Cataracta's Notes: I'm kind of bursting with ideas lately...>. . This is another oneshot Sasuke X Sakura, but more of a drabble thana story. It's also a bit different then anything I've written before, and I'm not even sure what I think of it. So, let me know what you think!

Haystacks in Needles

"On leaving and staying and why each can only be done once. Sasuke X Sakura"

Sakura has almost gotten used to coming home and finding someone not-quite-so-unexpected in her bed. She has also learned that asking simple questions gets one essentially complicated answers from essentially simple responses. So Sakura has wisely stopped asking.

Instead she strips off her shirt, changes into something vaguely more comfortable. She then climbs into her own bed and allows the not-quite-unwelcome stranger to pull her against his chest. He's a stranger to her because she doesn't know him anymore, because he left her lying on a bench with nothing more than two simple words she wishes were three not so simple ones.

But the stranger is always gone by morning, so she never has to think long about his absence of lack thereof. Instead, she wakes up and gets dressed, ignoring the way the sheets smell dangerous and untamed, and faces Konoha with a real smile. And later, when the day is done and the sun has retreated, she returns home and finds him in her bed. It's a cycle, she thinks.

So she strips off her shirt and climbs into bed, and lets a not-so-much-a-stranger pull her against his chest. Sakura knows he'll be gone by morning and that tomorrow she will listen to reports that say they're closer to finding a missing-nin while she covets the knowledge that he's not really missing at all.

And if tomorrow she wakes up to find that a stranger has not disappeared, she thinks she might just be able to perform a miracle and melt an ice block. Because she knows this stranger, and so she knows that one day he will stay.

Because Uchiha Sasuke does one of two things only once. And since he has already left, Sakura knows he'll have to stay.

Cataracta's Notes: Weird, no? Let me know!