Title: Gimli Goes to Aman

Category: Tolkien Book Verse

Summary: Gimli goes to the Blessed Realm with Legolas, with the hope of beholding Galadriel once again. But will the resentful Elves let him stay?

Rating: G

Warnings: none

Characters: Gimli, Legolas, Haldir, Galadriel, Celeborn, Valar

Disclaimer: All the characters and half the story belongs to the great author we adore, JRR Tolkien

Gimli drew up to the Grey Havens, where Legolas and Haldir stood waiting. He turned back to look toward his home in the Glittering Caves of Aglarond in Helm's Deep. How had he let Legolas convince him to leave the Caves? The Great Sea would be even worse than Fangorn Forest! He looked at the ship that Círdan the Shipwright had made. He doubted it would hold his weight.

"Come on, Gimli!" called Legolas. "The ship is leaving." With great effort Gimli forced himself to step on to the ship. He continued to look back, as the Elves looked eagerly to the Sea. He was comforted by the thought that at last he would be able to see the lady Galadriel once again.

After months at sea, the Blessed Realm was finally in sight. When they reached the shore, Gimli found it difficult to get off the ship. Haldir picked him up. Gimli shouted, "No one tosses a Dwarf!" and jumped off. He landed in the water. Legolas grabbed him. Gimli cried, "Not the beard! Let go the beard!"

Gimli was finally pulled up onto the shore. Suddenly he was surrounded by a company of hostile archer Elves, with arrows on the string. "What business does an Elf have bringing a Dwarf into Aman?" asked the leader.

"He is an Elf-friend," said Legolas.

"He is a Dwarf!" said the Elf. "Dwarves sacked the Hidden Realm! He will hack down trees and mine in caves! If he comes, there will be more! They will be the downfall of Aman! The Valar will decide."

Gimli and Legolas were brought to the Ring of Doom. The Valar sat in a circle around it. They communicated telepathically for a long time until Mandos finally said to Gimli, "I have told them your name, and we have decided that you are a Dwarf." Then the Valar sat in a circle talking telepathically for a long time again. Then they had to wait for another long time until Mandos said, "The Valar have decided that the Dwarf cannot stay in Aman." All the Elves breathed a sigh of relief- except one. Galadriel ran to the Ring of Doom and cast herself on the ground before the Valar.

"I object!" she cried.

"He is a Dwarf!" shouted the Elves. "Don't let him in!"

Gimli stared at Galadriel.

"Don't let the Dwarves ruin Aman like they did Doriath!" yelled Celeborn, who carried a grudge against all Dwarves, whether they were part of the Fellowship or not.

"He is one of the Fellowship of the Ring!" said Galadriel. "How can you not let him come into Aman?"

"The Valar will reconsider," said Mandos. "They may change their minds. But he is a Dwarf, and Elves do not appreciate the company of Dwarves."

"If you do not let him stay, then I'll just go back to Middle-earth with him," threatened Galadriel.

This was unexpected. The Valar decided to take a vote. Manwë, Tulkas, Varda, Estë, Niënna, and of course Aulë voted for Gimli. But Lórien, Yavanna, Vairë, Vana, and Nessa were against him. Ulmo and Oromë, as usual, weren't around, and Mandos doesn't speak. Gimli won by one vote.

"I demand a recount!" cried Celeborn.

But that didn't happen. So the Elves rioted for months before they would accept that a Dwarf was living with them. But when they finally calmed down, they decided that he was nice (for a dwarf), and, as other Dwarves were not popping up all over the place wanting to join him, they decided they actually liked him, a little, though they would never admit it. And in Aman, Gimli lived happily ever after to the end of his days.