by shiningbright
I don't own POTC, Disney does.

The silvery light bouncing off the foamy ocean waves practicallyblinded Elizabeth as she sat on the beach, staring out into the vast blue openness that is the ocean. Flashbacks froma time long ago flew through her mind as she sat, the smoke from her bonfire billowing up above her into the neverending blue sky.

Will. All her life she had dreamt of Will; of marrying him, the dashing blacksmith with a mysterious, hidden past. Suddenly now, with all the new people and experiences, Will was just that- a dream. A dream that- perhaps- she no longer wanted.

Was it the wild, intoxicating look in Jack's eyes that made her think like this? Or rather, not think at all? Will was a safeguard for her, she realized. She would always love him, as he would always love her. He would always be there for her, to keep her safe, to moon after her, to take care of her... But somehow, knowing she'll always be okay, with him by her side, leaves her feeling forlorn... As if all the adventure in life has drained away...

Jack's behind her, practically sobbing, murmurming, "...why's the rum gone...why's the rum gone..." over and over in his hangover state. Elizabeth remembers that wild, passionate look in Jack's eyes and a shiver runs down her spine. With Jack she felt free, wild... Alive.

Will. She would always love him, she would marry him, she would die with him. But she would never forget Jack Sparrow, the man who, like the ocean waves, picked her up and carried her away to a place where she could be the person she knew she was inside... the pirate.