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A boy the age of sixteen walked down the street of the city, headphones on, music booming from them. Though, you probably couldn't hear what the boy was listening to.. The sounds of the city were thick in the air, and he was only a speck on the map. The boy was quite small. He stood around 5'1, and was just on the brink of being underweight. Bright eyes were lined with a heavy amount of black eyeliner, and, on the left side of his forehead, he had a tattoo, showing the Chinese and Japanese Kanji for the word love. But who was he to have it, since he had never had love in his life? It was an unanswered question, and it would probably remain unanswered for quite a while. Anyway, back to appearance, love comes later. The boy had messy, brick red hair that looked as though it hadn't been brushed in quite a while, and his skin was a deathly pale. It looked as though he avoided sunlight at all cost, which, in his case, wasn't exactly true. In fact, he went out almost everyday, based solely on the fact that he didn't own a car, and neither his brother nor sister had enough manner to let him borrow theirs. He would wake up at seven or eight each day, get ready, and be out by eight-thirty. He would walk out of his small, crammed apartment, then down the street about four or five blocks to the bigger part of the city. Then, he would enter Starbucks.

Now, entering Starbucks wouldn't exactly seem like an unnatural thing to do. Pretty normal, in fact. But, well.. He usually didn't even order coffee there. He didn't go there for the coffee, he went there for another reason; A guy. He would come in everyday, order a muffin, bagel, something simple, and watch the other boy work from a table near the window, nibbling the morsels of food he had bought from the same person he stared at in need.

The other boy.. He was taller than himself, looking about seventeen or eighteen. He was pale, had dark eyes, and his hair was a shining black. He always had a stoical expression upon his face. And, everyday, the boy would watch him. His little golden name tag read 'Sasuke Uchiha' and to Gaara Sabaku, it was the only name that mattered on this small, lonely planet.

Okay, so... Gaara was in love with the guy. So what? He was a romantic, a poet.. He just hadn't been discovered yet. This WAS love, right? He had said little more to Sasuke than a quick 'Thank you.' each and everyday, and yet he couldn't keep his eyes off of him. He was so quiet, yet so.. Well, somehow, expressive. He showed every emotion of not caring, but in Gaara's mind, he was also showing a whole world of emotion in his own way. But did the mysterious older boy actually notice him, coming in here everyday and just watching, all alone? Gaara didn't know. In fact, he wanted to keep it an unanswered question. He didn't much want to know about what Sasuke thought of him, because, most likely, it was going to be negative.

Gaara had finally entered Starbucks. He looked up at the counter as he entered, adjusting his black messenger bag, still nervous after all these days of watching. Chains on his black pants jingled lightly as he walked up to the counter, staring up at the menu from behind another costumer, and acting as though he was actually interested in buying something. But his bright eyes continuously flickered to the workers behind the counter. Sure enough, eventually, he spotted him- Uchiha Sasuke. Quickly, he looked away before the other boy could tell he was staring. And, as it was everyday, a blush crept up on his pale cheeks, and he forced himself to stare up at the menu of coffees and bagels, hoping that today would be the day he would be remembered.

"Can I help you." A bored tone entered the thick air, and Gaara snapped out of his thoughts and looked in front of him. Standing there, in his work costume, was Sasuke, THE Sasuke, looking completely bored and unemotional as usual. And, unfailingly, Gaara's blush grew. "Uh.. Y-yeah, I'll have.. Um.. A plain bagel." And then Sasuke was gone, disappearing to the back to get Gaara's godforsaken bagel. Apparently, he wasn't remembered, and apparently, he never would be.. And what was with him and stuttering? He silently cursed himself in his mind, embarrassed by the way he couldn't talk to the one he obsessed over. And really now- A BAGEL? He sighed under his breath, rethinking the scene in his mind. 'Can I h-have a bagel?' He imagined himself, stuttering, small, stupid, talking to the one he was unworthy of being near. About bagels. HONESTLY.

When another waiter came out and handed him his order, Gaara paid quickly and left to sit at the table by the window as he always did. The blush had eventually disappeared from his cheeks, and as he watched the employees do their job, he nibbled a little on the doughy ring in his hand. Sasuke was no where in sight. Where, oh where had his love gone? Fifteen minutes past, and Gaara stood up, walking over to the door. Now was no time to be thinking about this, even though he couldn't get it out of his mind. Now, it was time to start thinking about work.

Gaara worked at a bookstore called Barnes & Nobles, down a couple blocks away from the Starbucks that he so wished he could stay at. It was a quite job, and it paid well enough. Often, on days when there were few costumers, he was allowed to walk through the shelves of books, looking in wonder at the different sections, the different interests and knowledge. Or sometimes, he would just sit at his post, writing, non-stop, in one of his many journals. Or he would write small poems, short stories, or something about dreams he had or things he wanted to do. Then, he would tear them out and slip them into on of the thousands of books in the store, hoping that an unsuspecting customer would pick it up and maybe be brought a little into his random, colorful world. He would often watch the costumers pull his little pieces of word art out of the books in the front table, and watch their range of expressions. From amusement to tears, he had seen it all, and this was just the sort of thing he was looking for- Someone to laugh or cry over something HE had done. But these were just costumers, nothing more, and he knew that the things he wrote would always remain anonymous to them.

Currently, he was walking into his workplace. It was quite a big bookstore. It had all the popular titles... And all of the less known ones, the ones that people preferred to keep to themselves. Secrets. A café was located to the right of the bookstore, though Gaara never felt the need to go there unless he was putting away books on the shelves near it. It was a fine café, but.. It didn't have what he looked for in a café, if you catch my drift.

So anyway, Gaara went directly to the back of the store to the bathrooms, right in between the kids section and the Art books. He stepped into the mens bathroom. No one was here yet- The store had yet to open in just a few minutes. Gaara quickly changed into his work uniform, stuffing his tight black shirt and chain pants into his messenger bag in place of it. Then, he walked out, looking around the store. Apparently, it had opened, for there were a few kids in the kid's section already, running around and throwing books everywhere with absolutely no control from their parents. What was he to do? Well, of course, he decided to ignore the whole situation, and he made his way to the front of the book store. A few other employees had started their jobs, and Gaara took a step behind the front counter, waiting for anyone who might have wanted to purchase a book. But hardly anyone came in at this time of the day.. So he pulled a journal out of his bag, flipped it open, and started scribbling down an entry for the date. So writing in a journal is considered girly.. Well, so what. He didn't care. It's not like he went to school and got teased for it.

...No, Gaara didn't go to school. He had dropped out last year, and now lived with his two siblings, Temari and Kankuro. Their parents had been killed years ago, so now the three had to make due with what they made at their separate jobs. Kankuro worked in a clothes shop on a rather... dark street of the city. Temari worked at a nightclub. ...Gaara had the most appropriate job, to say the least. Temari had a different boyfriend every week, and she would always drag them back to the apartment- Sometimes making it impossible to sleep with all the... Well.. Noise they produced at night. Kankuro was single, and seemed more interested in dealing in drugs than actually finding love. And neither of his siblings knew that Gaara swung both ways. He preferred keeping his.. Obsession.. Over Sasuke private.

The bell to the store rang, snapping Gaara out of his dreamland, and making him sit up. He stuffed his journal, gently, back into his bag, and looked over at the front door. Immediately, his heart skipped a beat. Standing in the doorway was Uchiha Sasuke, still in his Starbucks uniform, and looking even more damn hot than usual.

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