

Dislikes: School, Sister, Bryans sis Lindsey.

Reason for pain : Killing, running away.

Name: Mike.


eye color: Hazel

Hair color: black

Personality: Jealous, nice, an ok guy.

Powers: All.

Past: Also abandoned, met Bryan, Lanora and Sarah and became leader of Gang.

Likes:.. same as Bryan

Dislikes: same as Bryan.

Reasons for pain: Death of friend, being cheated on by love, being abandoned.