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One day. In Yokohama, Japan. Two girls were walking together they were best friends and loved Anime there favorite was DN Angel. They watched on DVD they own most of the series. One girl had Brown hair with amazing hazel eyes. She had the likening of wearing dark things like the one outfit she wore today. Witch was a black shirt with a black skirt with a pair of black boots. She didn't really care about what people thought about her. She was easy going and a bit lazy at times. Her name was Lilith.

The other girl who had light red hair. Who loved to were anything light. She wore a white shirt with a white skirt. She was very outgoing. She didn't like when people talk about her be hide her back. She loved being outside and she had a short temper but most of the time she was nice. Her name was Tora.

The girls were just getting back from a store that they went too. To get more of there favorite Anime. Tora was sleeping over Lilith house tonight and tomorrow Lilith would be sleeping over Tora house. Lilith had a rich family she had a huge house at the end of town as for Tora who's family didn't really have money but weren't poor. Had a small house with a broken window that some kid broke.

Other then that there lives were good.

"Hey Tora" Lilith said in a lazy voice.

"Yes Lilith"? Tora asked.

"Are you excited that were going to watch DN Angel again"? Lilith asked with a yawn.

"I can't wait to see Krad is cool" Tora smiled.

"Oh yeah you like the bad gay". Lilith muttered with a smile.

"So what you like a pervert". Tora shouted at her.

"So. His hot and can be nice if he wanted to unlike your guy whose pure evil". Lilith told her.

"So what I still like him". Tora told her. Getting mad now.

"Yeah I know you tell me that every day". Lilith sighed as the got to her house. It was a big house all in white with flowers in the window some were pink and some were purple. There door was light brown with gold handles. They entered the house. The in side was beautiful the floor were made out of wood. There walls were whit. In the middle there was a staircase in the middle. With a chandelier hanging up.

"Let's go to my room". Lilith said going up the stairs. Tora followed her up.

They went down the hall way and into her room. Lilith room was big. It had a huge bed were both of them will sleep. A balcony. That had a great view of the town. In another room was a bath room. Her bed had a black comforter on it with a dragon. Her wall was gray. With a T.V and a DVD player with it. Her floor was wood. With a black rag on it.

"Well. Do are you ready to watch DN Angel again"? Lilith asked getting ready to put the DVD in.

"Yes"! Tora said with excitement jumping on Lilith bed.

Lilith put it in and it started to play. Out side it started to thunder storm. A flash of lightning lilt the sky.

Both of the girls were watching DN Angel and getting there new stuff out of the bags that they were in.

When all of a suddenly a big flash of lightning hit the house and made a black out. The T.V flickered on and off and a big cloud of smoke came out of it. Both girl screamed.

Then they felt really sleepily and both blacked out.

A light came out of the T.V and two guys were now in the room. Both out could on the floor. One was a blonde with golden eyes. That wearied all white and had white angel wings on his back the other has purple hair with amethyst eyes. That only wearies black and with black angel wings on his back both layed there not moving.

The next day the sun came up and shined in on everyone. Lilith woke up and looked around then stopped and stared at the two men on her floor.

"Oh my god. Are they who I think there are"? Lilith asked herself as she tried to wake up Tora. She opened her eyes slowly then looked around.

"What is it Lilith"? She asked.

"Look to the side of you". Lilith told her.

Tora looked at her eyes widened.

"Are they. Who I think they are"? Tora asked her.

"I think there are. I mean they have wings". Lilith told her.

The guy with purple hair started to move his hand.

"There starting to wake up". Lilith told her.

"I know what do we do". Tora asked.

"Hide". Lilith said going under her bed. Tora flowed her under. And watched as the Purple haired man woke up.

"Were. Am I"? He asked himself looking around.

The blonde started to wake up now.

"What is this place". He asked himself getting up looking around.

"What the hell is going on"! The purple haired man shouted.

"What are we going to do now"? Tora whispered to Lilith.

"I have an idea. These guys must be some kind of insane people that think there really Dark and Krad from DN Angel. I'm going to try and get my cell phone on the night stand. If I don't make it. Then feel free to have all my stuff". Lilith told her in a low voice. As she was about to sneak out from under the bed.

"But I'm coming with you. If we both get caught. We'll go down together". Tora said. Ready getting to sneak out with her.

"No you stay be hide if I don't make it then you go and try". Lilith told her in a very low voice.

"But if I see you in trouble I'm coming out to help you". Tora told her. In a low voice.

"Fine". Lilith said as she clawed to her night stand trying not to be seen by the guys.

She was almost there she was almost there just a little more and she would have it but juts then it started ring loudly and both of the guys stared at her.

"I hate you cell phone. For making my life worst". Lilith said as she grab her cell phone. And stared back at the guys.

"Umm. Hi". Lilith smile. Then frowned quickly.

"Ok. A girl. Hmm this isn't so bad". The one that looked like Dark said.

"You girl tell us were we are". The one who looked like Krad demanded.

"You guy are in Yokohama, Japan". She told them. Looking at them odd.

"Yokohama"! Both of them said at the same time.

"Umm. Yeah. Now if you two would excuse me. I'll be going now". Lilith said as she went to wall and was about to go out of her room.

"Wait". Dark said has he grab her hand. All of a sudden a black light came around them.

Lilith eyes turned to a Amethyst color but in a dark shade. Then felt pain go into her. She never felt anything that painful in her life it was so painful that she went down on the floor. Dark felt the same pain and also went down on the floor with her. Tora couldn't help buy claw out from under the bed she watched in horror as her best friend went to the floor in pain. Lilith blacked out. Dark was out could too. There body began to fade.

"No! Lilith". Tora screamed. As she tried to help her friend but it was too late she was already gone. Krad watched his eyes widen as he saw Dark go down on the ground in pain and disappeared with the girl.

Now he was alone with this girl. Tora went on her knees with tears in her eyes. She had no idea what happened to her friend and now she was alone with Krad.

"Oh great what the heck is going on". She thought to herself.

Krad just stared at her with his emotionless golden eyes.

"Umm. Why are you looking at me"? She asked him.

"That light. I must see if it would come back". Krad said as he moved closer to her.

"Umm. Sorry but I'm going t go now". She said as she ran out of the room.

Krad ran after her. She ran down the stairs but Krad caught up to her and both of them were falling down the stairs. Krad grab her and broke the fall. Tora eyes turn golden. As she felt pain going throw her body. Krad was holding her up as he saw light surround them. But he too felt pain. And went to the ground on top of her. Both of them black out from the pain and disappeared.

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