I didnt come up with the idea, so toodles to whoever that person is, however, this is an ever-growing list. If you submit suggestions in reviews, I'll add them!!! Thanks Everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What not to ask Voldemort

Did you ever have a girlfriend? Ever

How does the song "I will survive" again go?

Did you seek counselling yet?

Marvolo? Is that a dish-washing liquid?


Do you love Harry potter?

Are you a mudblood?

How come Harry potter has a cool scar and you don't?

Why did Harry potter win and you didn't?

Where is your cool scar which will make me respect you?

Why couldn't the dark mark have more pizzazz?

Did you take your medication yet?

Are you Harry Potter?

Why Quirrell the arrogant poof, I mean really?

When was the last time you took a bath?

Are you lonely?

Can I tattoo you?

Did your mum die because she saw your face?

Do you always wear such an ugly mask?

How come Harry's powers are more powerful that yours? He only got left with a scar?

How many times did it take you to learn how to say Avada Kedavra?

Do you think the loss of your parents so tragically at such a young age (Thank you Rita Skeeter GOF) led you to become so reckless, emotionally and Psychologically retarded???

Is your animagus form a Ferret, Weasel or perhaps a Phoenix?

When you punish your Death Eaters, are you listening to the song 'That don't impress me much' By any chance?

Did you purposely pick a name which can have so many versions?
Voldemort, Voldy-shorts, Mouldy-warts, Mouldy-Shorts…the list goes on.

For a certain Scarhead who doesn't want to die, why don't you define your phrase, 'I'm going to kill you' because your version doesn't seem to work.

Is green your natural skin colour? Or did someone sneeze on you as a kid?

Why did you touch Harry in the graveyard, paedophile!

(My personal favourites)

Do you know the muffin man?

Are you related to Shrek, or is that just a skin disease?

Can I call you "he-who-let-the-boy-survive?"

Can I call you, 'he who can't accept his own mediocrity?'

Worlds Greatest Occlumens, huh?
Sort of missed Severus didn't you? Because he was DUMBLEDORE'S MAN through and through!!!!

How does it feel, getting owned by someone who still craps in their own pants?

Why on earth did you entrust part of your soul to a madwoman?


"Did you ever consider using 'Immortal Love Rodd' instead of 'I am Lord Voldemort?"
Thanks to Kindali Sidera

"Have you ever considered plastic surgery?"
Thank you Kelly, aka Lupinsstar

"Have you been to the doctors? You need to SURGICLY remove that ugly face of yours!"
Thanks to Jasmine

"Why do people call you Mouldy Shorts? Are they mean, or did someone look up your robes?"
Thankyou to Sapphire Moondust

"Did you choose incompetant followers on purpose, or do you just have really screwed up lack?"
Thankyou LadyDomino

"I bet you favorite class at Hogwarts was Transfiguration, wasn't it? You know it was, you just won't admit it."
Thanks Nyhteskye

"Does male pattern baldness run in your family?"
Thanks Death Merchant

"What kind of super-villan and/or dark lord can't kill a kid? Were you high or somthing voldy-kins?"
Thanks Tailow 7

"You want Snape, don't you? Come on, just admit it..."
"OH MERLIN, WHAT'S THAT ON YOUR FACE? IT'S HORR--Oh, that is your face."
"You're related to MJ, aren't you?"
"Have you ever been laid? Ever?"
"You're actually a cheerleader in disguise, aren't you?"
Thanks Sara Amethysta for all of these :D

Have you ever considered growing a moustache? It might actually make you look
Thats just my opinion... All the good villians have moustaches.
Thanks Watcher of the Moon

Keep the Suggestions coming guys, and let the hilarity continue!