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Chapter 9

After a while they we in the convention center there was a lot of things going on. There was people selling stuff, people trying to pose for a cosplay contest and a huge line for doing skits on stage there was another contest being held for best costume and best act, not alone were people going up to them but they also dragged them around weird places and took more pictures of them in odd poses. Once they finally left them alone they sat down and watched voice actors and actress talk to everyone.

"Man there a lot of weird people around here, I mean who would go around and talk to us just to get some pictures". Dark complained with a frown across his face.

"Oh stop your complaining already, we all had to go throw that too". Krad glared at him as he looked at one of the voice actors who were talking about him.

"My feet hurt, and I'm trusty and hungry, Talime could you get me something to drink"? Kira asked her as she sat down next to Gin Ryu handing some money to Lain for a drunk.

"Why do I have to get it, why don't you do it yourself"? Lain frowned looking at the money.

"Don't worry Talime, I'll come with you and we can both get something to eat too while were there". Rira smiled at her and grab her hand and dragged her off to get some food and drinks.

"So, Gin Ryu how do you like the convention"? Kira asked looking at Gin Ryu with a sweet smile on her face, looking a little more like the real Sakura who'd often smile, they way that Kira was smiling.

"I'm enjoying it, it's been fun". Gin Ryu told her blushing a bit.

"I'm glad you're having fun here". Kira smiled as she listened to one of the voice actors make a joke.

Gin Ryu smiled but then felt a hard poke on his right arm; He looked over and saw Dark looking at him.

"What is it Dark"? Gin Ryu whispered over to him so no one else could hear.

"Hey. I can tell that you like that Kira girl, why don't you invite her to dinner after this whole convention or at least get her phone number or something". Dark gave Gin Ryu a little wink as he went back to listening to the voice actor.

Gin Ryu gave Dark a death glare and looked to the side, trying to sort out his thoughts. Dark looked at him and sighed and sat down next to him.

"Dark, thanks for the advice but I think I can handily this my own way you don't need to help". Gin Ryu said in a low voice.

"Right whatever you say", Dark smiled mischievous as he pushed Gin Ryu making him fall on Kira's lap.

Gin Ryu gave him a death glare much like Krad's as he apologized to Kira.

"That's ok". She smiled at him and looked to the side a bit blushing a little bit.

Gin Ryu sighed as he hit Dark on the head for pushing him.

"Hey! I was just trying to set you up". Dark looked at him with puppy eyes, making a face.

"I don't need your help Dark". Gin Ryu sneered at him, with an annoyed look on his face.

"Jeez, if you say so". Dark looked the other way and looked a bit confused when a guy was talking in his voice.

"Dark leave, Gin Ryu alone", Lilith frowned crossing her arms, as Rira and Lain came back with food ad drunks from themselves.

"Fine, I'll leave him alone". Dark smirked as he put his arm around Lilith's neck.

Lain looked at them and then at Gin Ryu as she gave the drink to Kira.

"I have them in my sights but how do I pull them apart from these fools". Lain asked herself in her mind. She looked at them with iteration in her dark eyes.

Krad looked over at her. Thinking, she might be planning to separate them he then stood up and grab Tora by the hand and started to walk away.

"Hey, were are we going Krad"? Tora asked looking at him a bit worried.

"I think it is best if we talk". He told her looking off to the side.

Dark looked at Krad with a serious look on his face. Taken Lilith's hand now and getting up.

"Something wrong"? Lilith asked looking up at him.

"I think its time if, we started to move again". Dark told her with a smile on his face.

Gin Ryu and the rest got up and followed both Lilith and Dark as Krad and Tora went a different way.

"I think I have to use the rest room". Lain shouted as she pulled away from the group.

"Do you need us to come with you Talime"? Rira asked looking at her.

"I think, I can handily going to the bathroom on my own, thank you". She gives a fake smile to Rira as she walked off. Once she was out of sight she followed Krad and Tora in the shadows.

"Krad, what do you need to talk about"? Tora asked him stopping now.

"I feel uneasy. Like something terrible is going to happen any moment now. I think its best, if we left". Krad told her looking at her with his golden eyes that now showed some emotion.

"But we just got here, we can't just leave, me and Lilith been planning this whole event since last year, we worked hard on these costumes and we've been looking forward to the entire event coming up". Tora frowned looking down.

"But its not wroth risking you life over". Krad looked over at her very serious showing in his eyes that he only wanted to make sure that she was safe.

"Krad, I know you just want to protect me but, I think if this person wants to get us for what every reason. Why would they do it at an anime convention? I think, we should stay a little longer until, we see a sign if something wrong". Tora told him looking at him in the eyes.

Krad gave out a sigh and, looked over to the side then looked back at her.

"Fine. We'll do this your way, but if this feeling, I have gets stronger, were leaving even if that means, I drag you out myself". Krad told her looking at her in the eyes.

"Fine". She told him walking away.

"Now it's my chance". Lain told herself in her mind as, she jumped out but right when, she did a bunch people surrounded her all dressed in the same cloths as hers.

"Finally we've found you Deidara; we of the Akatsuki have been looking for you". A boy dressed up as Itachi said and looked her as some of the people walked away.

Lain eyes started to bug out a bit. And her mouth was hanging open as she looked at the pretty boy dressed up as Itachi his skin was almost perfect and his eyes had contacts in them to make them look red, his hair was long and black and looked soft pulled back in a pony tail. He looked at her odd.

"Umm, you are Talime right"? He asked her looking at her.

"Huh? Oh yeah that me". She told him in a shaky voice, looking to the side a bit.

"Oh good, it's me Takashi. I'm Itachi Uchiha for the day". He smiled at her, with his perfect teeth; he then fixed his head band that was spilling down his head.

"Oh"? She gazed at him as she saw Rira come out of no were and glomped Takashi to the ground.

"Takashi! You made it". She smiled at him pulling him back up.

"Yeah, sorry it took me a while to get here. So were is everyone else"? He asked fixing his hair.

"Well. Everyone not here yet but there be here soon and were hanging with people dressed up as DN Angel charters for now". She told him with a grin on her face holding her Tobi mask.

"Oh, I see, that's a good show. I was thinking about cosplaying as Dark but decided to do Itachi, his cool". Takashi smiled as he walked with Rira over to the rest.

"Oh Talime come on were going back to everyone". Rira smiled helping her up.

Lain looked to the side and walked with them as Krad and Tora rejoined the group.

Dark looked over at Takashi and looked at Rira.

"So. Who's the new guy"? Asked looking at Takashi still.

"Everyone this is Takashi one of our friends". Rira told them with a smile.

"Nice to meet you Takashi and my name is Tora". Tora smiled at him.

"Nice costume you really do fit Itachi, my name is Lilith". Lilith looked at him with a grin both girls looked at Dark and Krad.

"Umm this guy here is Tomo and the guy who's dressed up as Dark is Kai". Both girls said at the same time and looked at each other.

"Nice to meet you all". Takashi smiled looking at both of them oddly.

"Oh and I'm Gin Ryu". Gin Ryu told him looking to the side with Kira next to him.

Takashi looked at Gin Ryu and looked at Dark and Krad.

"Jeez, you guys really do look just like them, oh my god, maybe you guys are really Dark and Krad and maybe you have Dark and Krad's DNA and have all there powers and stuff". Takashi mumbled off a bit.

Everyone looked at him a bit shocked and some just looked at him oddly.

"Sorry my act of imagination". Takashi looked to the side a bit looking off.

"It's seems, this boy Takashi knows more then I thought". Lain said in her mind looking at the boy.

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