Reasons Beyond Explanation

Author- KRiSTiNE-ANNE-

Chapter- 1 /Shall I continue?

Pairings- Not decided

Disclaimer- I do not own Pirates of the Caribbean, because if I did I wouldn't be writing my terrible stories here. I would be rich, in lavish clothing, and well, maids everywhere, with a hot tub in my closet, and… Uhm, I would know my two favorite Actors Kiera Knightley and Orlando Bloom! Oi vay that would be amazing. Enough day dreaming for me, tah tah.


Set after Dead Mans Chest, Contains spoilers, if this were a film, would be rated PG-13 for Adult Content, Gore, and Angst.


"The world has been unkind to you," Her voice carving through his ears, "Those before you were mere warnings of what to come." She smiled, lifting her majestic hand, the rings on her fingers stood out. Diamonds on one, and an alien crystal sat upon the second. He gazed upon her blackened body; there in the midst of her clothing was a locket, similar to one he'd seen before. Though there were many question he wished to be answered he asked thou none. He stood up and pushed his chair from him, "Your Journey has just begun young William." She coaxed her hands onto his coarse facade, caressing his cheek. "This be one of many." Her hands descending down to his opened shirt, "thou love be what you once sought. Hate is what you now seek."

Will stood near the table in Tia Dalma's hut like home, plunging his father's knife in and out of the table wood. He wonders to see the knife lodged in the table when he can feel it buried in his heart. He looks up at Elizabeth seeing her crying.

"If anything could be done... Elizabeth."

"To save J'ck Spar-row, wit' him precious Pearl?" Tia Dalma mused.

Slowly one by one beginning with Gibbs, the Crew said "Aye" Will heard Elizabeth mumble a "Yes" and he heard himself say "Aye" Although, he only did it to make her happy. "Den you will need a cap'n who knose dose wat'rs." Every one looked as boots emerged from the top of the stairs, "So tell me, what has become of my ship?" Hector Barbossa dreadful voice questioned.

Will's hand rested on the Hilt of his cutlass as Barbossa emerged from a top the stairs, in mere moments he held the crimson blade to the man's throat, "I saw /you/ die..." Will hissed through clenched teeth. Digging the blade furiously deep into Barossa's throat.

"Will!" Elizabeth screamed in anguish, "Stop this! Stop it now!" Elizabeth reached for his arm, "No," His voice came harsh, angry, hurt. She stopped her hand froze, her face went pale, she shook her head, "What have I done?" She asked herself.

"Tur-nar, t'is not de way ta solve your pro'lems, he will 'elp, put yer sword down!" Tia Dalma growled to Will.

Will continued to hold Barbossa against his will, "I shan't be making the same mistakes my father and—" Will came to a pause and shut his eyes, "Sparrow made." He let the cutlass drop to his side and sheaths it, "I'll never trust him don't ask it of me." Will hissed turning his back to the others.

I've never seen him this way, Elizabeth felt the burning of tears crash through her eyes. What's happened to him? What's becoming of the man I love so dearly? She pushed her thoughts away and looked to Will, was that… blood? Yes Will's back had had blood marks. "Your injured," Elizabeth croaked.

Elizabeth took notice as Will turned, his eyes glazed over in hate, betrayal.

"What of it?" He managed, "Aren't we all?"

Elizabeth nodded slowly.

"Than why should I stand out more?" He asked quietly, "I am no different to you than the rest."

"I am no different to you than the rest."

The words burning holes inside her heart, what makes him act to peculiar to me? Did he see the kiss? "But you are…" Elizabeth cried under her breath, "Oh god Will, you are..."