Chapter One

You're Gonna Do What?

Summary: Every day Hinata is gathering up more and more courage, and she wants to finally tell Naruto of her feelings. However, Kiba has feelings for Hinata, and Neji doesn't think Naruto is worthy of the Hyuuga heiress. In order to save Hinata from a fate with Naruto, these two must team up to stop Hinata from revealing her secret to "that baka Naruto!"

Diclaimer: Naruto belongs to Kishimoto-sama, and I shall never own his masterpiece. -sobs-

Team Kurenai had just got back from their latest mission, helping out at the farm. It was a simple mission really, shoveling horse manure and collecting chicken eggs wasn't exactly life-threatening. Nevertheless, everyone was tired, annoyed and hungry.

"Alright team, that'll be all for today." Kurenai told the three aggravated teens. "Dismissed!"

With a slight nod, the threesome turned away from their sensei, who poofed off to who-knows-where and headed into Konoha sluggishly.

"Arrrg," Kiba grunted. "Akamaru and I are exhausted. I hope we never have to go back there again…"

Akamaru barked in agreement while Shino just coolly pushed his glasses on the bridge of his nose and nodded.

"Um…how about we all go Ichiraku's?" Hinata suggested silently. Sure, she was hungry, but there was a certain blonde ninja she was hoping would be there…

Akamaru barked while Shino nodded again.

"That sounds great! I'll pay."

"Then it's settled," Shino summed up as the three tired ninja made their way to the ever popular ramen restaurant.

-----At Ichiraku's-----

"Three bowls of miso ramen please." Kiba asked the old man at the counter, Teuchi. He nodded and whisked off into the kitchens to get the ramen.

Hinata meanwhile was deeply disappointed. She was hoping Naruto would be here, and he surprisingly wasn't.

"Here you are," the old man said with a grin placing a bowl in front of Hinata, Shino and Kiba. Kiba murmured a thanks before digging into his ramen.

Shino was eating slowly and calmly, as usual, while Hinata sat there and stared at it. During her whole mission today, she had been mentally preparing herself to finally tell Naruto about her feelings for him, and now he wasn't here…

What would Kiba and Shino say?

"Kiba…" Hinata mumbled, twiddling her fingers. Kiba looked up at his ramen and gave her a questioning look.

"I was thinking…" Hinata pressed on. "I was thinking that…well…I wanted to tell Naruto how I feel about him…"

Kiba blurted out the ramen had had been drinking and coughed frantically. Shino gave him a look a nodded over to Hinata. "I think you should go for it." he mused, then returned to his ramen.

"Shino!" Kiba yelled, while Akamaru barked loudly. "Hinata, you shouldn't do that, what if he breaks your heart!"

"W-Well…" Hinata stuttered. "I was thinking…and…I realized that…I can't just go on liking him for my whole life. I…I think I should tell him how I feel…"

"But…Hinata…he…me!…arrg!" Kiba slammed his head down on the table in frustration while Akamaru barked and licked his earlobes.

The thing as, Kiba had been developing feelings for Hinata that he couldn't really explain. He loved her smile, her timid way of talking, her determination, but he just couldn't admit it…

And now, Hinata wanted to proclaim her love for Naruto. That…that baka Naruto!

"Kiba, are you ok?' Hinata asked shly. Kiba lifted his head back up from the table and scowled.

"Sure, I'm fine." he lied. "Say, where is this Naruto anyway?"

"Naruto, eh?" Teuchi asked while drying of a wet ramen bowl he was washing. "He came by this morning and said he was going on a mission. Something real important at that, and he wouldn't be back for a good five days."

"Five…days?" Hinata asked with worry.

"Five days…" Kiba mused to himself.

Shino just pushed up his glasses coolly again.

"Yep, five days." Teuchi stated with a nod. "If you want to talk to him, you'll have to wait five days."

Five days…Kiba thought. That gave him five days to talk Hinata out of doing this, five days to maybe recruit some help (not Shino, that baka fully supported her!) and five days to maybe…tell her about his feelings?

Would that be enough?

Might as well start now…

"Gotta go!" Kiba yelled suddenly. He slammed enough money on the counter to pay for all of their bowls of ramen and rushed out of the shop. He knew exactly where he was going first….

To Hyuuga Manor…

Neji, the overprotective cousin, would be there today, and it would be funny to watch Neji as he entertained the notion that Hinata and Naruto might become a couple…

Kiba gritted his teeth as Akamaru ran beside him all the way to the manor. He had been there so many times with Shino when they went to pick her up for a mission that he could close her eyes and run there in his sleep.

He let himself in and found Neji training with his uncle Hiashi. Neji gave Kiba a looked then said something to Hiashi. Hiashi nodded and walked away while Neji approached the boy and his dog.

"Hinata's not here, wasn't she with you this morning?" Neji asked quickly, assuming he was looking for Hinata.

"Uh, it's not about Hinata why I came here,' Kiba said quietly. "Well, actually it is, you see…"


"Well, Hinata wants to tell Uzumaki her feelings about him," Kiba started up. Neji instantly went in a rage.

"WHAT! That baka Naruto? What if he tries something funny with Hinata? I never did trust him… She could be getting herself into something serious! And what if he breaks her heart instead? Then I'll have to pound Uzumaki and right now I don't have the time-"

"Relax," Kiba said, cutting him off. "Uzumaki is on a mission, and won't be back for five days."

"Five days?' Neji asked, raising his eyebrows.

"Five days." Kiba confirmed. "Not counting today."

"So, today's Sunday, and if we're not counting today, that gives us until-"

"Friday." the two said together through gritted teeth.

"That's not a lot of time…" Neji trailed off.

"But it'll have to do." Kiba stated confidently, backed up by a few of Akamaru's barks.

"Five days will be enough to stop that baka Naruto!" they said in unison.

A/N: Poor Hinata! Why can't she and Naruto be left alone! Will she get to tell Naruto her feelings? Will Kiba tell her his feelings? Does Neji secretly have incestuous feeling for his cousin? Review and find out!

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