A-Levels and Aliens

Hey, this is a kind of prologue thing, it's not very long. Just a couple of things to note.

1. I've changed the name of the prequel to 'AS Levels and Aliens' and this story is now 'A-Levels and Aliens'. I'll go back through the prequel and change the titles soon.

2. After Jessa7 decided to scare me and tell me that despite all my efforts I had spelt Raxicoricofallapatorius wrong (as it's spelt very weird on the subtitles on the DVD) I emailed the BBC and The Doctor emailed me back (honestly) and told me that according to the script editors, it's spelt Raxacoricofallapatorius. So I was nearly right and I have gone back and changed it.


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"Oh my God, it's so beautiful!"

Rose Tyler stood on the top platform of the Eiffel Tower with the Doctor's arms draped around her waist, gazing out at the city of Paris by night. All of the different lights surrounding them were taking her breath away as was the close presence of the man behind her.


The couple turned their heads and smiled naturally at the camera that their friend Jack Harkness was pointing in their direction. It flashed and Jack leant against the wire fencing.

"It'll be closing soon and we still have to get down," he reminded them,

"Oh, I just want to have another look," Rose said, jogging to another view point, "Oh my God!"

The Doctor winked at Jack in amusement and the men patiently waited for their angel to finish. Finally, she was done and grasping the Doctor's hand and linking arms with Jack, she led them to the lift and they began the long journey down.

"I wish it wasn't over," Rose sighed, as they reached the bottom and made their way back to where they had parked the TARDIS,

"It's never over," the Doctor said, slinging his arm around her shoulders, "We can do it again on your next holiday and explore new places on Earth that even I've never been to,"

"Yeah," Rose said, "That'll be nice. I've really enjoyed myself these past two weeks,"

"I'm glad," replied the Doctor, pressing a kiss to her forehead, "How about you Jack?"

"Loved it," their companion said, immediately, "Earth's a lot greener in the twenty first century as opposed to the fifty first,"

"It sure is," said the Doctor, pulling open the TARDIS door and leading the way in, "Humans are only just beginning to destroy the planet now."

Rose didn't reply with her normal sarcastic come back. Instead, she stood in the doorway, staring out at their last destination.

"We can come back, Rose," the Doctor said, walking over to stand next to her, "It's not going to change. Paris will be the same for ages. Nothing happens to it for another hundred years or so,"

"I'd like to come back," Rose said, relaxing against the Doctor and accepting his kiss, "Come on, it's time to go back to reality."

And it would be reality. The past two weeks had been almost dream like for Rose. She simply had to state a destination and the TARDIS would immediately take them there. They'd been all over the world: New York, Sydney, Florida for Disney World, Amsterdam, Switzerland, Venice and Rome, Kenya where they'd gone on a safari trip- a long time dream of Roses' and finally Paris, where'd they'd compared Disneyland Paris to its American counterpart and seen some of the sights. For someone who'd never left the United Kingdom before (not including going into space), it had been pure magic. Rose had loved every second of it; made better by having her two favourite guys in the world along for the ride and she was truly sorry that it was over, at least for now.

But new challenges lay ahead for her; not all of them nice; very few easy. Her A Level year was beginning.

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