Just a random Ficlet thing I found in my archive, edited and posted. Hope you like it. No plot really, just a bit of fluff. Not really compliant with anything. Draco is OOC btw :D

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A change of heart

Draco was stalking the corridors on Prefect duty looking for some innocent 1st year to bully when he bumped into Hermione rushing out of the Library.

"Watch it Granger" he shouted half-heartedly, realising she was overflowing with books and couldn't see a thing.

"What? Oh go away Malfoy," Hermione said irritated, Malfoy was just trying to irk her, she told herself, "I'm not in the mood."
"Oh," replied Draco knowingly," not in the mood are we? Why whatever's wrong Granger?"

"Like I would ever tell you" laughed Hermione, giving him evil eyes.

"So sorry mudblood, T'was only asking."
"Don't call me that," she mumbled, "it's not nice or even humane"
"Sorry Granger" conceded Draco.
"Erm... Have you seen Harry or Ron at all?" quietly asked Hermione
"No," Draco replied "I don't associate with Potty and Weasel-King, they wouldn't ever talk to Slytherin's. Besides, how can we talk when there is so much competitiveness with Quidditch and the whole light vs Dark thing," Draco sighed regrettably. "If only we could all talk, if only all Gryffindor's were as nice as…" Draco gulped, "you Hermione"
"Draco…did you say…as nice as...me?" stuttered Hermione while gazing into Draco's truthful grey eyes.

"Quidditch gets in the way of the more important things in life," she gently whispered while brushing a lock of Draco's hair to the side.
"All the important things," Draco agreed, moving closer to Hermione.

He was now so close to her that he could see her every eyelash, feel every breath she took tingling upon his cheek.

"Yeah," they both leant in to each other. Hermione pressing her hands into his chest and Draco's hands wrapped around her back, they kissed briefly. And again. They pulled away reluctantly and breathlessly Draco said, "I think I want to get to know you Hermione." He dipped his head and stole another kiss. "I think I want to get to know you very well."

"Mmm Draco," sighed Hermione, "I think that's definitely on the agenda."

Draco pulled her in to him tighter and stroked her hair contentedly.

Suddenly footsteps came banging down the hall, and what Hermione instantly recognised as Harry's laughter came echoing towards them.

"Harry's coming, I can hear him, we can't let them know about this…this thing we have"

"You're right, as always. No one must know... at least not yet," sadly agreed Draco, "Not until the war is over. Will you meet me tonight? In the room of requirement, no-one will find us there?"
"Yes. Yes, of course Draco," smiled Hermione pecking him on the cheek and waving farewell as she fled the corridor.

Harry and Ron came round the corner chortling, looking around for Hermione and

Their eyes landed on Draco and they frowned.

"Hey Malfoy," Harry called, "You haven't seen Hermione have you?"

Draco grinned; maybe things were going to change after all.

"Yeah I have actually. She's just around the corner, mustn't have heard you shout."

"Oh right, well thanks Malfoy." Harry smiled, holding out his hand, "Guess we owe you one."

Draco shook his hand and beamed, "Yeah Potter, and get going now before Hermione dies of loneliness."

Ron grunted and Harry rolled his eyes before running off to find Hermione.

Draco just laughed, all the way back to the Slytherin common room