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(three years after meeting Albany)

Lil' Slugger seemed to be a bit disapointed now in days.He barely smiled when that golden bat of his crushed into his victims.Albany had gone back to America and no one could cheer poor Lil' Slugger up but her.Thus,he skated the streets at midnight with no one by his side."What's the point of this if no one will save me from my misery?"He whispered to himself as he skated."I'll make her jealous!"Lil' Slugger cried in anger to the wind.

He skated on as the wind rushed past him like a blurring fury.He stopped imediately when he heard a ringing cry of pain."It must be some one in need of my help," briefly stated Lil' Slugger before skating off in the direction of the sound.

Minutes later,Lil" Slugger came to a halt at an almost completely abandoned Ally.There was a beautiful girl with long orange hair and dazzling green eyes being pinned to the wall by a perverted old man."Hold still hunny or else it will hurt when I fu-"the man didn't finish his sentence.Instead he fell over unconcious from the impact of Lil"Sluggers bat.

Once in full view of the girl,Lil' Slugger blushed.The man had ripped everything but her under garments off of her."Here,"said Lil' Slugger as he handed her his hoodie."Thank you,"said the girl as she bowed and took the hoodie."What are you doing out here this late at night?"He asked as he bowed back to her."This is the alley of Makatos' ghost.I come to talk with him every year on the day of his death."Explained the girl.

"The one who looks like me?"Asked Lil' Slugger."The one and only,"said the girl."I look forward to seeing my old victim,"he said as he took a seat on the dirt floor."Even in death he is still your number one fan,Lil' Slugger."said the girl"May I know the name of Makatos' beauty?"He asked."I am not his girl and my name is Flamer,"she stated rather shyly.

Soon after talking for a while,the two could hear the nearing screech of roller blades.Makoto shortly appeared to the two."Welcome Flamer.It's good to see my girl after a long year of death."said Makato as he bowed to her."Doesn't any one here get that I'm not your girl?"She asked herself in a whisper.

"Can I have a kiss from my darling?"Asked Makato."Sorry but no,"Flamer answered."Please?"Makato asked."The girl doesn't want your tongue in her mouth!Now leave her alone Makato!"Shouted Lil Slugger as he jumped up from his seat and grabbed Makato by his shirt collar."Well,if it isn't Lil' Slugger.I see you have met my beauty."He said as he jerked Lil' Sluggers hand off of his shirt."Flamer,why does Makato insist your his girl?"Asked Lil' Slugger."She is my bride to be!That's why!"Makato said angrily as he stepped towards Flamer."We had a deal Makato!I find love before I reach my sixteenth year of life or I marry you.That time hasn't come yet and you don't know wether I'll find love or not!"Shouted Flamer."You can marry a ghost?"Lil' Slugger asked himself.

Makato took several more steps until he was inches away from Flamer."Yes that is true however you have yet to fall in love.Once your sixteen,death will come and bring you to my realm."Said Makato with a grin on his face."it's time for me to depart bac kto which I've come."Good-bye to both of you."Said Makato as he vanished.