Another Chapter you say? Adding to a list? I know, horrendous of me, but hopefully it'll alert some of you people who have alerted this, and will jog a few memories, because I would love for this list to expand even more. It's so much fun writing!

So, I own nothing, and here are some more questions that you definitely shouldn't be asking Voldemort!


I remember you were head boy. Something of a genius?
Well then why the heck did you, in an attempt to become immortal, put part of your soul into Nagini, something that can die!

Tell me, how did it feel, for that one brief second, knowing that your beloved pet was 'nearly headless Nagini'?

Have you ever googled yourself, and was you disappointed at the image results? Lets face it, you're a bit fugly!

Remember when everything you ever achieved in life turned out to be an epic fail? Yes. Well, good. I never really had a question…

When Dumbledore died, did you lol?

I invited you to join the Harry Potter Appreciation Society on Facebook, but I am confused, why you haven't accepted it yet?

Did you ever consider putting a Horcrux inside a bottle of anal lube?

Remember when Harry killed you? Yeah, I do.

Harry kicked your ass with expelliarmus, but you realise that it was Snape that taught him the spell that was ultimately your downfall, right?

When you have a battle with Dumbledore next, remind me, because I'll need to put a bet on Chuck Norris to win. (Sorry- Token Chuck Norris Joke FTW guys)

Dumbledore consistently pointed out to you why you would never win.
(the whole love thing) and practically hand-delivered Harry into your grasp, and yet still, how did you still to get the basic concepts of life? EPIC FAIL

Would you consider the possibility of a blind date? I know these positively charming women, Rita and Dolores.......

You spent a year on the back of Quirrells head, but did you close your eyes when he went to the loo?

You got a snake to kill Severus Snape. And then the snake got killed by Slongbottom. Your standards are slipping my lord!

Did you read 'DumbledoreIsNotDead . com and get scared?

Contributed Questions

'If your so secretive why did you give your diary to Lucius Malfoy? Hope you didn't write anything incriminating in there or everybody will know about it.'
Thanks to DitzyMinx!