2 months later

Dennis sat behind his desk pouring over mergers and acquisitions. He glanced up briefly as his secretary appeared before his desk.

"Yes, Deluca, what is it?" he asked, turning back to his paperwork.

"Well, sir. You said you wanted to be notified when it was verified."

Dennis leaned forward intently. "And has it been?"

"Yes sir. The girl got confirmation just today."

Dennis clapped his hands, startling Deluca. A grin split his face and his eyes lit with evil glee.

"Brilliant. Thank you," he said, rising.

"Sir? Might I ask…" Deluca hesitated.

"Speak freely girl, I have to be off. The heads of the corporate office will want to know about this," Dennis said as he threw on his suit jacket.

"Why are you so excited that this mortal is pregnant?"

"Because, Deluca my dear, this baby was sired by one of our Soul Collectors. On the child's fourth birthday, if the father is present, then a portal will open allowing our people to come and go in the mortal realm as they see fit."

He grabbed his folder and a stack of papers before continuing. "Also, as an added bonus, every soul—innocent or jaded—will be sucked into said portal and become our property."

Dennis grinned again and disappeared with the usual whoosh of flame.


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