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Chapter 1

Blood covered the man's face, dripping into his eyes, blinded him in red. He licked the blood off his lip, rubbing his eyes, and showing no sign of weakness. The giant was standing in front of him, awaiting the next move by this small Hyrulian creature. The man jumps in the air, doing a somersault above it's head and came down upon it with his Goron sword. The giant screamed as the sword cut into his neck. Its head fell first, the body coming after.

Link scrambled up, trying to get the blood from his head to stop running down his face. He walked slowly away, his life level was low and he needed potion. He dug into his tunic to pull out a vile of potion. It burned on the way down, and then his whole body, but it left a cool sensation afterwards. He sighed and sat down against a rock.

The giant was torturing Hyrulian villagers. Link, as we all know is the Hero of Time. He cleans up all the messes in Hyrule and distant kingdoms. He doesn't like this usage of a citizen, and since Navi died, he felt lost.

He stared up at the sky, the stench of the Giant still lingered. A thunder clap echoed along the valley, and rain followed. Link enjoyed this, washing away the dirt and blood. His sword laid near by. At 20 he has been through more than any man in Hyrule.

He drifted off to a slumber, rain was still pelting down upon his head. Vast dreams haunted him, fire, blood, the burning scent of human flesh, the screams of women. He could see Malon, she was being dragged off by her hair by Ingo. That smug look on his face. Tears streaming down her face as her legs scratched against rocks, and then she was gone in one of the cow sheds. Then the image went to Zelda, she lay dead on the ground being torn apart by wolfos and Ganon is standing above her laughing. His laughing would never go away, his presence will never go away, he haunts Link in his dreams.

Link yelled and woke up, slamming himself into the muddy earth. Malon was in front of him, with a hand on his chest.

"Link, you gave me such a start. I saw you over here, screaming and moaning. You must have been dreaming something awful. I tried not to wake you, and I guess I must have scared you when I approached." Link blinked hard a few times, realizing where he was. Malon was okay, no bruises or cuts on her, there was no fire, only mud and rain.

"No, no, you didn't. I woke myself. I was just having a nightmare." He sat up and looked around. The giant was already gone, sunken into the ground like the rest of the evil in this country. Malon gave him a smile. Her eyes were blazing sapphire blue. She was soaked, and her clothes were tight to her form. Link sighed, she was beautiful. She blushed a little as he stared at her, not knowing she was looking at him.

Link looked away and started moving towards the Lost Woods. Malon ran towards him, a little confused because of the way he acted towards her. Did he like her? Did he even think about her? Maybe he was just playing with her emotions.

"L-Link, where are you going?" Malon asked, jogging a little to keep up with his fast pace. She placed a hand on his shoulder to slow him down.

"I need a walk Malon... You can come if you want to, but I am in no mood to talk." Link brushed past her again and kept walking. She came along side him again, hoping maybe he would look at her again, with that longing sensation in his eyes.

"Well, it's raining pretty hard, it doesn't rain often, but when it does, it pours." Malon looked over at Link, he just nodded and kept walking. Something was wrong with him. " Link, what is the matter with you? You are acting so strange." She grabbed a hold of his arm. He stopped and looked down at the mossy floor.

"I am just thinking about the past Malon. Not a day goes by when Ganon is right here, haunting my dreams. I can hardly get a good night's rest without worrying if he is going to raise from the dead and come to kill me. I can't think about anything but the safety of.." Link paused and looked at Malon. She was so saddened, she was hoping he would say her name to end the sentence, but he just turned away.

"Link, it will all be over soon. These thoughts will diminish. Why don't you stay at the Inn? I can help you sleep better at night, and you wouldn't have to feel so alone. I am your friend, and I worry about you." She took his hand and squeezed it comfortably.

Link looked at her with a smile. She was so sweet to him, and he didn't deserve this. He was a killer, although a good killer, but he still had a terrible temper and ignored Malon a lot. "Okay, I will stay a few nights to see if it helps me to sleep." Link moved his hand away from Malon. She was a little hurt by this rejection, but made no sign of it.

"Well, I ought to get back, I'm soaked to the bone." She turned, head sulking, and walked away. A tear fell from her eye, but the rain would never let her secret be told.