Sasuke tore through the forest, looking for a certain ninja. He scowled as he threw kunai at anything that moved, not including Sakura who was by his side, screaming her head off and looking fairly pissed.

That certain ninja was hiding, cloaking their chakra with all there might, and trying desperately not to be found. Despite this, the ninja was grinning like mad. Everything had gone their way and they knew it.

"Boo." Said a voice beside the hiding nin.

"You realize how screwed you are if Sasuke finds you, AlternateEndings-san?" Naruto asked the hiding ninja.

"Yeah, so!" She retorted, trying her best to lie. Naruto grinned his usual grin.

"So you wouldn't mind if I told him?"


The blonde ninja took a deep breath and was about to yell when AlternateEndings hand clamped over his mouth. "Okay! What do you want?" She hissed.

"An epilogue." He said simply, after she removed her hand.

"No can do. I don't really do epilogues. Sorta." She said awkwardly, hoping he wouldn't remember the other stories. Naruto shook his head and turned to yell again, but was stopped this time by AlternateEndings tackling him.

"Ok! Fine! Better yet, you get Sasuke and Sakura to get outta here, and I write a friggin' SEQUEL!" She hissed loudly, glaring at him. Naruto's grin broadened.



You heard the ninjas. There's gonna be a sequel. X3.

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