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Damnation, then Salvation (A collection of LarxenexNamine drabbles and one-shots)

By Tat


A blanket of distorted black and gray hovered over the castle, while wily winds encircled, and howled a menace. Almond shaped eyes watched in anticipation, kneeling in front of the window. Fierce storms were rate at Oblivion castle, and when she felt the cool humidity blow against her skin she would take her favorite spot near the window, at the highest tower.

The first jagged scar of lightning brightened the darkened sky, not long after cam the retorts of thunder. She smiled pleasantly, admiring the purple colors from the flash, fading into dark.

Larxene paused in her delight, sensing someone's eyes on her. She turned her head, spotting Namine who was standing in the doorway, hiding her torso as she had been peeking. She was like a deer in headlights, eyes wide, and her joints stiff, feigning to skitter away. She was unsure if she should. It was imperative Larxene would chase after her, finding an excuse to harass her. Not that she needed one.

"I got scared." Namine lowered her head, implying the storm had spooked her, when really it was having been caught.

Lightning flashed, and Namine remained still, with eyes clouded with fear. Larxene shifted, as if she were about to stand up and Namine flinched, confirming her assumption that the girl's excuse was a farce.

"Sit with me." She patted the floor. The invitation seemed hospitable, but they both knew the reasoning behind it. Being afar from his woman when she was merely in Namine's thoughts made her chest ache from a mixture of anxiety and honor. To be inches apart from her would bring Namine to the edge of having a panic attack, and yet she relished that Larxene allowed her in her presence.

Namine complied, making small skittish steps, then sat next to the other blonde. They sat together in the tense air, save for the thunderstorm they were watching outside, the room was coated in silence. On occasion, Namine would flit her eyes over Larxene, waiting for some form of abuse and to quickly admire the older woman's glowing features. She continued to do this, when Larxene caught her as she gazed at her throat, and she swiftly turned away, pretending to observe the outside a little too late.

Larxene cocked her head to the side, then upright, as if she were pondering punishment for the girl. Namine drew in hard and silent breaths, trying to control the panic rising in her chest. In vain she tried to translate the expression on Larxene's face, as she did lightning cracked blindingly, and this time she shuddered.

Larxene's lips curled seeing her body stiffen in dread. In her sadistic way of thinking, she found it adorable. She slid a little away from Namine, then lied down on her side, resting her head in the quivering girl's lap.

"Did you expect me to lay my head down on the floor?" Larxene said in retort to Namine's widened eyes.

". . . no." The girls' voice resembled that of a wounded kitten's mew.

Larxene felt the girl shaking underneath her, thoroughly enjoying her reaction to their intimate moment. She stared up at the girl, dazzled by the view granted, pawing the length of her throat and tracing her delicate jaw line. Namine sighed against the touch, both in pleasure and a sense of foreboding. When Larxene's hand returned to her side, she gave a slight frown, then knit her brows in disappointment when Larxene's attention strayed to the storm. As the storm drew on, Larxene's lids drooped slowly, making her unable to realize she was falling asleep.

The rain calmed and the thunder's rumbles drifted away. Namine was daringly running her hands through Larxene's sleek blonde hair, unafraid of her wrath for now. As she stroked her hands through the mane of hair she took the time to soak in the pale glowing skin in fingertips reach and the modest flush across her cheeks and lips. It took Namine until she was inches away from those lips to realize what she was about to do. The beat in her lap was deeply sleeping, but her chest was beginning to throb as if she were awake. Still, she couldn't help but wonder what it was like to kiss and what it felt to kiss this woman in particular. Suddenly filled with presumption, she squeezed her eyes tight, giving Larxene a chaste kiss. Delight tingled her lips, even when she had long pulled back. She giggled light as air, blue eyes shimmering, imagining being kissed like she had read in cheesy romance novels. She shook the idea away, for Larxene was not the romantic type, but the lustful sort. If she had been awake the moment Namine kissed her she would have swatted her away and then have her way of pleasantries. Namine wouldn't mind, though it hurt, but deeply she wished to be handled with kinder attention.

Larxene stirred in her lap, alerting Namine that she should leave. Expertly and gently, she cradled the sleeping woman's head and shoulders as she scooted backwards, then slowly lowered her down on the floor. Again, cautiously, she rose to her feet, backing away on her tip toes until she came in arm's length of the doorway and jogged back to her room. The kiss was still thrilling her senses.

As she left, Larxene rose from the marble floor in a non groggy manner. She looked towards the doorway, her ears ringing with the girl's flurry of escaping steps. She smirked fondly, brushing her thumb against her lip.


A/N: This and the oneshots/drabbles to come are for the two challenges "7 deadly sins" and "7 Heavenly virtues" Though I haven't been approved for the challenges yet, I'm writing these anyway simply because I can't wait that long. XD Fluff is hard to write . . . with Larxene involved. The thought of Larxene laying her head in Namine's lap sounded so cute I couldn't resist. So going through the trouble of giving Larxene a reason to do so, straining to keep her in character paid off . . . hopefully. Tell me what you think. Compliments and Constructive critcism is greatly welcomed. Thank you for reading.