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Summary: Sakura doesn't say much. Her reason, Gaara, an abusive boyfriend that controls her life. However, when an old friend, Sasuke, returns will he notices this and try to help her? Or is the bigger question, will Gaara allow him? Sak/Sas one sideded Gaa/Sak.

/Sakura pov/

Return of the Prince

I've learned…

His hand grabbed my wrist tightly dragging me down the school's hallway. To others it would look like we were a normal couple holding hands as we walk to our next class.

that things aren't always what they seem

However, to those who know the truth about him, they see past his illusion. Past the fake smiles and acts, past the lies and popularity.

"Gaara." I whispered at the tightness of his grip. He only looked back with a slight smirk, his spiked blood red hair jumping slightly as he looked forward again.

especially people…

As we continued our steps to the next class, I could hear the whispers around us. The remarks that made him smirk with satisfaction, and me to frown with disappointment and fear.

he taught me that…

The guys would speak to each other saying how they wished they could get a loyal girlfriend like me, some tracing my figure with their lustful eyes. They meant nothing, he made sure of that.

more like showed me…

The girls were different. Some saw the two of us and would 'aww' and remark how cute we were together. Though, some would glare and whisper hateful words, wondering why they couldn't be with him and why he picked me.

...many times…

However, my true friends, the few I had didn't give such comments. The girls Hinata, Tenten, & Temari would watch with small hidden glares towards him. Many times they would comment 'Poor Sakura, that sick bastard.' Of course, he would shoot them a deathful glare when he heard their whispers. That kept them quite and far away, which made him very happy.

how could he not...

My guy friends…will I really didn't have any. He didn't want any males to be around me, close enough to talk. With the exception of Naruto because they grew up together, though that was on rare occasions.

it was him, who he was…

It wasn't hard to get others attention, crowds of people who would loom around us. You see, he was popular. Actually the most popular guy in school. People liked him for his cool, sometimes cold attitude, his good looks, and rebellious clothing. Not to mention he was one of the toughest guys. No one dared to pick a fight with him.

who he always was, even when he acted behind that mask of his…

I myself would be described as mostly quite and shy. I don't speak to anyone, with the exception of my friends. Sure, people try to talk to me and I do respond, but only with simple answers, maybe a small smile, a laugh or two, nothing much. Just to get the image that I was happy with him into their minds.

...that mask he wore everywhere in public…

He gripped my wrist tighter as we entered the class. Everyone looked our way greeting us with happy yells and hellos. I waved lightly, with a small smile while he nodded towards them giving them a 'Hn.'

that mask, the anger consumed beneath it…

He pulled me towards the back, glaring at two people who were in 'our' seats. They rapidly moved to anther seat, far on the other side of the class.

"Sit," he ordered quietly under his breath as he released my wrist. I did so and he took his own seat to the right of me. I looked towards my left, out the window and towards the clouds. I could hear his friends come over and start talking with him; laughing and joking around.

...that anger frightened me…

My mind drifted from the peaceful, free clouds when I felt a small tug on my hand. My eyes shifted to see him grab my hand, crossing his fingers with mine. I looked from our hands to his face to see a simple smile as he continued talking to his friends.

"Yeah, Sakura and I are going to the mall tonight. Right Sakura?" He looked towards me smirking slightly.

his anger…

I nodded slightly looking away from him and his friends.

"Great," said one of his friends sitting on his own desk in front of us, "How about we double date!"

Gaara's anger…

"No." Gaara answered calmly, smirking at the disappointed face of his friend. His smirk widened more at my curious features. "Just the two of us." He brought my hand to his lips gently kissing it. "I need to spend a little alone time with her."

All the males smirked perversely. "So you're gonna take her shopping?"

Gaara sighed closing his eyes and slightly leaning backwards in his seat, "Yep, I can't help it. Just looking at her makes me want to shower her with gifts." His friends laughed, scooting closer to hear his words.

"So Gaara," another of his friends started, "What kinds of things are you gonna get her?"

I blushed as I felt their eyes glazed over to me, wondering everywhere. I felt violated, as if their eyes could touch my skin, making a slight shiver crawl up my back. As I was about to look away, back towards the ground, I felt the grip around my hand tighten once again.

Gaara stood up, slamming on the desk as he glared daggers at the one who asked the question, "Don't ask things like that. It's none of your god damn business!"

The guys slightly jumped with fright at the dangerous tone in his voice. The whole classroom became quite, each one watching the scene. He grabbed the guy's shirt, pulling him out of his own seat and barely touching the ground.

"S-Sorry man!" The terrified boy stuttered, his eyes widening. "I-"

"What gives you the right to make such remarks about my girlfriend!" He gripped the guy tighter.

My own eyes widened at the sight. Sure, the guy asked an in polite question of what kind of underwear Gaara would buy me but he doesn't deserve his anger. "G…Gaara…" I whispered lightly gently placing my hands on the arm holding the guys shirt.

His eyes seemed to shift to me, anger still molded into them. He now glared at me. I wanted to stop and back away, let him show his anger to the world.

...reveal what was behind the mask all along…

However, I couldn't. So I continued trying to calm the angered demon, "P-Please Gaara, try to calm down." I felt his hand loosen around the shirt. His anger was now aiming towards me. Good, I could take it.

He fully released the shirt and the guy scurried away, thankful for his life. Gaara turned facing me, still deeply glaring. "Sakura," he grumbled. I stared back at him, my face emotionless yet afraid. I couldn't help but frown as his fist tightened.

Everyone in the room seemed to shuffle back to their seats as the teacher entered the room waking to his desk. However, the two of us continued to stand centering the attention of the teacher.

"Ms. Haruno, Mr. Sabaku. Please sit down." The teacher then turned around, not bothering to watch us take our seats.

Gaara took his seat roughly yanking me into my own seat. He leaned closer, sliding his lips to my ear. "I'll deal with you later," he whispered harshly making my ear burn. I gasped as he nipped at my neck with his teeth. The sharp pain caused me to cover my neck with my hand, softly touching the red skin. He sat back in his seat placing his hands behind his head.

The teacher turned around again after his writing on the board was done. "Now everybody, today we have a new student. Mr. Uchiha, please come to the front." I lightly gasped causing Gaara to turn his attention towards me.

Suddenly the person in the seat behind us stood up and lazily walked to the front of the classroom. When the person fully revealed himself, I gasped again causing Gaara to sit up, paying full attention to my expressions.

Many of the girls in the room seemed to sigh and clasp their hands together, each one giving the new student heart filled looks.

The teacher coughed, continuing his talking, "Now can you tell the class a little about yourself?"

The raven-haired boy nodded, placing his hands in his pockets, "My name is Uchiha Sas-"

"Sasuke!" I yelled standing up, catching the attention of everyone in the room.

He looked at me and gave me a friendly smile and a wink before continuing, "That's right. My name is Uchiha Sasuke. I used to live here a while ago, but moved, so now I'm back. Not much else to say." The teacher nodded, instructing him to take his seat again.

I watched him, never taking my eyes off his form. He did the same, looking back towards me as he walked, still smiling. 'So he does remember' I thought, happy that he had not forgotten me. He was one of my first friends, and first love. I never really told him how I felt, but we were very close. Or…used to be.

After a few more seconds of the two of us starring at each other, that same forceful tug on my hand caused me to turn back around in my seat. I looked to my side to see Gaara glaring daggers towards Sasuke, who in turn stared back. Static seemed to fill the air around us, making it a little uneasy for me to breathe.

"Ms. Haruno, will you please pass the work sheets out?" The teacher said as he motioned me with the papers.

I nodded anything to escape this moment. Standing, I walked slowly to the front grabbing the papers and starting the task of going up and down the rows of desk. I gulped loudly as I neared the back again, the two still starring at each other without a chance that one would give up and look away.

Placing a sheet in front of Gaara and my own seat, I made my way towards Sasuke. I placed the paper down, only to have him gently take it from my hands, his attention back on me. "Thank you Sakura." He smiled his warm smile, the smile that made me blush just like when we were children. At least it didn't seem like he had changed much.

I nodded whispering, "Your welcome." I then turned around and sat down, trying to cover my face, hiding the warm blush. However, my actions did not stop Gaara from seeing and he growled slightly, starting his worksheet.

...the rage and the jealously.


When the class was finished, Gaara once again grabbed my wrist and dragged me to the front of the class to turn in our papers. We left the classroom in a hurry, making our way through the crowded halls.

When we reached the stair, we climbed to the top, all the way to a door leading to the roof. He opened it pushing me through as he slammed the door behind him. I shuffled a few steps before catching my balance and standing up correctly.

"What the hell was that about Sakura!" Gaara shouted crossing his arms.

"W-What was what about?" I stuttered slowly taking a step back. The shadow of one of the walls covered the both of us, shading us from the sun. For some reason, the shadow seemed a lot colder then usual.

"Don't play dumb! You know exactly what I'm talking about!" His voice was starting to growl a little with anger as his eyes pierced straight through me. It felt like a hundred eyes, each one making me more nervous.

"I…I don't know what you're talking about." I whispered in a hushed tone. I looked down, only to be slammed against the very wall that shadowed us from the heat. My eyes quickly looked up to see his fierce sea foam green ones, tinted with red. His body pushed against mind, leaving no chance for me to escape.

"You know exactly what I'm talking about." He rested one hand on the wall, next to my head; while the other one in twined with my own hand. His nails pierced into the back of my hand causing a small painful moan escape my lips. "First you stop me as I was about to beat the crap out of that guy for commenting about you! What, do you want others to think you are a slut! Treat you like a whore!"

"N-No!" I yelled, trying to sound brave like I wasn't scared. I could feel myself slide down the wall, the more pain he pressured against my hand.

"And second who the Hell was that guy! How do you know him! The Uchiha!" His voice seemed to rise at the mention of that name.

I looked up at him, pleading eyes for him to let go. At this point, I was practically on my knees in front of him; my free hand lightly pulling on his arm to set my hand free. "He's just an old friend! I knew him growing up! Nothing more!"

"He didn't seem like just a friend." He stopped for a second, laughing as a thought passed by his mind, "What, did you have a little girl crush on him or something?"

I blushed slightly, looking away to not reveal the truth to him. Of course, I never really was a good liar.

Gaara chuckled again, "So that's it. You did have a crush on him. How cute." He released my hands and I slumped against the wall, my legs to the side of me. He crouched down so to look in my eyes once again. However, I continued looking at the ground, rubbing my sore hand.

His fingers reached for my chin, lightly raising it so I could see his smirk, "Then I'll make sure to keep you two apart." His lips came close to mine to claim them, however, a familiar voice called out making his grip on my chin tighten.

"And just how are you going to do that?"

My eyes shifted towards the figure standing in the doorway. They widened with somewhat joy at the sight, "S-Sasuke!"

He smiled looking over at Gaara whose back was facing him then back at me, "I'm glad you still remember my name Sakura."

I nodded as I felt the blush returning to my cheeks. I looked forward at Gaara who swiftly stood up, turning around. He stood in front of me as if blocking the gaze from the other boy. "What do you want Uchiha? Can't you see we're busy!"

Sasuke smirked looking at the fuming red haired male, "Sorry, but when I see a lady in trouble, especially a close friend like Sakura, I try to help them escape that evil that causes them such pain." He smiled, placing his hands in his pocket, "I guess you could say I'm a heroic prince of some sort."

Gaara frowned at the comment, "Fine then your majesty, just to give you a little warning for the future," he grabbed my arm causing me to stand and fall into his chest as his arms encircled around my waist.

"This princess belongs to the evil which causes her such harm." He smirked as he grabbed my chin, once again guiding his lips to meet mine, "I guess you could say the dragon still owns her life. And no 'prince charming' is going to take that away." With that, he crashed his lips onto mine.

His tongue forced its way into my mouth finding my tongue and ensuring its satisfaction with every taste. His arms wrapped around my back, pulling hard. It felt as if my ribs would break as my chest pushed harder into his.

After a few more seconds he released my lips, though still holding me tightly. I gasped for small breaths looking away in shame as Gaara could only look up and smirk. I looked towards the direction of his smirk to find that Sasuke had left, nowhere to be found.

I frowned, slightly troubled by the fact that my old friend had just abandoned. However, I couldn't blame him and I guess I was somewhat happy he did. He didn't need to get involved with Gaara

…or me…

My quite thoughts were interrupted by my so called boyfriend yanking my arm once again as he dragged me to the other side of the roof where a small shed was kept for outside cleaning tools.

"Come on!" He yelled as I scuffed my feet trying to stop only to be yanked again with more force.

When we came to the rusted red door, I squeaked as we came to a stop. "We-Were not going in there a-are we?"

He smirked as he garbed the lock smashing it and then letting it fall to the ground with a thud. "Why? Is my princess scared," he said pulling the creaky door open making shudders roll up my back and show through my shaking hands.

I decided not to answer his question, being that he already knew the answer was yes. I only watched as he grabbed my wrist and began pulling me into the dark, damp, rusted shed. I gasped as I pulled away fully from his grasp and began running to the door only to have it slam shut in my face.

'No!' I screamed in my head. I hated the dark; it reminded me to much of…him…

I wrapped my arms around myself realizing that I was nowtrapped in here with him. The shed wasn't that big, but it was big enough to move around someone without them knowing.

My eyes squinted at the darkness for any trace of light. When none was found, I started to panic. Turning towards the door, I shook the knob for any chance of it opening.

"It's not going to open princess," his dark voice stated with a small-amused chuckle, still hidden in the dark.

"W-Why not!" I yelled, still yanking the knob praying someone out there would hear and come to help.

A small sadistic laugh escaped his lips, "Because it's locked."

Sighing I turned around submitting to my fear. Fragments of light showed through the door, thoughIstillcould notsee him. However,I could feel his hot breath on my face, slowly falling down to my neck.

"Gaara," I squeaked as he grabbed both my wrist pinning them above my head. "Please…not here!"

A small chuckle arose from his throat as a sharp metal blade touched my cheek, "To late Sakura. Maybe this will remind you where your place is." I felt as he brought the blade to my left wrist. "Right by my side."

With another sadistic smirk , he slit the blade across my veins. I winced at the pain as the blood slid down my wrist in a spiraling way.

"So close to death, right princess." His voice was sarcastic, mocking me in some way. To me, it felt like death.

I closed my eyes trying to get past the pain. I opened them slightly at the feel of his chest pressing against my face. He was stretching forward towards the blood on my wrist. His tongue licked up the blood making me wince more as he licked over the opened veins. I could feel him grow happy at the displeasure it caused me.

"Does it hurt princess?" He smiled when I nodded. My eyes were puffy and red a few tear rolled down my cheeks as I closed my eyelids in agony.

"Heh, to bad."

My eyes widened again as he brought the blade to my right wrist. When he was about toslice,the door suddenly opened causing me to fall back onto the hard ground. I lifted myself slowly, ignoring the pain I felt,onto my hands and knees seeing the blood drip onto the hot ground.

I felt a little dizzy, probably from the quick movement when I fell. But, for some reason I could see two blood patches in front of me.

"What are you students doing here!" Our young teacher yelled glaring at Gaara who stood there, leaning against the shed doorway. "Classes are over! Go home!"

"Shut the hell up, we're going," Gaara sighed in annoyance as he walked towards me tiredly.

"Hey!" The teacher yelled at the rudeness his student showed. "Be more respectful to your elders!"

"Alright old man," the teacher glared at the remark, "Let me get my stuff and I'll leave." He grabbed my waist pulling me over his shoulder; a squeak escaping my lips. He turned around smirking at the teacher who only watched in confusion, "Now I'm ready to go."

The teacher yelled something, but the two of us were long gone and out of range to hear it. We entered the hall, me still on his shoulder.. No one was in the halls, so we had no problems getting through the school.

I blinked slowly as another wave of dizzyness passed by me. Maybe I was just tired, or maybe...something else. Whatever it was my body gave up and a sudden sleep took over me. I was happy, the sleep hid the pain from me, it was the best thing in the world. To escape ones troubles, just by closing their eyes and letting their mind protect them; however weak it may be.

Though, the halls we thought were clear and alone were not. Two red eyes followed us. Watching each step and movement with care…and worry.

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