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She just kind of sits there now. All empty. Hardly says a word. Pete and Jackie are worried about her. I'm worried about her. She hasn't smiled, not once. She might as well have stayed back in the other universe, she's on a completely different planet twentyfourseven. She's not Rose Tyler anymore. Not the Rose who used to make my stomach do somersaults with a single smile. Not the Rose who could always find the positive in everything. There's nothing left of her now. She died on that beach, maybe even before that, but when she knew it was the end, when she knew there was no way to see him again, that's when Rose Tyler stopped living. That's when a blonde girl got in the car and cried the whole way home. The same blonde girl who stares at the stars every night, hoping to hear a familiar wooshing sound, or see a glimmer of light in the distance. The blonde girl who never says a word, except for in her sleep, she'll cry out his name, begging him not to leave her.

But he did leave her. It's not his fault, but if he'd never stolen her away from me, we'd still be back in our London, she'd still be my Rose, and she wouldn't be so hollow. I knew I'd lost her from the second she began hacking away at that chain two years ago, risking her own life to save some bloke who she didn't even know. I sometimes wonder if she'd have done that for me, but then I realise she's Rose, she'd do it for anyone.

Funny, even though she's living in the same house as me, I miss her so much more than I did when she was off with the Doctor. At least then she was happy, but now, she's got nothing left. Six months and she's still not said a word. I hold her, when I see her cry, and she barely reacts. I know she's glad though, that at least someone's there to catch her while she falls. Even if it's not the person she'd hoped it'd be. She'll squeeze my hand sometimes, you'd hardly realise if you weren't looking for some sort of confirmation that she even realises that someone's there. But she does, and I walk around the garden with her and just talk to her, try and keep her in reality for as long as I can.

But I can feel my fingers slipping. Just like they did before, when I let her step into that stupid TARDIS.

I could never hold onto Rose Tyler.