A-Levels and Aliens

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"What time is it?"

"Erm…" Jack Harkness checked his watch before continuing, "Just past nine. We've still got a few hours,"

"Yeah, I know," the Doctor replied, "Jackie was surprisingly easy to convince,"

"She's not so bad," said Jack, "I don't see why you're so… frightened of her sometimes,"

"First time I ever met her… no, wait, it was the second time, after I'd accidentally brought Rose home twelve months later instead of twelve hours, she slapped me and it really hurt," said the Doctor, wincing at the memory, "And then she did it again when I came back for Rose last year."

Jack snickered softly. "You're scared of her 'cause she's slapped you?"

"No! I'm wary of her because she can take Rose away from me and I couldn't bear that." The Doctor paused. "Plus, she tried to come on to me when we first met. Now that was scary!"

Jack grinned and was about to come up with a sarcastic reply when he stopped and frowned.

The Doctor stopped as well and looked questioningly at him. "What's wrong?"

"Can you hear screaming?"

The Doctor listened carefully before slowly nodding his head. "Tell me that I'm wrong but I've got a horrible feeling that they're coming from that building down there… that building which just happens to be the club…"

The two men looked at one another before gasping.


And then they ran.

Outside the club, there was a heaving mass of scantily clad people all milling around, shouting anxiously. The Doctor and Jack charged in and started desperately hunting for Rose and her friends.

After a panic-filled minute, the Doctor grasped Jack's arm.

"I can't see her. I'm gonna go inside and search there. You keep searching; don't come in after me!"

Jack nodded and continued his frantic search as the Doctor disappeared back into the crowd.

"Jack!" he suddenly heard, "JACK!"

He spun around to discover Matt and the girls fighting their way through the throngs.

"Are you OK?" he asked, "Where's Rose? Is she with you?"

"No," said Kirsty, "She left us to ask the DJ to change the track and then there was a loud bang and the fire alarm started going off. We tried to find her but the club officials began herding us out so we just hoped we'd find her out here. Where's the Doctor?"

"He's gone inside to see if he could find her," Jack explained, "C'mon, let's keep searching,"

"I'll try phoning her again," Matt said, reaching for his 'phone, "We tried before but no-one answered…"

The Doctor sneaked in through the main entrance when none of the club officials were looking. They were too busy waiting for the emergency services crew to arrive and checking that everyone was alright.

Inside, the fire was out as a result of the sprinklers but all the lights had blown and there was thick smoke everywhere.

"Rose!" he shouted, "Are you in here?"

He strained his ears, listening out for any reply before shouting again. This time he thought he heard a weak answer and then a spout of coughing.

"Where are you?" he called, carefully making his way to the centre of the deserted room and looking blindly around,

"Here!" he heard her cough, "Doctor!"

"I'm coming, hold on," he replied, before frowning as he suddenly heard some tune. It was Rose's ring tone, he deduced and it was helping him to locate her. He followed the shrill sound across the smoke darkened room until he suddenly saw a hunched form on the floor in front of him. He fell to his knees beside her.

"Are you alright?" he asked Rose,

"Can't… breathe!" she gasped, choking in the smoke,

"C'mon then. Let's get out of here." He easily picked her up in his arms and they began the slow journey through the club room.

"Aren't…you…supposed…to…stay…near…the…ground…in…a…fire?" Rose mumbled, pressing her mouth against his shoulder in an attempt not to inhale anymore smoke,

"Technically, yes," he replied, "But I've got a bi-cardial circulatory system. Here."

He nudged her face up off his shoulder and locked lips with her and breathed into her mouth, whilst holding her nose. Clean air suddenly rushed into Rose's lungs and she exhaled gratefully, tightening her hold on the Doctor. They stayed in this position until the Doctor pushed open the nearest emergency exit and took them outside. He put Rose down and she immediately bent over, coughing violently and taking deep breaths. The Doctor rubbed her back until she finally looked back up at him, her eyes watering.

"Bi-cardial circulatory system?" she asked.

He nodded. "Two hearts. How'd you think I managed to stay so long in that gas filled dungeon in 1869 Cardiff while you and Charles Dickens couldn't breathe?"

Understanding suddenly dawned in Rose's eyes before she sighed. "Why do bad things always seem to happen to me?"

The Doctor shrugged. "Perils of travelling with me or maybe this was just a coincidence. I'm sorry."

Rose looped her arms around his neck and brought her face close to his. "Doctor, you're worth all the perils. I'd rather have something like what just happened happen everyday than have to live without you. I love you,"

"I love you too, Rose," the Doctor replied, kissing her gently, "Though I'd rather none of those things happened and you still stayed with me forever,"

"It's a promise," Rose said, "Although I really don't mind the bad things happening as long as you keep coming to save me. Thanks,"

"Entirely welcome, my angel."

Rose smiled at him before beginning to laugh. He raised an eyebrow and Rose choked out, "That has got to be the weirdest way of breathing in a smoke filled room that I've ever experienced!"

The Doctor just grinned as Rose began laughing hysterically again.

"Oh God Rose, you're alright!" Lauren shouted, rushing to hug her friend as soon as she and the other three spotted the Doctor and Rose,

"Yup," said Rose, "Nice little adventure,"

"I swear you're gonna give me a heart attack one day, sis," Jack said, hugging her tightly. Rose smiled at him.

"How come you didn't come out?" asked Matt, "Did you have an accident or something?"

"I think I might have blacked out for a few minutes and then I couldn't find my way out," Rose explained.

The Doctor took her into his arms. "I'll check you over back at the TARDIS," he offered, "Shall we head back there now and continue with the party?"

Everyone nodded in agreement and they headed off.

Rose was fine, the Doctor discovered and it wasn't long before they rejoined the others back in the Control Room. Jackie had joined them shortly after their return, bringing with her a large birthday cake. The six of them sang 'Happy Birthday' to Rose very loudly before putting music on and having a fantastic time dancing, chatting and eating too much cake. Rose danced with everyone, especially enjoying a long slow dance with her Doctor. The party ended at just before midnight and Jack was a gentleman, walking Lauren and Kirsty home to ensure their safety, along with Matt. The Doctor and Rose, in the meantime, went to bed.

"Doctor, where are we going?" Rose giggled, as he guided her through the TARDIS having put a blindfold over her eyes.

"Just wait and see. It won't be long!" the Doctor laughed. He had his arms around her, making sure she didn't bump into anything before he pulled open the TARDIS door and led her outside. He smiled: everything was going perfectly to plan. As soon as Rose had come back from college that Friday afternoon, he'd whisked the TARDIS into outer space, leaving Jack back on Earth. He was going to stay with Jackie over the weekend and call his friends home on Sunday night.

"Can I see now?"

The Doctor took a final look around before carefully untying the blindfold and then he wrapped his arms around her waist, listening to Rose's gasp of delight as she took in the scene before her.

They were standing on the edge of a sandy beach, looking out to sea with an enormous full moon set in a deep purple sky full of twinkling stars. It took her breath away.

"Where are we?"

"This is a planet called Majestica, situated in the Scarlet System. It's very similar to Earth with a single moon and beaches but the climate is warmer. Do you like it?"

Rose turned to look at him, the love shining clearly from her eyes, "I love it. It's so amazing. Thank you so much!"

"It's not nearly over," the Doctor said. He darted back into the TARDIS briefly before reappearing with a wicker basket in his hand. He took Rose's hand with his other one and the two of them wandered down the dunes onto the deserted beach. The Doctor laid a large chequered blanket out, near to the shoreline and he sat on it, pulling Rose down to snuggle into him. He then opened the basket and pulled out a selection of food and drink; before setting it out in front of them.

"Happy birthday, my angel," he said, quietly, kissing Rose's hair.

Rose tucked her arms further around his waist and leant her head against his firm chest. "This is the best birthday I've ever had," she sighed, as they stared out at the night sky, "I'm so lucky. You're the most incredible person in the entire universe and I love you to bits,"

"The feeling is entirely mutual," the Doctor replied, looking at her with his warm chocolate brown eyes. She stared at them, getting lost in the pools. Rose could hardly believe how much he loved her and she loved him. She never wanted it to end. And it never would.

The following weeks and months passed quickly.

An inquiry was held into why there was a fire at the new club and it was found that one of the speakers hadn't been wired properly and consequently exploded, sending a shower of sparks over the carpet and setting it on fire. Rose could have attempted to sue the club but she immediately decided not to. There was no point; she was unhurt- largely thanks to the Doctor.

Almost straight after her birthday, Rose finished college for study leave and her A-Level exams began. She worked hard and conscientiously and got through them, helped along by her friends and family. A week before the end of her exams, the Doctor took her out to a posh restaurant in central London to celebrate their first anniversary as it had been exactly one year since the Doctor came back for Rose and they had admitted their feelings for one another. A lot had happened in that year.

A week later, the Doctor and Jack joined the almost ex-college students on a night out to their favourite local pub to celebrate the end of exams and college. They had a fantastic time and made a great deal of noise all evening.

A few days after that, the TARDIS trio set off on their adventures again with Jackie on stand-by to call them back for Result's Day in August. The Doctor kept his promise that he had made the previous October after a fun and violent pillow fight with Jack and Rose and took them to the planet Barcelona. His two companions were delighted with the native dogs and couldn't stop laughing when they saw that they didn't have noses. The Doctor had to quite firmly prevent Rose from bringing one back on board, telling her it simply wouldn't be fair on the poor creature. And then he kissed her.

Jackie's call came all too soon and they returned almost reluctantly to the Powell Estate. After a reassuring cuddle from the Doctor, Rose walked to college slowly; the butterflies swarming in her stomach. She greeted her friends and then they nervously went to get their long awaited results.

Rose did extremely well with two A's and two B's in her subjects. She was overjoyed and rushed off to find her friends.

"Kirsty?" she asked, seeing her friend staring down at the piece of paper that the individual results were printed on, "How'd it go?"

Kirsty looked up slowly before her face broke into a grin. "I did it!" she cried happily, "I can go to Liverpool!"

Rose shrieked and jumped onto her friend, engulfing her in a hug and shouting congratulations. Matt and Lauren also joined in after they'd arrived and found out the good news. Both of them had done well also and got into their universities of choice. Lauren was off to study accountancy and Matt was doing a Law course. They were all looking forward to the future.

"Are we ever gonna see you again?" Lauren asked, a little while later,

"Oh yeah," Rose nodded, "I promise I'll see you again. I'll still come back to see my Mum so I'll pop around then. You're not getting rid of me that easily!"

Her friends grinned and then simultaneously hugged her.

"We're really gonna miss you," Kirsty said, sadly,

"I'll miss you guys as well," Rose said, "But you can still call me on my mobile. It doesn't matter where I am in the universe, I will pick up." She paused for a moment before continuing. "Unless of course, I'm currently running away from aliens at the time. Then I'll have to call you back."

Her three friends laughed before sobering up. They knew this was goodbye.

"Well, take care of yourself," said Matt, gruffly, "And make sure the Doctor looks after you or I'll be having words with him."

Rose managed a shaky smile, willing the tears in her eyes to not fall. "Well, I guess I better be off now," she said, "The Doctor an' Jack will be waiting,"

"See you soon, then," Kirsty replied,

"Yeah, have loads of fun and don't forget about us," smiled Lauren,

"I couldn't," Rose promised, smiling gratefully at each of them before saying a final goodbye and turning to leave through the college gates.

College and her A-Levels were over.

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The Sequel

Introducing 'Degrees and the Doctor'

The Doctor, Jack and Rose have to go undercover at the University of Mars, as a lecturer, a janitor and a student retrospectively. What fun and horrors will they have?

Summary will be changed once I've sorted out the entire plot.