Reasons Beyond Explanation

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Chapter- 5- The Sacrifice

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Set after Dead Mans Chest, Contains spoilers, if this were a film, would be rated PG-13 for Adult Content, Gore, and Angst.


"The world has been unkind to you," Her voice carving through his ears, "Those before you were mere warnings of what to come." She smiled, lifting her majestic hand, the rings on her fingers stood out. Diamonds on one, and an alien crystal sat upon the second. He gazed upon her blackened body; there in the midst of her clothing was a locket, similar to one he'd seen before. Though there were many question he wished to be answered he asked thou none.

He stood up and pushed his chair from him, "Your Journey has just begun young William." She coaxed her hands onto his coarse facade, caressing his cheek. "This be one of many." Her hands descending down to his opened shirt, "thou love be what you once sought. Hate is what you now seek."

William Turner cringed as he stepped foot on the purgatory of one, Captain Jack Sparrow. "What the hell are these…?" Will asked shaking off a 'crab' from his foot.

"No idea," replied a man from behind him. "Whatever they are, they sure are annoying."

Will nodded in agreement, "This is ridiculous! Why are we here, we might not even have what the damn devil wants for Jack!"

"Turner!" Barbossa roared, "Up front with me!"

Will obliged and walked up to the front of the small crowd next to Barbossa. "So tell me again, how are we going to find the devil? I mean, how do we know where to…? What the hell?" Will stopped short and gasped, before him was the Black Pearl with, was that the… Kraken?

"Ahh. Jack Sparrow isn't on his beloved Pearl, eh?" Barbossa sneered. Will gave a strange glance to the black ship on land.

Suddenly the crab like creatures that were stalking them as if ready to attack, scuttled away in large swarms, the mist in the air was leaving rapidly, and a giant creature with red markings on its body was approaching. The devil had finally come, "So you have finally come for Sparrow?" He sneered.

"Bloody Christ," A man in the front of the crowd of twelve said as he saw the devil approach, he fell over hearing the creature's deep, mortifying voice. The man was killed by fear alone.

Will shuddered as the man fell to the ground, "Aye," he spoke out seeing as Barbossa had frozen, in what Will assumed was fear.

The devil gave a deep cold laugh, "What have you to offer me?"

Will looked around to Barbossa with a need for him to speak, his eyes pleading that he gain control of himself, quickly! Will opened his mouth to speak but found no words would come out.

"We offer you," Barbossa said suddenly snapping back to life. "Anything that you wish that we can obtain,"

The Devil stared from Barbossa to Will, then to the faces of the men behind them. His mouth curled up in a sneer, "For the soul of Jack Sparrow, I want the soul of another man."

Will swallowed and nodded as well as Barbossa. "The other man being?" Barbossa asked skeptically and afraid.

The Devil took his time in his decision, "Hector Barbossa," He snickered slowly.

Barbossa's face fell in horror, "You want me?"

"Yes, Hector, you have lived your time on earth, you have been freed twice from my grasp, seeing as now this is my chance to have you a slave in hell once more, I am more than willing to take it." The Devil sneered, "Jack Sparrow will be waiting for the rest of you men, in his beloved Pearl."

Will nodded and watched in horror as Barbossa and the Devil were gone in a flash of red. Will gave a groan, seeing as the other men looked to him as the leader now. "Well, we get Jack, and leave this place to never return."

The men nodded and a few men mumbled in agreement of never coming back. With Will leading the men back to the Pearl, they set off.

"Yo ho, yo ho a pirates life for me… a bloody stinking pirates life for me!" Was that someone singing, yes, it was…

"Jack...?" Will screamed. "Jack Sparrow?"

Of course, there was stomping on the Pearl's deck, a swing of ropes and a loud thud as a man's feet hit the ground. "Turner?" Jack asked skeptically, as if he were dreaming. "Thank ye' fer getting here, let's go! Spendin' a few mont's with these here crabs can drive a man crazy!"

Will laughed, "Aye, lets go."

"Wait," One of the men said as Will turned his back, "Should we really trust you?"

"What?" Will said in disbelief, "What the hell are you talking about…?"

"You didn't even bother to stop the damn Devil from taking Barbossa, how do we know that you aren't going to just run and leave the rest of us to die?" The man screamed.

"What makes you think that I would leave the rest of you to die? I haven't yet have I?" Will retorted.

"Will… maybe we should just, make a run for it?" Jack suggested.

"No," Will responded curtly. "Are you letting your past get in the way of your sane mind, Adam?"

The man, Adam, pushed his way to face Will. "I don't think you are very trustworthy,"

"The water and mist is getting to you Adam! You would have never doubted me if it weren't for the place we are in, just forget about this, and lets go back!" Will screamed as if ready to kill the man in front of him.

"I think it's time that you were left behind," Adam said darkly. Raising his pistol, "Bye Turner," Adam fumed. He shot the pistol and Will choked for a second on a loss of air. He fell back holding his side profusely. "Come Sparrow,"

Jack looked at Will and cringed, "We can't leave him!" Jack said, allowing the good side of him to take over.

"Than we leave you both," Adam sneered, "Come men!"

"Wait, wait! You just shot Will for no reason, and now you are saying to leave the man we came here for in the first place? Adam what's gotten into you?" Another man asked.

Two others agreed. Adam looked at the men furiously, "Will was trying to leave us!"

"How? He was trying to lead us back!" Another man yelled.

A fight broke out between the men that had come from the ship, to bravely get Jack Sparrow back. Jack looked at Will a kneeled next to the younger man. "Jack, I need something to stop the blood," Will rasped clutching his side still.

"Just, hold on mate, we'll get you to the ship and fix you up, just, hold on." Jack said looking around at the men that had burst into a fight around him.

"If you want to see daylight and life again, come with me!" Jack screamed, trying to get they're attention. "Will needs to get back to the ship, and I don't know how you all got here, or where your ship is, if you want to get out of here then follow me!"

Some of the men finished off the others that were going to follow Adam, and the others turned to follow Jack, they helped Will up and Jack helped him walk. They guided Jack to the long boats, and all of them spread out into groups of two or three and began rowing back in the boats. Jack, Will, and a man named Chris were in one boat in the middle of the group. Adam and the people that choose to follow him were yelling for help, and someone to come get them off the island. Will had passed out from the amount of blood he was loosing. "C'mon men! Hurry up!" Jack said fervently.

The men were about half an hour shy of being in worlds end for three hours, and four more had succumb to the waters and devils in them. The rest tried hard to reach the ship, finally they could see it. Within fifteen minutes they were climbing the ropes of the ship.

Elizabeth watched as the men returned from World's End, waiting for Will. Six men had come up from the waters, "Where's Will?" She asked. The men were silent, and automatically she assumed the worst, she sad down facing away from the rest of the men and let her emotions get the best of her.

"C'mon, we've got to put pressure on 'is woun' before too much blood gets out." She heard, that voice was so familiar, but she couldn't place a face to it. Then it hit her, it was Jack Sparrow. She turned around only to see Jack Sparrow's backside and him kneeling over another man, Gibbs ran off to the captains quarters to look for something to put pressure on a mans wound.

Elizabeth walked slowly over to Jack, "I'm glad your back Jack," She said slowly keeping her distance from him.

"Elizabeth," He breathed turning his head. "Elizabeth, come here."

Elizabeth did as she was told and gasped at the sight before her eyes, "Will!" She cried, she wanted so much to throw herself into his arms, but seeing blood coming from his shirt she didn't. "What happened?"

"A man shot him, Adam." Jack said gravely. "Elizabeth, he needs something to cover the wound, could you tear a part of your shirt?"

Elizabeth looked at him incredulously, but nodded vaguely and tore a part a piece at the bottom of her shirt and watched as Jack tied it around Will's wait, and she watched as the blood seeped through but, stopped a little. "When Gibb's comes back we will treat this, don't worry,"

Elizabeth nodded, wordlessly walking passed Gibbs and feeling like she was going to fall apart.

"Jack," Elizabeth said slowly. "I'm sorry,"

"For what?" Jack asked.

"For, for, for killing you." She replied dumbly.

"I know," Jack said. "Elizabeth, do you love him?"

"Who?" Elizabeth asked, knowing the answer.

"Will, do you love him?" Jack asked.

"Yes, I do Jack. I love him," Elizabeth said.

"Then go to him, he needs you more than I do." Jack said promisingly.

Elizabeth smiled and gave him a kiss on the cheek, "Thank you, Jack."

She walked away from him and walked into the captains quarters, where Will was healing, and stopped at the door. She opened the door slowly, and peeked in. "Will?" She asked.

"Aye?" He replied quietly.

"Do you mind?" She said walking in.

"Not at all," He said as his eyes brightened with joy.

Elizabeth sat down at the end of Will's cot. "So, how are you?" She asked.

"I'm getting better; the only problem was really the blood I lost." Will replied.

She looked at him; he was so frail and gaunt. "That's good to hear I guess, I can't wait till you're up and about again."

Will chuckled, "I can't wait for that myself…" He gave her a smile and she moved closer to him.

"Will, I want you to know…" Elizabeth said, thinking over how to say the way she felt. "I want you to know, that I… I— William Turner, I love you."

Will's eyes lit up, "Elizabeth, I love you too." He said his hand caressed her cheek, he looked into her eyes, as if asking for permission, and slowly and passionately pulled himself closer to her, his mouth barely apart from yours.

"Will…" Elizabeth whispered, she met him halfway and kissed him, her heart skipped a beat and when they broke away both were smiling.

The day was June 18, 1765 and fifty people were gathered on a discreet little island south of France. There were twenty five rows on each side of an isle, and at the end was a podium. Where William Turner stood, awaiting his bride.

The organ and violinist music played, and a radiant woman with golden curls accompanied by Jack Sparrow, walked down the isle to meet her soon to be husband, William Turner.

Her smile was brighter than the sun itself, and tears of joy shone in her eyes. As she made it to the end of the isle and held Will's hand, she let one slide down her cheek. With his thumb, Will removed it.

"Do you, William Turner, take Elizabeth Swann to be your lawfully wedded wife in sickness and health, for richer for poorer till death do you part?"

"I, William Turner, take thee Elizabeth Swann to be my lawfully wedded wife till death do us part," Will said smiling.

"And do you, Elizabeth Swann, take William Turner to be you lawfully wedded husband in sickness and health, for richer for poorer till death do you part?"

"I, Elizabeth Swann, take thee William Turner to be my lawfully wedded husband till death do us part," Elizabeth said ecstatically.

"I now pronounce you man and wife, you may kiss the bride."

Will leaned over and kissed Elizabeth, suddenly he picked her up, she laughed in his arms.

"To Mr. and Mrs. William Turner!" Jack Sparrow screamed. "I LOVE weddings, drinks all around!"

Will chuckled and set Elizabeth down gently, "To Mr. and Mrs. William Turner," He said before kissing his wife.

The End.


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