Hello to all those that read this story and others. For "Toy of the Akatsuki, Devil's Fallen Angel, and Trapped Princess" its been interesting writing these stories, and I'll eventually continue writing the next chapters, but some things have troubled me with writing these stories among some of my others Its listed below

11/2008 I am a horrible person...I'm sorry for not updating at all. First off I got kind of locked out of the system. And second, many people don't agree with my stories but its like- "If you don't agree with it then why read it...ya know?" But its okay, I laugh and think "You just made my review quota go up...thanks!"- but its not all about the reviews. I'm happy to write in different views and have peoples' minds stretch to the good and bad sides of not just their life but I'll continue writing. For my more mature stories I'll move them to a different site. maybe the "other" fanfic site. The most I can promise is that this coming December (12/08) I WILL BE DELETING/MOVING THESE STORIES FROM REGULAR FANFIC to THE "OTHER" ONE!! (lol, sounds If you're not sure which one that is its the more mature site. Just message for more info (If you really need it, if you don't know the site already I'm not sure you should be reading it there (lol, mystery!!!)...nah, its just I'm not sure if I'm supposed to list the web address so bluntly...ya know? Anyways, its a sure fact I'll be moving them so message me if you need more info or just want to ask something about one of the stories. Sorry for the long wait and the 'fake chapter'...loves to all who have been there from the start ya know?

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